Amisha patel and vikram bhatt relationship

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amisha patel and vikram bhatt relationship

Ameesha Patel was in a live-in relationship with Vikram Bhatt. She is now single and away from films these days. Sep 14, Vikram Bhatt Opens Up on his Relationship with Ex-Girlfriends Sushmita Sen and Ameesha Patel. By Deepa Narwani Wednesday. Let's take a look at ace filmmaker Vikram Bhatt's roller-coaster love . Also Checkout: Men In Ameesha Patel's Life: Allegedly Her Relationship.

She looks the character she is portraying and impresses with a natural performance. In Yeh Zindagi Ka Safarshe played a successful singer who was abandoned by her mother at the time of her birth. InPatel had three failures.

She co-starred opposite Hrithik Roshan for the second time in this film. Unlike their successful pairing in Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, the film proved to be a disappointment and resulted in a critical and commercial failure. Patel's performance in the film was criticised by a section of the media, but during an interview she clarified that there was an "error" because the scene explaining that her character is supposed to be asthmatic in the film was edited out not knowing that one shot would make such a difference, thus creating confusion to the viewer about her appearing out of breath, as if she's overacting or crying.

In the same year, she tasted minor box office success with Kya Yehi Pyaar Hai[19] in which she played a career-oriented young woman who rejects the advances of Aftab Shivdasani 's character. Then she found another major success when her last release of the year, Humraazbecame the fifth highest-grossing film of the year at the box office, and her performance earned her a nomination for Filmfare Best Actress Award.

The Abbas-Mustan marital thriller saw her playing a character with negative shades for the first time. She played the girlfriend of Akshaye Khannawho marries Bobby Deol to grab his wealth — but, seeing Bobby's honesty, her character surrenders to him.

amisha patel and vikram bhatt relationship

This performance should silence her detractors for sure. Also, she's looked her best with admirable outfits and perfect make-up. After the relative success of Humraaz, her string of unsuccessful films followed, and would continue until Her releases inVimal Kumar 's comedy Suno Sasurjeea delayed production sinceand her second Telugu language film Naanifollowed.

Inshe starred in Satish Kaushik 's thriller Vaadaplaying the role of Arjun Rampal 's unfaithful wife who is followed by her obsessive ex-lover. In her next release, Elaanshe played a TV reporter.

I regret hurting my wife; never wanted to marry Sushmita or Ameesha: Vikram Bhatt

She later appeared in Ketan Mehta 's historical drama Mangal Pandey: The Rising where she played the role of the soft-spoken Jwala, a Bengali widow who gets rescued from committing Sati by a British commanding officer. The Fire Withina delayed production sinceand the Telugu film Narasimhuduboth which failed at the box office. Patel featured in six films inall of which failed commercially.

Her second release, Humko Tumse Pyaar Haisaw her playing a blind village girl who gets stuck in a love triangle after undergoing eye surgery. The production was halted since due to the passing of its director-producer, until Patel's boyfriend then, Vikram Bhatttook it upon himself to complete the project. The Hidden CameraPatel played the role of a mute girl who witnesses a murder.

She learned sign language in order to fit the role. Patel's fifth release inAnkaheeearned her critical praise despite its failure at the box office. To understand the mentality of a wronged wife, Patel spoke to her own grandmother who had undergone a similar situation. She is dignity personified in the film, playing a woman betrayed in marriage, going all out to save it and in the end choosing her own path.

Ameesha and I never loved each other: Vikram Bhatt | Hindi Movie News - Times of India

Renewed success, — Patel in After appearing in a series of box office flops during —, Patel's career prospects began to improve in Her first release in that year was the ensemble comedy drama Honeymoon Travels Pvt. The low-budget film achieved moderate success at the box office. Patel played the role of Karan Khanna's talkative wife who tries to overcome her husband's gay leanings.

amisha patel and vikram bhatt relationship

Her comic timing in the film was well received. She learned scuba diving for the song that took 15 days to complete.

Ameesha Patel

However, both films were continuously delayed despite being completed in Now it seems Ankahee is actually a recreation of a very famous friendship from filmdom between Raj Kapoor and Vyjanthimala in the s and the doctor who finally married the actress and rescued her from an emotional cul de sac.

It's entirely my own story. It's entirely on my life. As for Raj Kapoor and VyjanthimalaI don't even know their story. I know only the emotional trauma in my life. My wife, Sushmita and my daughter were part of my traumatic experience. And yes, I'm using that experience to create a film. They heard my story and okayed the project in 48 hours Vikram admits the overnight change in the cast caused tremendous heartburn.

I did explain my position to Sanjay and Ritu about the change of cast.

amisha patel and vikram bhatt relationship

And that they had to be replaced by Aftab Shivdasani and Esha Deol. I wanted to tell all three that I couldn't fight for their presence in the film. I couldn't help the situation. The new producers wanted to go with a much more established cast. I fought hard for my original cast. But finally it's the producers' money and therefore their call. It may make others uncomfortable, not me. Pritish Nandy thought the project had much more commercial potential than I was originally giving it.

He felt I didn't have to give it an arthouse look, hence the more commercial cast.

amisha patel and vikram bhatt relationship

Ankahee is a slice of my life. And yes it is based on my life.

amisha patel and vikram bhatt relationship

But it's not Sushmita Sen's story. I 've gone through an extra-marital relationship and have watched my marriage fall apart.