Adama and roslyn relationship

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adama and roslyn relationship

I'm working my way through the DVD of s2 of Battlestar: Galactica, and what strikes me, as it did the first time I watched it, is the wonderful. Adama arresting Roslin after this and the near civil war that follows. . As a guy, watching their relationship mature was actually quite sweet. In the season finale, "Kobol's Last Gleaming," Adama and Roslin's relationship finally hits a breaking point when they pursue different plans for.

After being joined by Adama, and with the help of Sharon Agathonthe group manages to find the tomb. With the Arrow of Apollo, the tomb reveals clues to Earth's location. After reconciling with Commander Adama, she is reinstated as President. She is told that she has, at most, about a month to live. Though neither is ultimately willing to follow through, Cain is still killed by a Cylon she had imprisoned and tortured, and Roslin promotes Adama to Admiral.

At the height of her illness, Roslin has a flashback of an encounter between Baltar and Number Six prior to the Cylon attack, but is not able to fully process her memories.

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As part of these flashbacks, it is revealed that President Adar had demanded Roslin's resignation due to a conflict between the two regarding her efforts in resolving a labor dispute, her position effectively secured by the Cylon attack and resulting governmental upheaval. Ostensibly cured of her cancer, she returns to her duties.

His pride already wounded by the letter Roslin left him in the event of her death regarding his ascension to the position of "President", Baltar refuses. Roslin says that she will never give him another chance to do so. To these ends she sought to curtail rampant black market trading that had spread through the fleet which Lee Adama began investigating.

However, he in the end reported to Roslin that their system would never be perfect, and there would always be some unavoidable black market trading in the Fleet. Lee killed the leader of the established black market network an unscrupulous man that had the network dealing in drugs, killing with impunity, and engaged in the sexual exploitation of children, etc.

Roslin was less than happy that Lee had made this decision and that trade could not be totally regulated, but begrudgingly accepted it. Furthermore, Roslin suffers more problems when her longtime aide Billy is killed during a hostage crisis regarding a group of anti-Cylon activists who seek the death of Cylon traitor Sharon Agathon.

Billy is replaced by a new aide, a woman named Tory Foster. Unlike Billy, Tory is shown to be a cold-blooded realist and supports Roslin in her most controversial action in the series, when she fakes the death of Sharon and Helo's baby and orders the child be secretly adopted by a female fleet member. Run-up to election campaign[ edit ] When a young Gemenese woman stowed away to the Galactica in order to have her pregnancy terminated, President Roslin insisted that the girl was within her rights to control her own body; abortion had been legal under colonial law before the Cylon attack, and Roslin considered this law to be still in effect.

Roslin commented that she had been fighting during the course of her entire political career in support of pro-choice policies; however, Admiral Adama reminded her of the day following the attacks on the Twelve Colonies, when she told him that the human race, in order to survive, would have to retreat and focus more on reproduction.

She then conferred with Dr. Baltar, who confirmed that if the Fleet population continued its constant rate of decline, the human race would become extinct within 18 years. Subsequently, she reluctantly put forth an Executive Order banning the interference in any further pregnancies.

The Gemenese girl's pregnancy had been terminated before the order was announced so neither she nor Dr. Cottle could be held criminally liable. Baltar, while admitting that he had to support her decision as a member of her administration, publicly announced his private objection to the ban and announced his candidacy for President. This allowed Baltar to present himself as the "scientific rationalist" versus Roslin being seen as a religious as well as political leader.

While the Gemenese and Sagittaron colonies are more religiously fundamental, the rest of the Twelve Colonies are shown as more secular. Baltar leapt on the issue, prompted by Zarek and Number Sixto push for colonization of the planet as a wedge issue to win the election. President Roslin continued to push for the search for Earth as a final settlement. As most of the people wished for land under their feet and a roof over their heads that wasn't the deck of a starship, Baltar gained considerably in the polls.

During the night of the election, vote totals remained very close until approximately 5 hours after polls had closed, at which point Baltar was leading Roslin by roughly votes, with three ships yet to have their votes tallied. At that point, Roslin's campaign manager secretly called on Colonel Saul Tigh, who was among the military officers supervising vote-counting aboard Galactica. Tigh then signaled Petty-Officer Anastasia Duallawho left the room and commandeered an incoming ballot box, replacing it with one apparently prepared ahead of time and containing forged votes which favored President Roslin.

When these votes were tallied, President Roslin was announced as having won re-election. Tom Zarek was suspicious of the results, but Baltar personally assured him that Roslin would not engage in electoral fraud.

He brought this to the attention of Tigh, who insisted that he would handle the situation, after which Gaeta grew suspicious and personally alerted Admiral Adama. Adama, in turn, privately informed Roslin, who then herself confessed to authorizing her campaign manager's subterfuge.

Adama and Roslin ~ Discovering love in the quiet moments.

Adama eventually convinced Roslin that, despite the likelihood that a Baltar presidency would be "disastrous," they should announce that there had been a "tabulation error" and allow Baltar to take office rather than betraying their principles. During Adama's sole visit to the colony, Roslin shares her dream of building a cabin in the mountains of New Caprica with Adama, and the two are shown spending the night smoking a native herb, and talking about what is to become of the fleet.

But after a year on New Caprica, the Cylons discover the colony, which under Baltar's leadership immediately surrenders.

adama and roslyn relationship

While Roslin does not actively participate in the underground resistance movement, Colonel Tigh subordinates himself and his insurgent force to Roslin and Vice President Tom Zarek 's de facto government-in-waiting. Roslin and her aide, Tory Foster, make a detailed list of the colonists who collaborate with the Cylons for later use, if and when the Cylons are ever driven off the planet. When Tigh orders the use of suicide bombersRoslin is arrested on suspicion of aiding in Tigh's decision.

