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Heck, it's what led him to meeting Akito and Leila. "Trust us, we learned that if it any other diversity, we'd be actually surprised. . it came to the infiltration simulation, but that's pretty much it when it comes to their relationship. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. In answer to your question, Code Geass: Akito of the Exiled (Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito) is set during the 1 year gap between the 2 Anime.

Collectively they tell an epic war story set between Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R1 and R2, bridging the gap between the two anime series. As a side story Akito the Exiled complements the original Code Geass narrative well. The setting is moved from Japan to Europe, where a corrupt aristocracy rule and war rages against the Britannian Empire for those new to the series, or who may need their memory refreshing, this was originally America in the super-complicated Code Geass alternate timeline.

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Akito meanwhile is a Japanese refugee with a troubled past, and he pilots a mecha on a series of dangerous and action-packed missions. His brooding personality reminded me of Makoto in Persona 3although due to the influence of Geass his character frequently flips between melancholic and completely psychopathic. As with the original series, the exact specifics of how this power works are unsatisfactorily vague, although this time around the confusion somewhat compliments its uncontrolled and increasingly chaotic use.

Aside from accomplishing nothing, the idea of lying to her, even by omission, so soon after promising complete and unhindered honesty made him feel slightly sick. It was with that in mind that he knew what he had to do, regardless of how she would feel. It was the same day that I first aroused your suspicion by telling you to not speak of what had happened in the ghetto.

Oh god, has all of this been because you ordered me to fight for you? Have all of our hearts and minds been twisted to do your bidding? Is that what you want me to do? Then why don't you just use your damn Geass and make me do it!

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I swear to you on Nunnally's life that everything you have done — and by extension, everything you have not done — was entirely your choice. You chose to follow Zero. You chose to trust me and become one of my greatest allies. You chose to become one of my most treasured friends. She may not have liked knowing what he had done — or even understood it for that matter — but try as she might, Kallen could not find in within herself to entirely fault him for his actions.

There was one thing that still nagged at the back of her mind, however: With that in mind, the red haired woman finally nodded. It will probably take some time to fully accept what you told me though; it's not every day that you find out your friend can control another person's actions with nothing more than a stare. I don't think that I've ever done that before — except to Nunnally of course. Not even my brother or Ohgi acted as protective as you do towards her.

But that's what I find so nice about you Lelouch; you genuinely care for your sister and do whatever you can to keep her happy and safe.

It makes no sense taking the blame for this when you did everything possible to keep her safe with the information you had. But I would like to see you be in my situation without blaming yourself. Without going over everything in your head twenty times a day and trying to figure out what you could have done differently.

So yes, I know that it isn't my fault but right now it is the only thing I can do that keeps me from accepting that they are gone. Naoto had once been the leader of Ohgi's terrorist cell and, together with the former school teacher, had fought their Britannian captors using any means necessary short of needlessly harming civilians. Her father had learned of his eldest child's rebellious activities and had disowned and denounced him without shedding a single tear; the fact that he had not also reported Naoto's crimes against The Crown did little in the way of calming Kallen's anger at the betrayal.

For the next few months after his forced departure, Kallen had met secretly with her beloved older brother and came to know his group's members as if they were an extension of her family — one that she could stand to be around without having to act subservient and meek.

As she grew closer to the group, she had naturally become indoctrinated with their ideology and unwillingness to bow down and accept Britannian rule. On several occasions she had approached Naoto with a desire to join his resistance cell but he had refused every time; the battlefield was no place for a young middle school girl, he had said.

As time went on, she gave up trying to ask permission and instead started resorting to quietly following Naoto whenever he went out on a mission and watching from a distance. For a while things went along well enough, with Kallen secretly observing them fight from a safe distance and her brother none the wiser. Eventually, after they were walking away from a raid on a Britannian vehicle depot, Ohgi had spotted his leader's red haired sister stalking them from a distance and had confronted her.

After she had embarrassedly explained herself and practically begged for him to keep quiet, the older man had just laughed and replied that she didn't need to worry; when pressed for an explanation why, Ohgi had told her that it would be hypocritical to get her in trouble for displaying the same qualities as her brother.

