Basketball hall of fame player and coach relationship

Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Maurice Cheeks among Basketball Hall of Fame inductees

basketball hall of fame player and coach relationship

The stories of the mentor-coach relationship; the story of compassion coaches have for their players; the story of a coach impacting a community. Now these. Calipari was one of 11 members in the Class. With that said, I would like to thank the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, Jerry Colangelo, I would also like to thank my three Hall of Fame presenters, two who are here with us tonight. He also would create relationships with everybody. The OKC assistant and new Hall of Famer might be the only person in the One by one, Oklahoma City Thunder players cleared off the practice court. Even after Cheeks left the Thunder to become head coach of the Detroit . as much a Hall of Famer because of his impact on the game of basketball on a.

In the s, the Basketball Hall of Fame struggled to raise enough money for the construction of its first facility. However, during the following half-decade the necessary amount was raised, and the building opened on Feb. The Basketball Hall of Fame's Board named four inductees in its first year. In addition to honoring those who contributed to basketball, the Hall of Fame sought to make contributions of its own. Inthe Hall of Fame sponsored the Tip-Off Classica pre-season college basketball exhibition.

This Tip-Off Classic has been the start to the college basketball season ever since, and although it does not always take place in Springfield, Massachusetts, generally it returns every few years. In the 17 years that the original Basketball Hall of Fame operated at Springfield Collegeit drew more thanvisitors.

As the new hall opened, it also recognized women for the first time, with inductees such as Senda Berenson Abbottwho first introduced basketball to women at Smith College. During the years following its construction, the Basketball Hall of Fame's second facility drew far more visitors than ever anticipated, due in large part to the increasing popularity of the game but also to the scenic location beside the river and the second Hall's interesting modern architecture[ citation needed ].

The building's architecture features a metallic silver, basketball-shaped sphere flanked by two similarly symmetrical rhombuses. The current Basketball Hall of Fame features Center Court, a full-sized basketball court on which visitors can play. Inside the building there are a game gallery, many interactive exhibits, several theaters, and an honor ring of inductees.

A large theater for ceremonies seats up to Despite the new facility's success, a logistical problem remains for the Basketball Hall of Fame and the City of Springfield. Like for me, just talking to him. His impact casts a deep, wide shadow, from his mentorship of an MVP and future Hall of Famer in Westbrook, to a viral moment before there were viral moments inwhen he graciously spared a young girl from public embarrassment singing the national anthem.

The unique relationship between Russell Westbrook and Hall of Famer Maurice Cheeks - NBA

He was with me since Day 1 and left and came back [to Oklahoma City]. He's so deserving of it because he's done so much for the game. He spent 15 years in the NBA, mostly with the Sixers, winning a championship and registering high on all-time steals and assists lists.

basketball hall of fame player and coach relationship

But he has career averages of Back in April, he was answering questions about making the Hall, and coaching Westbrook was referenced. It was late in the third quarter of a game in January against the Memphis Grizzlies.

basketball hall of fame player and coach relationship

The Thunder led by 25 at the time. In a possession that featured zero passes, Westbrook had the ball on the block isolated against a smaller defender. He held the ball. Then he held it some more. Finally, he put it on the floor, and the dribbles began. Sefolosha made a cut, bringing another defender over to Westbrook's space.

Westbrook hesitated, dribbled some more and was whistled for a five-second violation. Westbrook slammed the ball into the floor, and like a pot of boiling water left unattended, it was all about to spill over. Westbrook raged in a huddle during a timeout, and Cheeks tried to calm him. Westbrook stomped to the end of the bench; Cheeks followed. Hunched over his knees, sweat pouring off his brow as his head shook back and forth as Cheeks leaned in, Westbrook popped off the bench, pushed his chair aside, flipped a towel off the back of it and stormed to the tunnel.

There aren't many people who exist on this planet who can wade into the eye of a Westbrook storm and not only live to tell the tale, but calm it. When Russell Westbrook would get heated on the court, Maurice Cheeks would usually not be far behind.

It was one of the most public tantrums for Westbrook, happening on national TV with the Inside the NBA crew dissecting it in full detail after.

Point guards Steve Nash, Jason Kidd and Maurice Cheeks among Hall inductees

But it was far from an isolated event. There was one against the Dallas Mavericks in a playoff game inwhere Westbrook argued with assistant coach Mark Bryant. Cheeks stepped in to cool the jets. Westbrook is nothing if not emotional and invested, both in games and, quite legendarily, on the practice floor. For Westbrook, it has always been about controlled chaos, like Pecos Bill trying to rope the cyclone.

Cheeks is often the lasso, the intermediary between the method and the madness. Teammates who have known Westbrook for years rave about his growth as a leader.

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He has gone through a public evolution, with his mistakes amplified on the biggest stages and under playoff spotlights.

But as he has aged, he's learned to wrangle his outbursts and channel them into positivity. He was with me since Day 1.

He's a tireless worker, still first to the practice gym and routinely one of the last to leave. He has shaped his body and game into those of a superstar through attrition.

basketball hall of fame player and coach relationship