Arya and gendry relationship quiz

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arya and gendry relationship quiz

The incestuous relationship between Cersei and Jaime Lannister has . the relationship between Arya Stark and Gendry Waters has never. At one point in the series, Gendry is the only character that Arya can truly trust and their relationship is that of mutual respect and fondness of. Although Gendry's relationship with the Brotherhood Without Banners During the third season, when Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie were with the.

Arya handed the letter to him to read as she continued to dance around the room. Your academics and exam scores are superbly excellent, and we would be honored to have you as a student at our institution. She didn't care that Gendry was watching her dorky dancing. She was so ecstatic that she was going to study abroad in Italy. That's all that matters. Arya was the one who came to me with the proposition for applying to Braavos. I gave her permission to go if she could make the grades and the test scores.

The bell rang and the teacher said, "That's all for today. Do not forget to read the last few chapters in your book, and be prepared to possibly take a quiz next class. She got up to leave when her teacher said, "Arya Stark, please see me. Arya loved his classes. She felt honored that her paper was so good that it was practically a free pass to any university. It was a pass to the next stage of her education. But to be honest, I was planning on choosing a university in the UK to attend after graduation.

Italy has been my home for the past eight years and I love it here, but I would love to go back to England. Well, I'm certain that can be arranged, too. Trinity Hall always has nice accommodations.

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They had this conversation almost every single time her mother called. When she was nineteen and she told her parents how her final philosophy paper would grant her a place in any university, they were ecstatic. They thought that their youngest daughter would finally be coming home after getting her diploma at Braavos, and she would take a place at University of London so she would be very close to home.

But just like when Arya had applied to Braavos all by herself, she now had bigger ambitions. She wanted a place at University of Cambridge; according to rankings, it was the finest university in the United Kingdom. She was still arguably close to London though.

A train ride from Cambridge to London was just a little over an hour, and Catelyn hounded her about visiting on weekends. Arya always gave the excuse that she had coursework and exams that could not be ignored. After all, as a major in philosophy, she was required to think rather than to memorize. It was just like in Braavos. Arya holed herself up in her room and studied and studied. She only went out when she had fencing training, wanted food from the commons, and needed to study in the library.

There were the occasional times when Arya would go out with her friends to clubs and drink as much as she could. Drinking was the only time she felt liberated from her busy school life. Surely you can put aside your coursework for one day to come back down to London. I'm drowning in papers and pages to read. Going home for a day would set me back already. It's all I hear you talk about when I call you. Don't you do anything else? Your father and I miss you.

Robb and Rickon miss you too. Without a doubt they missed her too, but most of them weren't in London, at least to her knowledge. After graduating from Oxford, Robb went back to London to start taking over the reigns over their father's company. Jon and Ygritte moved to Edinburgh where Jon was now a detective. Sansa was still at University of Newcastle where she was earning her Masters degree in Hotel Management. Bran in his first year of uni at Cardiff trying to earn a medical degree.

Rickon was the only one left in London since he was only in Year I have my laundry to do.

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It was all a lie. Arya missed her family terribly, but Cambridge was much, much more important. She couldn't let her scholarship and her parents' money go to waste.

Her ambition was her highest priority right now. And for a slight second, Arya remembered why her ambition always outweighed going home. Arya was finally home in London, back to living with her parents. She had graduated from Cambridge, but she stayed for another year to earn her Masters.

She had graduated as one of the top in her class; Arya figured that since she had studied philosophy for five years in secondo grado, she might as well be the best in her undergraduate and graduate classes. It earned her a well-deserved degree in philosophy. Arya walked downstairs and into the kitchen and living room. The radio was playing, belching out a song, and she found only Robb sitting at their father's bar.

A bottle of brandy was open, his glass half full, and a cigarette in full aflame. Arya raised an eyebrow as she pulled the cigarette out of Robb's mouth. Robb glanced at his youngest sister and asked, "And since when did you start dressing more femininely? She grabbed the bottle of brandy and poured herself a drink. They were no dress or skirt, but with the way her clothes and her boots were hugging her matured curves, there was nothing boyish about it.

Since when her brothers give a damn about what clothes she wore? When she was a kid, her mother and Sansa had tried to get her to wear dresses and skirts, but she only wanted to wear shorts and pants so she could chase after her brothers. When she went to Braavos, she was only forced to wear the school's uniform skirt, but after lessons, no one cared what she wore. She could feel the familiar burn of the alcohol in her throat, but it was a good burn; one she liked.

Robb didn't live at home with their parents anymore. Neither did Jon and Sansa. Jon was still in Edinburgh, and Sansa had her own flat in London now that she was a working lady. It was always like that with birds leaving the nest. Bran had technically left already; he was in university at Cardiff. Apart from Arya, Rickon was the only still living at home.

He was in his final year of sixth form though, and soon he would be off to York if he got the grades. Arya owed it to herself to live with her parents just a little while longer considering that she was the first one to leave the nest and hardly return.

They had planned to marry, but Jeyne's obligations to her career as a nurse and Robb taking over his father's company put off the wedding until now. It was itching closer and closer to the wedding day, which was just a couple of weeks after Arya's twenty-fourth birthday in December.

Speaking of which," Robb withdrew a credit card from his pocket and held it out for Arya, "Sansa says that you need to buy a dress for the rehearsal dinner. Since their parents were always busy with work, Sansa sometimes took the time out to do grocery shopping and run their errands. She dumped the bags onto the island bar before going back to the foyer to retrieve more bags.