Not much had changed after that confrontation. True to his word, Ohgi has kept quiet about her own activities and had even gone so far as to tell her where she could view their battles safely. But, as with anything that involves Britannia, her happy arrangement soon came crashing down in one fell swoop. It had been approximately a month after Ohgi discovered her, just as she started attending Ashford Academy as a first year student, when the resistance cell had decided to attack a major supply line between Tokyo and Kyushu that ran right through the outskirts of Saitama Ghetto.

At first everything had gone according to plan, with the group ambushing the convoy with road bombs and RPGs before the soldiers had time to understand what had happened.

They were just starting to eliminate the few remaining hostiles that had taken cover in the wreckage of trucks when the air force intervened by dropping in a dozen Sutherlands and half as many Gloucesters.

Woefully under-equipped to deal with such firepower, the resistance fighters had started dropping like flies as they tried to retreat and scatter. Kallen had watched in horror as the men and women she had befriended were hunted down and executed, many of whom going down fighting. Her worst nightmare was soon realized when she spied Naoto and Ohgi driving a battered truck that was being pursued by a lone Sutherland, heading right towards where she had hidden herself within the burned shell of a building.

The purple machine relentlessly opened fire every few seconds, narrowly missing and directing the runaway vehicle towards a dead end. She could practically sense the pilot's pleasure and bloodlust as the truck was forced to slam its breaks and swerve to avoid crashing into a collapsed building, causing the heavy vehicle to flip and do several rolls before coming to rest on its beaten passenger side.

At first nobody emerged from the wreckage and the pilot seemed content to wait to see whether anybody had survived the crash. Kallen spent the next seconds — which to her, felt like hours of torture — praying for the two men to be safe and somehow escape the deathtrap that they found themselves in. Finally, a lone figure leapt from the shattered front windshield and opened fire on the enemy knightmare with a pair of assault rifles — one held in each hand like an extension of his arms; it was a useless gesture as the bullets pinged harmlessly off the armored plating, but on that served in allowing the second man to sneak away in the confusion.

It took her only a fraction of a second to recognize the heroic gunman as her brother and, when she did, her chest tightened up as if put in an icy vice grip and her breathing became shallow.

Even as her mind screamed for her to rush to the aide of her brother, hey body refused to budge as her legs gave out beneath her.

Frozen in panic and unable to fight off the incredible fear that had seized control of her muscles, Kallen watched on in despair as the machine guns ran out of ammo and fell silent.

Naoto, knowing the end was near, tossed the useless weapons aside and had just drawn his pistol when the Britannian pilot apparently grew tired of the game and unleashed a devastating burst of fire from his anti-knightmare rifle. Dirt was kicked up all around the brave red haired man as he jerked back the slide and returned fire from his static position; just as it seemed he might survive the onslaught, a single round tore into his body and sent him flying backwards in a bloody mess.

Kallen finally found her voice and let out a despairing wail as she slowly rose to her feet and stumbled over debris towards where her brother lay. The knightmare was just leaving the area when she came emerged from an alley near the overturned truck but she took little notice; in her current mindset, she could have probably walked right past it without concern for her own wellbeing.

Her hands began trembling fiercely as she neared the place her brother's bloody and broken body lay. When she could go no nearer, the emotionally shattered girl slowly fell to her knees and stared at the corpse for an indeterminate amount of time. A noise suddenly arose from somewhere behind her and, fearing that it was another Britannian, she quickly scanned the area for any weapon.

Her eyes quickly fell on the pistol that Naoto had dropped and she wasted no time in lunging for it. Spinning around wild-eyed and holding the gun so hard that her knuckles turned white, Kallen aimed the now trembling weapon at the approaching figure. Kallen dropped the pistol and ran crying into her older friend's arms. Those Britannian bastards killed Naoto!

I tried to tell Naoto that I should be the one to provide a diversion, but he insisted on doing it; he gave his life to save me, Kallen. Your brother was by far the bravest man I have ever known or had the pleasure of serving under. I'm… sorry that it ended up like this. As much as he hated to admit it, there probably wasn't; his best friend had been adamant that he would be the one to stay behind and there had been no persuading him otherwise.

