5 of cups and 6 pentacles relationship

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5 of cups and 6 pentacles relationship

For feelings the 5 of pentacles could indicate feelings of missing someone or When the 5 of pentacles shows up together with the 5 of cups it could indicate After the 5 of pentacles the 6 of pentacles is about creating back harmony. The 5 . 5 - The Hierophant: The little things about relationships are what make you the 6 of Wands: You need to recognize how awesome you are! . Ace of Pentacles: You're at the start of a wonderful new relationship, one that will. How to Interpret 'Pentacle Cards' in a Relationship Reading Pentacles- Quite Interesting in Cups are all very well and good for love and romance, but they can have their heads stuck in the 5 rx – Adjusting to unwanted change or upheaval in a relationship. 6 – Seeking assistance or support for a troubled relationship.

A healthy attitude in your relationship.

5 of cups and 6 pentacles relationship

Saving to get married or set up home together. Financial status is important to you. Generosity within the relationship.

5 of cups and 6 pentacles relationship

You may be entertaining ambitious ideas about relationships. You share common goals with your partner. Someone you meet in work or through work. This relationship could develop in something more serious. There is a desire for commitment and long-term plans. Working on your relationship or making a committed effort to sort out issues….

This shows good signs of developing into something great.

5 of cups and 6 pentacles relationship

Reversed — A lack of solid foundation. Your relationship may not have got off to a good start or there may be obstacles standing in the way of you being together. Your pride may find you keeping financial worries from your partner. This may be your own doing or you might feel under pressure to spend. Meanness could also be a problem with little effort made with spontaneous gestures.

Hard to keep stability, and a sense that your relationship could slip away from you at any moment. There may be commitment issues. This card could suggest a fortune hunter. You may only consider partners who have financial status or power.

You may be looking for money and not love.

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Your partner could be bleeding you dry financially. You are your partner may be experiencing a period of ill-health…. Look to surrounding cards as there may be issues that could be sorted.

Weighing up Pros and Cons. Two of Pentacles — A decision has to be made about your relationship. You will have to weigh up all the pros and cons to arrive at a balanced decision. Finances may influence your decision. You feel stressed and a bit overwhelmed by the demands around you.

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A relationship that keeps you on your toes. You may be struggling to find time for your partner or social life. You may be focusing on your fertility cycle or concerned about a possible pregnancy. Twins could be implied. This card can refer to the ovaries. You might be juggling work and rearing a child. You or your partner may be going through periods of moodiness which could cause tension.

Look to what is going on around you as there are bound to be external issues contributing to this. Financial worries could be putting a strain on your relationship.

Trying to save for a house or wedding…. It is bound to work out if you can get through the current ups and downs.

Look to surrounding cards for confirmation. If you are juggling two relationships at one time it is bound to catch up with you. Your relationship may feel as if it is all over the place. You might not be sure where you stand with your partner. You might have chosen a career over love. Time to get your priorities in order. Looking for money, status and prestige, but not love.

The Five of Cups as Feelings in a Love Reading

Financial worries can put a terrible strain on relationships or bring it to its knees. All hard work and no play.

5 of cups and 6 pentacles relationship

A relationship that takes a great effort to maintain. The need to remember why you want to be with each other as life may have got in the way of love. The need to search for solid ground.

Over-stretching financially for house purchase or wedding. One partner may be secretive about their finances…. No if you find it all too much hard work. No if there is any underhand behaviour. Look to surrounding cards. The Only Way is Up! Three of Pentacles — Great effort and commitment to each other is suggested by this card.

A relationship built on strong foundations. You may meet your partner at college or on a course.

Tarot For When “He’s Just Not That Into You” – Sparrow Tarot

As a couple you may be seeking guidance or relationship counselling because you want it to work. This cards often appears for couples who are saving for a joint goal; marriage, house etc.

Financially committing to each other, or being financially involved with your partner…. It is worthwhile letting this relationship evolve at its own pace. A serious commitment is likely. Yes, to not getting complacent about your relationship. A relationship heading in the wrong direction Three Reversed — No effort is being made to keep this relationship alive. There may be commitment issues or a lack of interest. It may have appeared to be off to a good start in the beginning but now shows lack of strength or weak foundations.

A relationship that does not appear to progress or develop. Career or work may be more important than relationships to you right now.

5 of Pentacles Tarot card Meanings – five of coins – 5 of disks – upright

Separate agendas for couples. Your heart is being hurt. In any case, this is not a card of harmony in love. Needless to say, it traditionally signals betrayal and heartbreak. The person taking action in these cards could equally be a man or a woman, of course, it just depends on the context of the question.

In the 5 of Swords, we have a gloating victor in the foreground, and two people defeated in the background. In the 7 of Swords, we have stealth.

When this relates to a romantic partner, watch out for cheating or some sort of hidden deception, trickery, or trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

5 of cups and 6 pentacles relationship

While it seems blunt to come out and suggest these things, this card generally indicates someone who is either consciously trying to get away with something and deceive, or quite possibly has good intentions but is acting in a way that stands to ultimately deceive another.

I often ask the querent to tell me who he or she identifies with in the card, before I go into detail about the message of the card, because it can reveal what the querent already knows or feels. When the querent identifies with the beggar getting change, or the other begger not getting anything, we can ask them about the dynamics of the relationship.

This card can highlight questions of insecurity regarding money and earning differentials among partners as well, but most often seems to point to codependent type relationship situations. So, sometimes the cards give that visual confirmation or that little push that validates the inner impulse to let this go.