Blood saya and haji relationship test

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blood saya and haji relationship test

This test will show who fits you best! (e) Quiz. (e). personality test 8, Can you handle blood? Yes. Kind of No! 9, What character do you think fits you best? Saya. Riku. Kai. Haji. Diva. David. Lewis. Julia. I don`t know. Relationship Test. The constant hunger is possibly due to insufficient consumption of blood. She hugs Hagi, and that seemed to be the start of their ever-changing relationship. While Diva was treated as a mere test subject, Saya was treated more human. The Blood+ anime, light novel, and manga series features an extensive cast of characters . Saya is unaffected by Diva's blood, because it lost its potency when she became pregnant. It is never explicitly stated whether Kai intended their relationship to become romantic and he may only have meant that they could run the.

The only real way to translate this into english is to make him speak in a flamboyantly gay manner, so it's not as obvious. We also never see what Joel does with Saya's mother's corpse and if Diva and Saya could have been resurrected by blood then their mother may have too.

All in all I liked this series but the ending had too little closure; leaving us with many unanswered questions. Dam i never though about it that yea it would be interesting if Nathan was their mother lol.

I see and understand your explanation it does make lots of sense once you give it some though it would be a bit weird though.


I was really happy to see Nathan in the end though nice to know my favourite character lived. Though at first Saya is reluctant to fight and afraid of who she might be, she slowly comes to accept her duty and regain her memories.

After Riku's death, Saya disappears for a year, along with Haji. When she returns, she has longer hair and a harder, darker appearance.

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However, she has a less cheerful personality, is more morose and less talkative than she used to be. Moses and Lulu both remark that she has lost hope. Believing the fight with Diva is hers alone, and not wanting to have to grieve for any more lost comrades, she avoids cooperating with Kai or the Red Shield.

As the battle with Diva continues, Saya's next hibernation period draws nearer, she starts having sudden bouts of fainting spells, and her regeneration ability slows. At the Metropolitan Opera HouseSaya confronts Diva in a final duel, which ends as they simultaneously pierce each other with their blood-coated swords. Saya is unaffected by Diva's blood, because it lost its potency when she became pregnant.

Diva, however, begins to crystallize, and Saya cries for her and tries to hold her shattering pieces together. Kai pleads with her to live, promising to protect her and the babies and make anyone afraid of her understand. Hagi disobeys Saya for the only time in his life, taking her sword and confessing he has loved her from the moment they met.

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Saya tearfully admits she wishes to live as she kisses Haji. At her request, Kai puts her back in the Miyagusuku family crypt to sleep, and he watches over her, and Diva's children.

Several years later, a pink rose with Haji's blue ribbon is left at the crypt. Hagi is alive and he is watching from afar, waiting patiently for his love to awaken after her thirty-year sleep.

blood saya and haji relationship test

Of the three, only Solomon shows his interest openly, effectively abandoning Diva and his brothers in order to spend his life with Saya. Although she appreciates his affections, Saya does not feel the same way and gently rejects his advances. Both Kai and Hagi spend most of the series suppressing their true feelings for Saya, stating that they only wish to protect and support her. Eventually, Kai suggests that when their war with Diva is finished that they both return to Okinawa to run their father's restaurant together, and offers her a key to the restaurant.

It is never explicitly stated whether Kai intended their relationship to become romantic and he may only have meant that they could run the restaurant as siblings.

In the series finale, Hagi admits that Saya is the one who taught him how to live and that she was the only person that ever made him happy.

He regrets not being able to do the same, by protecting her from the suffering caused by her conflict with Diva. He begs her to rethink her request of suicide and to live, with him.

The two kiss and she admits, she wants to live and with him and the others. Saya showed great distress when she thought he had died. After Saya enters her next year hibernation period, Kai and the twins see a rose with a ribbon on it. Hinting that Hagi is alive and will wait for Saya until she awakens. In the manga showing part of Saya's past from the 19th-century eraSaya doesn't care much for Hagi at first, telling him to find her one of every type of rose.

When he cannot find the blue rose she requests, she tells him to leave. She visits Diva often, telling her of what goes on in her life. When she tells of Haji, Diva convinces her that Haji is just the same as her other companions. Saya intends to drive Haji away again, until she finds that all the roses he has picked her now had no thorns.

After this, Haji and Saya grow closer and she teaches him how to play the cello. As he grows older, Saya is shown to be flustered after merely touching his hand.

At one point Saya gets a cut and runs away when Haji sees it healing so quickly, believing he will think her a monster. She stays locked in her room for days, unwilling to come out even to take her 'medicine'. Unexpectedly Haji crashes through her window, with her medicine, and tells her she is beautiful and gives her the hair comb he had been waiting so long to give her.

They share their first kiss. Their romantic relationship results in Saya no longer visiting Diva very often. When Saya lets Diva out of the tower, Diva pierces Haji's chest with her hand, leaving him to die for "being a nuisance". Upon discovering him, Saya gives him her blood and turns him into a chevalier.

blood saya and haji relationship test

Inhe was purchased by Joel and Amshel from his parents for a loaf of bread to be a companion for Saya, with hopes that they might mate and create more specimens for future experimentation. Inhe falls from a cliff attempting to pick a flower that Saya wants as a present for Joel's birthday. Haji had just left them alone, and Saya couldn't help but feel nervous around the handsome blonde chevalier.

As they walked she couldn't help but remember the way it felt to be in his arms, the way they danced so well together, or when he said they had good chemistry. I did like his outfit though. When he looked up he saw the memories playing in her mind, no doubt remembering her not so pleasing first introduction to Amshell. An idea popped into her head. Was this all a trap, had he made sure that she was here do that Diva could attack?

He decided to voice her concerns. He placed his hand on the bridge while looking over the zoo. It was over a century ago, here that you started the battle against Diva. But this century old battle is futile for us chiropterans the only ones that benefit from this are the humans.

Do you know why this place was called the zoo? And while they were side by side, she couldn't help but feel…safe. Saya—" his tone had suddenly turned darker, and this startled her, for she didn't think someone who looked so pure could hold such darkness in him.

He would never do something like that. That he was using you? How she reacted to things, how much she grew, how many blood transfusions she needed. And then there was Haji. Joel had gotten her Haji, because he wanted to experiment on something, about him becoming her chosen one? How Joel rarely allowed Haji to leave her side. And when Haji went to ask for answers to his questions about her, Joel said she was different and interesting.

No matter, he still raised her. Did it matter that he had seen her as an experiment? When he turned to look at her, she looked down right offended. You can't even begin to understand! Yes, your real family by blood. This can't be real!

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She thought as she tried to run for it. And try she did, but a firm yet soft hand grabbed her arms and brought her back, to face him. The truth about your real family.

blood saya and haji relationship test

And to end this fantasy relationship you have with your fake family. I know they consider me part of the family.