Roslin is freed by Baltar, who knowing that Roslin would never approve of such tactics, attempts, unsuccessfully, to get her to join him in jointly denouncing Tigh's actions. Days later, Roslin is re-arrested and nearly executed alongside a large group of suspected resistance members, but is saved by the resistance. One of the other suspected resistance members is Zarek, who used the opportunity to confirm that she tried to steal the presidential election.

When she admitted she did, he told her he wished she had gone through with it. Syfy] Taken alone, "The Captain's Hand" is a great episode. There are amazing moments throughout; first, there's Dr. Cottle's awesomeness about respecting women's reproductive rights: This would have been a weird character moment, as Lee wouldn't usually hold a grudge about something that was so clearly an accident. And speaking of great facial expressions, Roslin's face when the self-serving Baltar uses abortion rights issues to announce his candidacy for president is priceless.

For example, when Adama presents the idea This is the height of Adama's hypocrisy. He's pretending to be all objective and concerned with the greater good over petty "politics," when he's clearly motivated at least in part by his own discomfort with abortion. It's so something that someone like Adama would say, the guy who's all about humanity "not just surviving, but being worthy of surviving," the guy who's all about respecting civil rights until it makes him uncomfortable.

I'm not a big fan of Adama, or couldn't you tell?

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So if the Cylons hadn't come back? We have certain responsibilities. Yes, we do, sir. And uh, I will be back in a few days, and if you'd like, we can About to leave, she turns back. I absolutely would've built the cabin. You got off lucky. A dozen injuries, no fatalities.

You should've seen Tory's shoulder, I had to help Cottle put it back in alignment.

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You know I am so busy, I hardly ever make it down to this end of the ship. And now I'm gonna be living here for God knows how long, until they repair the bulkheads. Well, if the quarters become cramped, you're always welcome in one of my beds. In a manner of speaking. We're still investigating the situation, but it seems that the tylium was seriously contaminated with impurities. Most likely, it's a problem with the refining process.

adama and roslyn relationship

The hell's goin' on there? That refinery used to be the most reliable ship in the Fleet. Now every day, I start with a stack of messages from the chief -- what is his name?

Complaining about living conditions, and deliveries, and, uh, spare parts We're on the run for our lives, and the guy wants to talk about overtime bonuses. Well, we've been more than patient with Fenner and his production problems. Two weeks of sitting here waiting for him to get his act together I don't know about you, but I'm ready to get back on the road to finding Earth. Is that a hint of hope I hear? Has the skeptic suddenly decided that we're on the road to Earth after all? Have I ever doubted it?

S3 E16 'Dirty Hands' Adama: I don't want to get out of bed. Well, you called the wrong number. I was just thinking about going back to bed. Says the cancer patient. I just cut myself. How are you doing? I don't want to face them. I don't want to face any of them. I just want to stay in bed all day and sleep. I think I stopped the bleeding If you still need to be yelled at, I think I can give you some volume. All right, give it your best shot.

Get out of that bed! That's not your best shot. Get your fat, lazy ass out of that rack, Roslin!

adama and roslyn relationship

Anything you say, sir. Don't let 'em see you sweat, Laura. Cottle hooks up Roslin's IV. The nausea should go away in about an hour. Laura tries to read for a moment, then takes off her glasses, feeling sick. The Admiral sits down beside her, without comment Adama: This one was in the river. I could tell she had once been beautiful, but this a bullet and fast current had taken away from her. All we are, all that we think we are. All that we are certain about is taken away from us.

When you've worked the streets and seen what I've seen, you become more and more convinced of it every day. Caprica City had been my teacher, my mistress. From the moment I open my eyes, she's in my blood, like cheap wine. I'll never be free of her, nor do I want to be. All that is, should always be. Am I that late?

No, this wasn't a treatment. It was just a blood test. You brought a new book? Something different this time. I haven't read it in years. I don't remember how it ends. I never read the ending. So I'm saving it. Adama is shaken by this Roslin: That's a bad idea. Taking her bag Let me do that for you.

Her arm rests in his. Baltar's back at home, in the brig again. Desecration of a temple. It's his revenge for what happened to him this morning.

I have my personnel trying to track down anything on the Sons of Ares. The thing is that Baltar knows that there are religious hardliners in Dogsville, but he continues to provoke. I just can't have a religious war in this Fleet. Then the whole damn thing will become our frakkin' responsibility, yours and mine. Seriously, Bill, we have thirty thousand people left and they're not happy unless they're kicking each other's teeth in.

This is what we've become? Baltar has an uncanny way of stirring up all the crap. They enter the Admiral's quarters Adama: I wonder if he'd be willing to stay in lockdown indefinitely, for his own safety. And make a martyr out of him? Those girly, groupie, sex whatever-they-are, they already think he's a God. So we kick him off of the Galactica. No, I want him close. I'm going to the brig.

You want to see him? I want him to see me. S4 E4 'Escape Velocity' Roslin: Lee has no idea. He really has no idea.

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Have you heard anything I said? There are pragmatic realities he refuses to face. Well, that's a problem, of course. He's doing what he thinks is right. Well yeah, he's Lee. Thing is it probably is the right thing, but Sometimes the right thing is a luxury. And it can have profoundly dangerous consequences. And yet it's almost as if he doesn't want that to be true Okay, I gotta stop this, I'm not supposed to get upset during treatment.

Will you read the next chapter? I must warn you that I'm getting into the part that I haven't read yet.