Being human aidan and sally relationship problems

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being human aidan and sally relationship problems

With only two episodes to go in this season, Being Human (USA) is still hitting it's for the groom's lesbian sister and she just looks at him like, "Is that a problem? I know Sally and Aidan's counterparts have a romantic relationship on the UK. THE MOMENT: In an alternate timeline, Sally and Aidan come together romantically. Mitchell and Annie Kiss in season 3 of Being Human (UK) blood to drown in his sorrow, while Josh gets into trouble with his maker Ray. Chronicling a relationship between Aidan and Josh from close friendship to The problem is that it is so emotionally demanding to get Josh through Sally pops in and interrupts Aidan's thoughts, which were clearly leading.

Even when the wolf begins to change his personality each month, Josh thinks of others and always tries to do the right thing. Bishop taught Aidan to look out for himself, not to care about collateral damage. But when he is with Josh, Aidan always tries to consider the consequences of his actions.

Tonight, while he sits, quietly awaiting the sunrise, Aidan thinks about his roommate. In an attempt to drown out the crazed howling of the wolf, Aidan recalls every detail he can about his friend: Now that she can leave the house, Sally constantly pops in and bugs Aidan while he waits for Josh to finish on these dreadful nights. Now it's just trying to claw its way out. She saw Josh shift once before because she knew the wolf could not hurt her.

Seeing such a transformation is extremely intimate, and Aidan knows that Josh thinks of it that way, too. But, there isn't really a reason to be jealous; all Aidan has to do is look through the small window on the cage door to see the transformation. The problem is that Aidan doesn't really want to see it. Even though it would bring the two men closer together, which Aidan is all for, it is hard enough to hear the screams of his friend, let alone see the massive skeletal shifts that must occur during the transformation.

Aidan notices that there has been a long silence, so he initiates the conversation. Haunting isn't any fun when there are no people around.

being human aidan and sally relationship problems

Sally ripps it open and starts eating it. After eating the raw meat Sally stopped decomposing for the moment. The following morning, Nora dispersed the two blood whores that Aidan killed, causing them to "reset" in Sally's bedroom since they died there. After Josh made a note of Sally's hat, she returned upstairs where she lifted the hat to look at the decomposing flesh, causing the two bloody ghosts to tell her that she should do something about that ASAP. Sally later forces them to leave before covering the spot with her hat yet again.

She later tells Nick that she ate a mouse which caused her skin to regenerate. Nick then reveals that he has been eating cats and tries to tell her that there is nothing wrong with what they are doing as they are doing it for survival to cling to their second lives.

Sally admits that, in the grand scheme of things, eating small animals wasn't so bad. That night, while standing outside of a pet shop, she sets her eyes on a little boy and is immediately tempted to eat him. However she realizes the horror of what she was about to do and forces herself to leave. After explaining to Aidan that she has an uncontrollable urge to devour anything living, she gets a call from a frantic Zoe.

Upon arriving at Zoe's house, she sees that Zoe has killed Nick after he lunged for her to eat her.

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While initially upset, Nick assures Zoe that it was a good thing that she did. When "his Door" appears, he tells Zoe not to see Sally as she will try to kill Zoe as well before disappearing in his door. While burying Nick's body, Sally and Josh realize that they need to find Stevie as he is probably going on a killing spree. When they arrive at Stevie's parent's house, they discover that Stevie couldn't make it on his own and that he returned home before the deal on Sally's soul was changed, causing his parents to die with their souls ultimately going to Donna for consumption.

After much convincing, Josh kills Stevie to prevent him from killing anyone else.

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Once Josh finishes, Sally says it is her turn before Josh comforts her by saying that they will find a way to save her. When Stevie appears before them, his door appears immediately afterwards. However once he walks through, Sally realizes that Stevie and Nick got the same door and that something is horribly wrong.

When Sally realizes that the hunger is getting stronger, Josh and Nora, along with Sally, go to confront Donna to see if they can change the deal one more time. However, they find out that Donna made the entire soup kitchen disappear, thus ruining their chance of talking to Donna. Once Sally feels that the hungar is too strong for her to continue resisiting it, she has Josh and Nora lock her in her room so she doesn't try to eat them.

Later, when Sally asks him to kill her if she can't control herself, Aidan tells her that Josh and Nora that they found Alana and allows her to eat part of his stomach so that she looks semi-normal during their visit.

Arriving at Alana's house, Sally reveals that she was the ghost that briefly possessed her when she tried performing an exorcism for Danny. When Alana reveals that Sally needs to go through Donna's door, and that Sally can't just ignore it as Donna will have made sure that Sally goes through one way or another, she gives her an incantation to use on Donna.

'Being Human' Season 4: What's Next For Aidan, Josh And Sally

She also tells Sally that she needs to make sure that she has al unresolved business resolved so that she isn't weighed down like she was in her past afterlife. That night, Sally goes to tell Max that she is going to die again and that their relationship has unfortunately has come to an end. During the day that Nora and Josh are supposed to get married, Sally tells Nora that while she no longer has the hunger, she won't be able to make it to the wedding.

A couple of hours later, Nora walks into Sally's room with dozens of outfits for Sally to try on, saying that if Sally is going to be haunting them again, she is going to look damn-good doing it. After trying many outfits on, Sally settles with a purple dress with small flower designs that has a buckle going across her stomach, black socks, a pair of heeled shoes, and a faded dark green jacket.

Upon dying once again, Sally and Aidan and Josh go through Donna's door to confront the witch. While Josh fights with a reincarnated Ray, Sally and Aidan face off against Donna, the witch revealing that she had a different use for Sally aside from just eating her, possibly revealing that she intended to train Sally to be like her since Sally's soul is different, having survived an exocism, going to and back from Limbo, and being able to shred other spirits.

After the incantation that Alana gave her turns out to only be a "True Face Incantation", Sally manages to distract Donna long enough for Aidan to light Sally's heart on fire, causing the flames to seek Donna as the source of the magic. However, Donna removes her magic and gives it to Sally, lightning Sally on fire before dispersing her and devouring her soul.

This later proves to be a mistake as Sally is able to use the magic back at Donna to destroy the witch and free her and Aidan and Josh from Donna's soup kitchen.

being human aidan and sally relationship problems

After watching Josh and Nora's wedding, Sally is able to make the flames on a candleholder flare up brighter and stronger before making them lower again, revealing that her showdown with Donna was not without consequences. While talking with Aidan about Kenny's defective vampirism, Liam shoots Aidan in the head. While it didn't kill him, it was enough to stun him for Liam to torture Aidan on Kenny's whereabouts.

While Liam ignores Sally, she goes downstairs where Liam has gone to kill Kenny. Just as he was about to, she shouted for him not to, lighting the wooden pole Liam was holding on fire. Along with Josh, Nora, and Kenny, she witnessed Aidan killing Liam when he attempted to choke Josh to death, Aidan killing Liam ultimately destroying Josh's hope of being rid of his lycanthropy and forcing him to spend the rest of his life as a werewolf.

The next day, after talking with Aidan about Kat, Sally is in the house alone, as Josh and Nora had turned the night before, when Donna appears. While Sally tries to disperse Donna, she realizes she can't and Donna reveals that they are linked and that they can't stay at the house.

Donna then asks if Sally knows what happens when a "Death Spot" is destroyed, revealing a crack in the floor where Sally had died. While Sally initially refuses to go back to Limbo, she states that she will shred Donna, even if it means she herself is shredded as well, as long as it means that Donna is gone for good. Donna then takes her to the top of the stairs and pushes her down, Sally's head landing on her death spot.

being human aidan and sally relationship problems

When it is destroyed, Donna drags them both down a hole and into a different plane, the hole closing afterwards and locking them both wherever it was they went. Season 4 When Sally awakens, she finds herself trapped in some sort of spa with Donna. While getting a treatment, Sally reveals that she is surprised at how nice Donna is being to her, Donna saying that she isn't necessarily being nice but rather she is being patient.

When Donna mentions that it is up to Sally if they stay at the spa or not, Donna reveals that Sally has been forgetting everything that has been happening in their Sally and Donna in another dimension "Purgatory" and that Sally makes a different place each time, Donna saying that she was just fine with their Purgatory the way it was before. Once Donna reveals everything that happened, she says that sending them to their Purgatory is what happened when she destroyed Sally's death spot and that she intends on keeping them down there until she can figure out a way to get them both to move on permanently.

Aidan and Sally

Being able to learn what Donna just said, saying that erasing her death spot erases her way back home, Sally learns that she can then use Donna's death spot to get out and that all she has to do is find it.

When Donna says that Sally has no idea what she is doing, Sally reveals that she does since she made the spa they were in and that she can take it all away. When she closes her eyes and thinks about it, it causes the spa to slowly begin to fall apart, causing blood to rush into the place through the walls. However, Sally is able to pin Donna to her chair and free herself from the wall, enabling her to go through Donna's death spot where she finds herself hanging by a rope in a Shop Mart.

However, she sees glimpes of Donna's past, including her death. Once she frees herself, she leaves the Shop Mart and goes home to talk with Aidan. While talking with Aidan, the vampire tells her that maybe what Donna said was true and that, while he is glad to have the ghost back, maybe she should have stayed in Purgatory. They then go to see werewolf-trapped Josh but find that he has left the gate open in an attempt to get Aidan to kill him.

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Once they find him, Sally is able to use Donna's magic, which is now her magic as well, to stop Josh from killing Aidan while Nora puts him to sleep with a tranquilizer. She then travels back in time again, this time finding a strange room where a group of witches sacrificed a little girl.

What is the big problem they are dealing with? We finally solve the riddle. But we actually do answer that question this year in an interesting and profound way. A berserk wolfed-out Josh is literally chomping on their heels, until they lure him into a trap and cage him. That would have been a cop-out. They did a beautiful job of figuring out exactly how I come back and the repercussions when I do come back.

What happened to me? What happens to us [motioning to himself and Hager]? Now in the teaser footage, the two frenemies are seen enjoying a spa day on some ethereal plane.