In the face of this knowledge, there was only way he saw that could help atone for what had happened. Just before he had dashed out of the truck's driving compartment, Naoto had made Ohgi promise to keep Kallen safe and protect her no matter what.

That Naoto sacrificed himself for something that mattered. Your brother made it so that we can fight another day to realize his dream of an independent Japan. One day soon, I'm certain that somebody will rise to become the champion of our people and finally liberate us from our oppressors," Ohgi trailed off as he felt Kallen's body relax and her haphazard breath steadied. Looking down, he saw that she had succumbed to sleep's tantalizing pull.

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It was just as well, he decided; sleep was probably the only way this poor girl was going to find any sort of peace for the foreseeable future.

After taking one last pained look at his former friend's mangled and bloody body, Ohgi gently picked up Kallen's sleeping form and started making his way through the rubble. The sounds of Britannian armor and infantry making their way in his direction could he heard echoing through ghetto's streets and he was determined to not be in the area when they arrived; after all, he had to see Naoto's final orders out and there was nothing that would stop him from accomplishing it.

What was it you were saying? Kallen, not wanting to have him pity her, put on one of her fake smiles.

Pulling her hand back, she stared absentmindedly at the glistening residue that had rubbed off onto her fingers for a few moments before wiping it off on her sleeve. Something you said made me remember that day that my brother died and I guess that I'm not as over it as I thought…" Lelouch put a hand on her shoulder as the tears started falling again. The only thing that we can do is to live with it everyday and use that energy to make sure that our loved ones are never forgotten.

For now, however, we should eat before our dinner goes cold. We were going to have dinner together and to be honest, I was looking forward to it before everything happened.

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I have no idea," he answered with a chuckle. I wasn't wrong, was I? Well that's the official start to All For You R2. Lelouch is still in charge of the Black Knights, they are still relatively intact, they have a few new members and allies, and Kallen knows pretty much everything there is to know about our favorite prince-in-exile.

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure of how I feel about it since this is technically the second time I rewrote it. On one hand, I feel it finally gives Kallen more of a place in the story and possibly even some background into her past with that flashback. On the other, however, it just seems to be lacking something important and seems a little rushed.

Either way, I would really appreciate some reviews the more in-depth, the better to tell me what was good, bad, or missing. Ryo Sayama, Yuyika Naruse and Ayano Kosoka attempt to free themselves from being forcibly put in the Wyvern squad as they realize that being in the Wyvern squad is akin to suicide. Yuyika manages to enter Akito's room and tells him that he will die here as he is 'too dangerous to live'. Akito manages to convince Yuyika to drop his handmade bombs. At this point Lelia manages to bring back the other two into the Wyvern squad by voicing her intentions of joining then in the next battle.

Lelia reveals that she will be joining the mission to act as the operator for a number of drones. Using the orbital transport rocket the squad members circle the globe and is treated to a sight of the earth. The knightmares separate from the rocket and land behind the Britannian military lines. Upon landing Akito and Lelia are fired upon by the other members of the Wyvern squad only to be interrupted by shelling by the Britannian's ultra long range cannons.

Akito come under fire from a Knightmare squad but manage to destroy the attackers. The Wyvern squad and their drones come to the town of Slonim only to find that the town is empty.

The drones survey the town but are ambushed by Knights of St. Akito and the others were pressed hard by the Britannian knights.

Under influence of Geass, Akito went berserk and he turned the tide against the knights.

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This feeling of increased blood lust effects the other members excluding Lelia and causes them to fight with increased capabilities. They managed to disable several St. As they pressed hard, Akito duelled with head knight Ashley Ashra who is in a red Gloucester.

After a brutal and extended fight, he manages to defeat Ashley Ashra and is about to kill him when one of Ashley's knights Joannes intervenes who took the blade for his commander. The influence of Geass stops working and Akito and other members see a memory of the past where Akito's brother tries to kill him with his Geass. During this time, the blood lust backlash struck the Wyverns and the St.

Michael knights took advantage of it to disable the rest. Akito's brother astounded that Akito is still alive believes that Akito is still alive for his sake and orders him to take a blood oath with the knights of St Michael and offer up his life for his cause. At this point the members of the Wyvern squad converge to Akito's location on foot.

Akito tells them to leave.