I've hardly seen you these past years, and I don't know what your wardrobe consists of. You can't wear it twice to another formal event," said Sansa. She came back from the foyer with the last set of groceries and began filling up the fridge. Why buy it now?

Everyone is going to the dinner, and they'll especially want to see you since they hardly have for the past twelve years," said Sansa. And the Mormonts and the Greyjoys. She couldn't ever forget Gendry. She hadn't been able to. The truth was that she was a coward. It was only a school girl crush, and nothing was going to happen. Instead of coming to terms with it, she ran away to Braavos and then Cambridge and completely immersed herself in her studies and fencing. She didn't think about Gendry at all, except for that one time she wrote her philosophy paper based on her crush on him and when Sansa got her a Facebook.

But now she didn't have school to worry about and every thought about him came back. It was as if she was that silly ten year-old again. She thought of his dark hair and his blue eyes and how deep his laugh was, and she wanted to hit herself. We've always kept in touch since we graduated from sixth form. I was so sure they would get married, too.

arya and gendry relationship quiz

She poured more brandy into her glass and drowned it all in one gulp. You break down and you pray, hoping something comes your way when you love someone, sang the radio.

But Gendry said that Jeyne wasn't feeling the love anymore, so they broke up. I rather liked her. I forgot I left Father's dry cleaning in the car. Robb, help me get it. You love someone, the radio sang. Arya reached over and turned the radio off as she heard the front door open and her brother and sister's feet walk on the pavement outside.

Give it up, girl. Just give it up. She had finally grasped the idea that this crush on Gendry was such a bad, bad idea.

It was more than just the risk of her brothers teasing her if they found out. It had all started when Arya came home from school and heard her brothers and Gendry talking about their options for university. In the few months she harbored this crush, she had completely forgotten that her older brothers and Gendry were in sixth form.

Yet, Robert's death called the line of succession into question and that is when Robert's older brother began to make his claim towards The Iron Throne. What is Robert Baratheon's older brother's name? Question 19 What was the name of Robert Baratheon's younger brother?

He was constantly having private conversations with others within the Small Council and he was often seen close to King Robert's side. Yet, Robert's untimely death caused his younger brother to flee King's Landing and align with another House in order to seize control of The Iron Throne for himself.

He was actually able to garner a huge amount of support, regardless of the fact that he was behind Stannis in age. What was the name of Robert Baratheon's younger brother? Question 20 King Joffrey Baratheon saw his father's bastards as threats and had the majority of them killed. What's the name of the one that survived? Pip Davos Gendry The question of succession is a huge factor in the world of Game of Thrones since it affects the status of an heir.

From being the sole owner of a castle stronghold to sitting on The Iron Throne, there's a reason why so much attention is put on the family lineage.

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People that have children outside of wedlock can have their bastards legitimized by a royal decree but otherwise, they are somewhat of outcasts in society. King Joffrey Baratheon saw his father's bastards as threats and had the majority of them killed. Question 21 What was the name of his bride? Ned Stark seemed to be heeding his advice until he realized that Renly meant to sit on The Iron Throne, himself. He aligned with one of the most powerful Houses in Westeros, who supported his claim to the throne.

What was the name of his bride? Question 22 What is the name of Renly Baratheon's male lover? Loras Tyrell Davos Seaworth Samwell Tarly During the early part of the series, there were a number of rumors being openly suggested about Renly Baratheon.

Even while he was at King's Landing, it seemed like everyone knew about his homosexual tendencies. Renly had a lover that seemed to encourage his claim to the Iron Throne and eventually helped him in achieving alliances. Renly Baratheon married into House Tyrell through Margaery but he still continued to have a romance with a male character in the series. What is the name of Renly Baratheon's male lover?

arya and gendry relationship quiz

Dragonsbane Dragonstone Stormlands During Robert's Rebellion, there were a number of different individuals that had their own part to play in ensuring a victory. While there is often a huge amount of focus on the Lannisters in the way their army was let into King's Landing and then sacked the city. Robert's older brother played a huge part as well. There was a stronghold he needed to hold in order for Robert to triumph.

This was a difficult task and much of the individuals nearly starved to death. What is the name of this affliction? Despite how little viewers actually were treated to of it, the marriage between Ned Stark and Catelyn Tully was portrayed entirely as a partnership of equals.

Through their unhealthy union, three children were born — with a fourth potentially on the way — including the tyrannical King Joffrey and the utterly incompetent and overpowered King Tommen. Their union has done nothing but lead to destruction, whether of their family or of their kingdom. Certain scenes in particular have also been doubly problematic, with implications of assault stirring up many a debate on the internet.

Thankfully, season 7 ends with Jaime seeming to come to his senses as he abandons his sister and sets off to chart his own course. The furor online among fans of both the television series and the book series was seemingly never-ending when the offending episode aired. There was truly no point to including the scene, or the plot entirely, in as graphic detail as it was written and portrayed.

Ramsay was already a truly psychotic, unpredictable, violent threat long before he assaulted and repeatedly abused Sansa. Subjecting her character to this incessant abuse did nothing for the series as a whole. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen On the one hand, the relationship between Jon and Daenerys can bee seen as an inevitability of the series.

Representatives of fire and ice finally meet in the middle and find themselves lost in passion with one another, just as their predecessors before them.

However, a plotted inevitability does not necessarily mean that the development feels in any way earned — or worth rooting for at all. While the series condemns the behavior of the Lannisters, it expects viewers to go all in on the pairing of Daenerys with her nephew, Aegon.