Apollo and athena relationship

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apollo and athena relationship

The story Apollo and Daphne and Ares and Athena are similar in the ways that from Ares and Athena because Apollo and Daphne had a weird relationship. Once Apollo helped Poseidon to overthrow Zeus. Hera and Athena sided with Poseidon as well. Zeus punished Apollo by forcing him to work as a shepherd for . Zeus men believe that they play by the rules-with the help of Apollo lawyers-and win fair and square. But a Poseidon man who doesn't understand the rules feels .

This symbolized the new patriarchy succeeding the old matriarchy. Athena women defend men against women's interests. Athena women support feminist principles as long as the issue is workplace equality. Don't expect support for other feminist issues. Athena mothers hire nannies to raise their children. They'd rent surrogate mothers to produce the babies, if they could. They can be good mothers of competitive, extroverted, intellectual children-but not of sensitive, physical, or emotional children.

Under Stress Under stress, Athena women become Hestia. Gardening, nature, children, and pets help them reduce stress. They see in these creatures purity, without rules or judgment. With friends they become charming and happy. They like weekend "New Age" personal growth retreats, if the messages from the gods are upbeat. Athena is Enneagram personality type 1, the Judge. Sex Athena was one of the three virgin goddesses.

But keep your hands to yourself-she doesn't want the emotional entanglements of sex. A couple that successfully uses this energy express feelings without getting into trouble. Poseidon Poseidon wanted to marry the sea nymph Amphitrite. He tried to dominate her. She didn't want to marry him, and fled.

apollo and athena relationship

She agreed only when Poseidon sent a dolphin to talk to her. Poseidon men should work on their ability to communicate with women-or ask a friend to talk for them. Athena Athena women go for heroes-e. Sensitive, compassionate, romantic men don't attract Athena women. They want powerful "alpha" males, preferably waving swords. Athena women typically marry Zeus men, e. Statues of Zeus and Athena show her standing guard beside her seated king.

apollo and athena relationship

But this isn't a good marriage choice. The Athena woman will endlessly defend her husband's mistakes- including his endless philandering. They'll have lousy sex. Athena women should marry Poseidon men-but only heroic Poseidon men. Expect titanic battles, but in the long run they'll balance and mature. Athena-Poseidon romances are a popular movie and television theme-the cool businesswoman and the troubled-but-passionate man.

apollo and athena relationship

In The AbyssEd Harris plays a cowboy-style foreman on a sea floor oil drilling rig. Zeus, king of the Greek gods.

Both have tragic birth stories. When Leto became pregnant, she was banished from Olympus, home of the gods.

Leto could find no one to help her, because all were afraid of Hera, Zeus' wife. Apollo and his twin sister, Artemis, were born on the nearly deserted island of Delos. Capable Children Very soon after birth, both Apollo and Athena were ready for action. At four days old, Apollo killed Python, a giant snake who had raped the pregnant Leto.


Apollo also slew a giant who tried to kidnap Leto. She emerged from birth as an adult woman wearing armor, in full warrior mode. Her mother, Metis, had constructed a robe and helmet for Athena while inside Zeus, waiting for the birth. Poor Sports Neither Apollo nor Athena looked kindly upon anyone who crossed them. Niobe, queen of Thebes, bragged that, having born 14 children, she deserved more honor than Leto.

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Apollo and his sister Artemis punished the disrespectful Niobe by killing her children. Apollo also executed an arrogant satyr, Marsyas, who recklessly challenged the god of music to a flute contest.

Predictably, Marsyas lost, and Apollo had him flayed alive. Athena was also quick to take offense.

apollo and athena relationship