Ashe and tryndamere relationship counseling

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ashe and tryndamere relationship counseling

Detailed GOD Tryndamere Top: Acquire ELO (Advanced). Tryndamere build guides on MOBAFire. League of Legends Premiere Tryndamere. Cosplay · Ashe x Trynda · Best CoupleLeague Of LegendsArt GoogleBook Art FanartHd WallpaperLolShipsKitten. Ashe x Trynda. ocXAshe therapist Mark MIller is working at the institute and helping champs with I walked past a couple of people that I knew, or they knew me as I . chin and then said in a hurt voice "Oh, I think I'll just visit Tryndamere-.

Lots and lots of cliches. This is a list of those cliches and how to avoid them, told through the various hostile takeovers of Hyrule and all the things the conquerors did wrong. Legend of Zelda - Rated: Join Hayden in his encounters with some of these Champions and his quest to set everything straight, on personal level as well Link wakes up in a mysterious chamber with no recollection of his purpose or his past life. As he fights to restore a ruined kingdom and rescue princess Zelda, he begins to recover the lost memories of a tragic past and to piece together the true nature of his relationship with a certain red-finned zora girl.

He doesn't remember how he got there, but he knows one thing is certain. He is a Guardian, protector of Light and Humanity, so he will do whatever it takes to protect the world. Too bad he wasn't informed he would be doing it in the body of a teenager. That last bit is harder than it sounds. T - English - Drama - Chapters: Falling in love and making friends is a whole new kind of strange. It is going to be a long school year for Quinn.

Fluffy smut, cursing, rated M for a reason. Multi chapter, plot heavy. What will happen when he rejoins Overwatch as Soldier 76? Will she recognize him?

M - English - Romance - Chapters: A Boy and His Fox: A young Summoner of the League, Kal is ready to be bound to his first champion. However, two souls that aren't compatible can make things dangerously complicated. It's up to him and Ahri to settle their differences and end the evil shadow that threatens Runeterra.

You might have noticed this is a damn long series so if you have tons of free time this may be for you. It is split up into seasons which all have their own story-lines so keep that in mind.

I feel like I should generate interest with this but I don't know how so nah.

Arranged Marriage

Instead I'll mention that Riot owns the universe and characters. Their stories started out differently, and little do they know they would meet again, but will they overcome their obstacles together, or will they go against each other due to their conflicting natures? The Master of Metal finds himself living in a chaotic "household," fighting in the Summoner's Rift, and facing many unique situations that he'd never thought of facing before. Hopefully, the iron man would stay safe and healthy.

Those were the things he gave up for his undeath. But her antics start to stir up fond memories of the life that was forcibly taken from him. He wonders whether he should embrace her ways of thinking Naturally, arts, crafts, and tornadoes follow. Rated T for language. Cover image done by Mitzbehaven. Including their beloved hero, Finn the Human. But unforeseen events lead him to a place beyond the boundaries of Ooo, where he must leave behind his old life to save those he cares about; and achieve redemption in the process.

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake - Rated: Time had finally become balanced once again, but there was one portal which had remained untouched by Lana, for fear of the evil which hadn't returned to its time.

Vaati, the wind mage, obtained Majora's Mask, and Link and Lana had to travel through time and space to stop him.

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Rated T for violence and dark themes. Usually updates every month. He was sore and limped a little when he returned to his era. But there, burning through the eyes of his beloved friend, he found the gaze of a stranger. Once the stress had faded away, he asked for explanations. As her grace slowly melted his defenses, he found himself learning more about the meaning of trust.

Grimbright version of the game ending. Sometimes, we have responsibilities thrust upon us even if we didn't ask for them. Between the new neighbor and a sharp pain on the back of his left hand, Link starts to realize that fate might be in the hands of someone else.

Heavy Zelink Legend of Zelda - Rated: Princess Zelda takes a day off from her royal responsibilities to do research on a new species of tree with Link; the first venture the two have had in a long time.

