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Jenko was the top dog in high school, but that was in , and times have certainly changed. Department, where he's been assigned to the task force at 21 Jump Street. his science teacher, Ms. Griggs, is attracted to how mature he is physically. After graduation, both of them joined the police force and ended up as. Are you leaving your bike here? [Schmidt and Jenko pull up at 21 Jump Street, at an old abandoned Korean church, they are met by Burns: Do not have sexual relations with students or teachers, sir. .. Ms. Griggs: Time for pop quiz nose. Morton Schmidt is a officer at Jump Street along with Greg Jenko and one of the two main Schmidt and Jenko save her at the end and she kisses Schmidt in return. In 22 His relationship with Molly is unknown following the events of 21 Jump Street, but it is Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

The two are reassigned to a revived specialty division on 21 Jump Street. They are introduced to Captain Dickson Ice Cubewho explains the division specializes in infiltrating high schools and that they were chosen because of their youthful appearances.

Schmidt and Jenko are assigned to go back to their old high school to stop a new synthetic drug from spreading to other campuses by finding the supplier.

Morton Schmidt

They go undercover as brothers, living at Schmidt's parents' house, and see that their high school has changed. Jenko accidentally switches their identities and they get each others' classes. They learn the lead dealer of the drug is the popular Eric Dave Francobut he is not the supplier.

They go to the dealing room where Eric forces them to take the drug right there and not wait. They attempt to throw it up but are unsuccessful, and they undergo the phases of the drug while talking to their P.

Walters Rob Riggleand also while running track and during band practice. The mistakes that happen at the track meet causes Eric to take a liking to Schmidt. Schmidt manages to fit in with the popular kids and takes a romantic interest in Eric's friend Molly Brie Larsonwhile Jenko becomes friends with the nerds in his AP Chemistry class while his teacher Ms. Griggs Ellie Kemper takes a sexual interest in him. Jenko discovers that his new friends secretly tap into other people's cell phones to listen into their conversations.

Schmidt decides to throw a party at his house to gain Eric's complete trust and Jenko takes the opportunity to tap into Eric's phone.

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Despite Captain Dickson ordering them not to serve alcohol and drugs to minors, they nevertheless buy alcohol and steal confiscated marijuana. When Eric arrives with Molly and his other friends, Jenko steals Eric's phone for his friends to tap into while Schmidt fights off a rival of Eric's and earns Eric's trust. Schmidt now pretends to sell the drug for Eric but is actually giving it to Captain Dickson to be confiscated.

He also insults Jenko to Eric with Jenko listening. Schmidt and Jenko learn that Eric is making a deal soon. When Jenko spots Eric leaving school, he takes Schmidt to follow him. They see that Eric is dealing with Domingo and his gang and they follow them, but are forced to run away when Domingo spots them.

Back at school, Jenko accuses Schmidt of his earlier insults, possibly ruining the case, and getting in too deep, but Schmidt brushes him off. Jenko and Schmidt get into a fight that results in them getting expelled and fired from Jump Street.

The rift between the duo grows as their new school life intrudes upon their official police work. Schmidt and Jenko track Eric to a cash transaction with the distributors of HFS — the motorcycle gang from the park — and a chase ensues on the freeway.

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They return to school, argue, and eventually begin fighting, which disrupts the school play. They are expelled from school and are removed from the Jump Street program. Eric, stressed and terrified, recruits Schmidt and Jenko as security for a deal taking place at the school prom.

While dressing for the prom, Schmidt and Jenko rekindle their friendship. At the prom, they discover that the supplier is the physical education teacher, Mr. Walters Rob Rigglewho created the drug accidentally and started selling it to the students to supplement his teacher's salary.

Having caught Eric smoking marijuana, he was able to persuade him into being his dealer. The motorcycle gang arrives for the deal but Molly interrupts them and starts arguing with Schmidt. As a result, the gang leader recognizes Schmidt and Jenko, and orders his men to kill them. In the ensuing gunfight, Hanson and Penhall are fatally wounded.

Walters and Eric escape with the money and Molly as a hostage; the gang, Schmidt, and Jenko follow close behind. Jenko creates a homemade bomb and uses it to kill the gang. Walters shoots at Schmidt but Jenko takes the bullet to his arm, sparing Schmidt's life. In response, Schmidt shoots Mr. Walters, unintentionally severing his penis. As they arrest Mr. Walters and Eric in addition to successfully reading the Miranda rightsSchmidt and Jenko reconcile their relationship and Schmidt and Molly share a kiss.

Both officers are congratulated and reinstated in Jump Street as Dickson gives them a new assignment: