Asuka and jun kazama relationship help

The Two Kazama Ladies Of Tekken: Jun Kazama And Asuka Kazama!

asuka and jun kazama relationship help

Asuka's father is Jun's brother. Jin is Jun's son. It would be cool in a later tekken game to have asukas father as a playable character. like Jin n Asuka, they hav no family relationship at all. Asuka is just one Jin has the Kazama surname from her mother, Jun Kazama Why he's. Your topic seems kind of pointless, Asuka or Jun, does it really matter? She was also a benign person, kind and in connection with nature and serenity. the better, and she has a lot of stuff to help incorporate into her game.

Some of her attacks were used by Jin in his Tekken 3 appearance and most were given to her relative Asuka as her main attacks. However, some moves from the previous game are removed.

asuka and jun kazama relationship help

According to Hyper"Queen of confusion, Jun has the most befuddling attacks of any character" in Tekken 2. Her own attacks are very hard to parry, she can be very confusing in the hands of a skilled player. At the same time, her combos that strike at all levels make her also a good offensive character, retaining her potential for causing confusion and frustration.

Once mastered, she can surprise any enemy.

asuka and jun kazama relationship help

Her juggle combo capabilities are unlimited and, as always, her striking power cause a big damage. She is called "The Chosen One" by her relatives. She is highly psychic, being able to sense that Kazuya Mishima 's power stemmed from Devil.

When the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2 was coming to an end, Jun comes to the realization that Kazuya's supernatural strength stems from Devil.

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But she is attracted to him by a mystic force beyond her control. After Kazuya is thrown into a volcano by his father Heihachi Mishima in the conclusion of the tournament, parts of Devil leave him and unsuccessfully attempt to possess Jun's unborn child.

asuka and jun kazama relationship help

Fifteen years later, before the events of Tekken 3Jun senses the approaching of Ogre and warns Jin to seek out his paternal grandfather Heihachi should anything happen to her. When Jin wakes up, the Kazamas' house has burned to the ground and Jun is missing.

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Although Jun did not appear in subsequent canonical games in the series, she is still mentioned throughout. She appears as a soul or vision in Jin Kazama's Tekken 4 ending, which persuades Jin to spare Heihachi's life in honor of herself.

asuka and jun kazama relationship help

Outside of the series, she appears as a playable character in the crossover game Street Fighter X Tekken where her official tag partner is Lili. Though her profile states that she breaks up fights regularly "by knockout", as added in the game's prologueshe seems to enjoy fighting herself.

In her story mode, after defeating her target Feng Weishe decides to remain at the tournament in order to "have fun". Her pre- and post-match quotes demonstrate her confidence. Asuka speaks Japanese with a very heavy Kansai region dialect.

Asuka Kazama

In Tekken 5 and Tekken 5: Dark ResurrectionAsuka's default outfit in which she is usually portrayed in official art and CG renders is a blue halter top and bluish white short shorts changed to red and black respectively in Dark Resurrectionwith matching motorcycle and elbow protectors. One is a Japanese parochial schoolgirl uniform with a yellow sweater vest and pleated skirt, seen during both her intro and her prologue.

The other is a visual kei geisha -like outfit with high-heel sandals. She was in charge of wildlife preservation, she went together with Lei Wulong to try and arrest Kazuya.

Most likely, she might actually be the host to "Angel" as she is the one who visibly fight over for Kazuya's soul. She seeks to redeem Kazuya from the Devil within.

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So how did she and Kazuya get together? It's never explained but one theory I had for years was that she was raped. Some say that it's impossible and that Kazuya's innate goodness was still around, perhaps he was attracted to Jun and the two got intimate.

Jun soon got pregnant with Jin Kazama. What was revealed was that for some reason, the Kazama blood could suppress the power of Devil which may have been the reason why Kazuya was defeated in Tekken 2. While playing Tekken 3, I always wondered where she was until years later, I read more about the story.

Jun & Asuka: Kazama Style, Similarities and differences

She singlehandedly raised her son Jin and later, told him to seek refuge with Heihachi Mishima. I wonder what she ate to suggest that, perhaps she was not totally aware of Heihachi's darker secrets. During that time, she supposedly tried to fight Ogre but went missing ever since.

asuka and jun kazama relationship help