Link finds himself becoming more deeply enamoured with her, but clings to the hope that she might possibly feel the same about him.

Be it a friend, a enemy or a lover, the League has seen it all. Let's take a look into those bonds and see how these people really feel about each other. A series of oneshots consisting of various pairings. Vote for next character in the reviews of each chapter! A simple journey, beginning with Mercy and Reaper, will lead a small team of determined fighters to the last outposts of civilization across the world, where they will begin to uncover the truth of how the world ended After a couple of seconds she spoke coolly, her voice leveled again from the passionate session, "would you like to join me for breakfast at the bakery?

As I went to go get it I heard her ask in a calm but slightly chilled tone "soooo…. What was Diana asking about"? I could feel her eyes bore into the back of me, I was nervous a little but I played it cool as I put the wallet in my pocket, speaking of cool, it felt like the air dropped slightly. I turned around to an Ashe looking intently at me with her arms crossed.

The way she was standing made her look imtimading but I stood my ground nonetheless.

ashe and tryndamere relationship counseling

It's not like I was afraid of her telling people, it was just that people came to me about their secrets and it felt wrong to just spout them off to Ashe, girlfriend or not, I still felt remorse, if only a little. She looked at me with understanding eyes and I smiled nervously at her. I knew that Ashe was really into trust and I promised her that I would be trustworthy when I started dating her. I sighed and took a deep breath as I told her about Diana.

ashe and tryndamere relationship counseling

Mind if I tell you the rest on the way I said, I was not in a hurry, but I was extremely hungry now that she brought the subject of food up and I did not feel like waiting in line at the bakery.

She complied with a smile and walked out first, me being a gentleman and holding the door for her to go first, then exiting and locking the door. We walked down the hallways passing a few groups of crowds. Ashe was walking along side me matching my pace. I told her the rest of the story about Diana which caused her to giggle a little in her hand. I looked at her questioningly as she spoke. I looked at Ashe and noticed her happy expression and I could not help but smile at the notion.

Like Diana, Ashe had come to the league, like many, to prove them and show their strength and power. I guess something Changed within Diana as with Ashe. Ashe had changed dramatically over the past 3 months though I noticed in particular; I smiled at the thought as I remembered the day that started it for us. I made sure that I had everything looking especially nice that day. I was ecstatic but controlled myself as I heard a knock on the door.

I opened the door to find Ashe standing there with a small smile. She was wearing her usual outfit because she was being summoned that day right after her session. I waved her in, to which she complied, almost gliding in her steps. As we both sat down I gathered up my notepad and favorite pen and started off the conversation with a good morning to which she also replied with.

I looked at her gorgeous face until she caught me, to which I swiftly looked at my notepad as if it was suddenly interesting. I took a deep breath and then asked "so what brings you here today Ashe, is something bothering you" I asked with honest concern. Ashe looked at me while fidgeting with her hands before replying "nothing is wrong, I just wanted to talk" she finished sternly, as if she had renewed vigor or something.

I tapped my notepad and waited for her to maybe say what she wanted to talk about, only to receive a stern looking stare. I smiled and set down my notepad before saying "well, how's everything going with you Ashe?

And so the conversation sparked to life, Ashe talking about events in her life recently. She talked about missing her pet hawk Delush that she had left in Feijord. She talked about how she went on an adventure with her Ezreal to find some golden sword, and then both of us laughed when she said all they found was a gold toothbrush.

She told me about her night last week, when she tried to do "ladies night out" with Mf, Ahri, and Sona, them all ending up singing karaoke and drunk as hell. She then talked about going to the town next to the league; the town having a big festival party, about a great warrior known as trigun.

After she finished that she stopped talking suddenly. I slightly blushed and my mind was racing a mile a minute when she asked the next question, "Would you like ….

I smiled and slowly, trying to control my glee, calmly spoke "I would love to Ashe" I finished while smiling at her. At this point, unbeknown to me I had my hands clasped together and was sitting in my bean bag chair intently. She sighed a sigh of, what I assumed was relief, and looked at me before standing up and smiling "it's a date then" she said sweetly. I got up and walked her over to the door as I noticed she was heading to the door.

I held the door open for her as she left while asking where do you want to meet or should I just pick you up?

ashe and tryndamere relationship counseling

I quickly responded with a nod to which she laughed a beautiful laugh before reaching up and kissing my check, "can't wait" she coed before taking her leave, leaving me dumbfounded at the door. After the little conversation, the rest of the day passed by smoothly. Before I knew it, tomorrow had come and 7: I knew it was going to be rather chilly outside so I opted to wear a white jacket 2 black streaks on my left shoulder, on the other one just one black streak.

To finish off my outfit I had on black jeans that complimented my jacket very well. I stuffed my wallet and my blue phone into my pocket before leaving my room.

As I walked down the halls I thought about what to talk about with Ashe and potential questions she might asked during our date. I calmed myself as I was overanalyzing too much and just decided to play it cool and just be myself. I walked to the fountain that I was suppose to meet Ashe and just simply gazed into the pure water.

The night sky reflected beautifully against the water. I turned to my left when I noticed a certain fox eared woman in the water, and was happy to see my good friend Ahri. She was wearing her very festive looking outfit, wearing a brown and black dress with various symbols on it, some of her jet black hair being tied into a bun with a thin stick stuck in the middle of it, while the rest sat over her shoulders.

She had her hands to her side and was looking the night sky. Sure is Mark" she said softly. As she was standing there I couldn't help but notice her beauty in the reflection.

During this time, I had met ahri when she was new to the league about a month back. I was one of her first friends, mostly because I was a counselor, counseling her during her first few weeks first in the league.

When she first came to the league she was very distraught, she had the deaths of all those people that she had killed reappear in her dreams. I had helped her through it by telling her to accept it, saying that you couldn't change the past, only move forward. We had met almost every week for the first 2 months after that. She had gotten noticeable better to the point where she didn't have to come back to my office so much. We had become great friends but nothing more; I didn't think she had feelings for me.

I wasn't sure if I liked her like that but I completely dropped the idea when she started dating Jarvan. Even though Ahri was completely done with her therapy she still came by and talked to me, also hanging out with me when I wasn't busy and whatnot. She was one of the few that I could be completely honest with.

While other men would feel nervous around her, I oddly felt relaxing around her, like brother-sister relationship, I thought would be pretty close to describing us. After a couple of moments, of us just enjoying the comforting silence she asked "so Who's the lucky lady?

I shoed away her hand and softly replied "its Ashe, we were going to go to the festival tonight, she invited me to accompany her" I finished with a smile ,crossing my arms as Ahri stepped back and now gazed forward into the night. I noticed that her voice lacked the usual charm and was, emotionless, which was weird for someone like Ahri. I spoke up quickly asking "what's wrong Ahri? She then ran off, her tails flowing in the wind, to the teleportation circle and quickly teleported off before I could reply, only having time for a wave that was unseen.

I scratched my head awkwardly before closing my eyes and enjoying the sudden breeze of nice cold air wash over me. I blinked as I felt a soft hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw a gorgeous Ashe looking intently at me, blushing a bit.

Ashe was wearing a pink shirt with a white jacket over it that had small petal designs scribed on it. She was wearing dark blue jeans which hugged her quite nicely in my opinion. Her silver hair was lying on her back; the front ends covered her face slightly, making a thin veil over her mystifying face. Her delicate lips were adored with dark red lipstick that made them look even sexier than before. She wasn't carrying a purse, as I had told her earlier that I was going to pay for everything, after a good minute of chatter, she finally agreed to allow me to pay, but I wouldn't put it past her if she had a couple of dollars in her pocket.

I simply gazed at her before catching myself and saying "you look lovely Ashe", honestly lost for words at the moment. She leaned forward a bit to see my reaction. I sighed and then held my hands defensively saying "alright, alright you got me". After we both calmed down I asked her while blushing a little "ready to go, milady?