Blue exorcist rin and shiemi relationship with god

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blue exorcist rin and shiemi relationship with god

e.g. subreddit:aww dog As for Yukio - I have a feeling that the Illuminati would like him and I think there is a distinct Rin and Shiemi's relationship is definatly becoming more than friends. they probably I really wonder if he does or if he senses some of the blue flame powers within Yukio. Explore Hannah Carter's board "Rin and Shiemi" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Ao no exorcist, Blue exorcist and Rin and shiemi. Anime/MangaBlue Exorcist/青の祓魔師. Follow/Fav My god I literally threw my phone on the wall when Rin was getting tortured by that bastard. Shiemi's POV: I break off the kiss and see Rin standing there, staring at us.

Later it is revealed that her true mission is to keep an eye on Mephisto, whose real intentions are still shrouded in mystery. He wears an eyepatch over his left eye, and has Aria incantations and magic circles tattooed on both arms. He had a run-in with Satan when he was younger, which robbed him of his family and the sight in his left eye, which is why he holds immense hatred for Satan and demons that are related to Satan. Yet ironically, he is extremely loyal to Mephisto, willing to listen to his every command, which is why he stopped his attacks on Rin prior to the latter becoming an Exorcist.

In the anime, he ends up the suspect for the Masked Man attacks on those allied with Rin; however, the truth is much worse. He was ordered by the Grigori to interrogate Mephisto and capture Rin as evidence. Arthur is a respected Exorcist with dubious ethics, as said by Shura to be like a saint on the outside but really a devil inside. He uses the sentient demon sword Caliburn. When speaking, Caliburn shows extreme affection towards him and talks like a love-struck teenage girl.

Arthur has a great dislike of Rin simply because of his lineagebeing annoyed that the son of Satan destroyed the Impure King. Arthur is a terrible liar, and hinted to be somewhat of an idiot by Shura since he always lets Lightning do the thinking for him.

In the spin-off, Salaryman Exorcist, it is shown that Arthur has an immense distaste for dirty objects getting near him and draws Caliburn to eliminate the dirt.

In the anime, Arthur is replaced by Yukio when Ernst takes over the Vatican.


He uses ventriloquism to talk and he is usually rude. Although initially posing as an Esquire, Nemu's powers are revealed to be equivalent to that of an upper first class Exorcist.

He is hired by Mephisto as a 'moderator' for the cram students. It's suggested Nemu's puppet is sentient and is actually the one controlling his body, since it was telling Nemu to calm down; adding to this is that Nemu's eyes are usually seen closed, suggesting that he is in a trance.

Among the Eight Demon Kings, he is the seventh in strength. Amaimon has vast control over the land, such as being able to create earthquakes. He is eccentric and hates being laughed at or ignored. Unlike his father and elder brother Mephisto Pheles, Amaimon initially had little interest in Rin, instead wishing to tour Japan upon arrival, but quickly became obsessed with his younger half-brother after fighting him.

blue exorcist rin and shiemi relationship with god

Amaimon mentions he has a cousin who has an interest in the occult and even goes on to say that he would be happy if he brought him a human eye. After Rin defeats Amaimon in the anime, he turns into a green hamster for the rest of the episodes, running in a hamster wheel located in Mephisto's office. He retains his ability to speak to Mephisto.

In the manga, Mephisto Pheles stopped Rin and Amaimon from fighting when Rin went berserk; he is later kept in another dimension, skewred in place by Mephisto until Amaimon's desire to kill Rin cools.

He has an obsession with sweets, as he is seen with a lollipop in his mouth most of the time. He is sly and skillfully manipulates others to achieve his still-unknown goals. He can take control of demons and use their abilities. He seems to be interested in Yukio's development due to him being a son of Satan, and even attempted to convince him to kill Rin. He became younger by gaining Karura's power. When Rin awakes his demonic powers inherited from his father, Satan takes control of Rin's guardian, Shiro Fujimoto, in order to encounter and use his son to destroy Assiah.

However, Fujimoto's suicide causes him to lose contact with Rin. He really seemed to care about Rin and Yukio's mother; it was their shared dream to make world where demons and humans lived together in harmony. He meets her spirit at the end of the anime, where she comforts him on his failure by explaining their sons are the first step. He attacks Rin after AstarothKing of Rot takes over his body.

Astaroth was exorcised by Shiro Fujimoto and Reiji hasn't been seen since. Reiji was a delinquent gang leader and likes troubling others. Due to his evilness he was further possessed by Astaroth, the King of Rot. He is very sadistic. In contrast with his delinquent personality, Reiji comes from a rather rich family. Later on, it is revealed that he too attends True Cross Academy as a student.

She is four or so when we are introduced to her and about nine years old when we see her after the whole nine-tailed fox mess. She is Izumo Kamiki's little sister. After an incident when her mother got possessed by a nine-tailed fox demon, she and Izumo were taken to an Illuminati headquarters.

They were told they were there for their "protection" and that the Illuminati was "taking care of their mother". One day Izumo awoke without her sister without beside her as usual. An Illuminati agent named Maria Yoshida said that she had found out they were going to use Tsukumo for experiments, so the night before, Maria had taken Tsukumo to be adopted.

She was adopted right away because of her young age. Five years later it is revealed that Maria had not been lying to Izumo, Tsukumo had been adopted by Nemu Takaras' aunt and uncle. Tsukumo was safe from the Illuminati because she had been taken in by people protected by the True Cross Order.

When Izumo approached her sister for the first time in five years, her sister did not remember her, unfortunately. Her personality was somewhat like Rin's, rebelling against her father's wishes by living in the forest. Despite being an Exorcist, she regarded demons, such as the Goblins and the Snowmen, as her friends. She believed they were curious about life in Assiah and only acted evil because they resented being ostracised by humans.

She first encountered Satan on a mission investigating spontaneous combustion. Unlike her companions, Yuri was able to resist being incinerated by Satan's flames.

She took pity on him and allowed him to possess her to experience life in Assiah. Not long after, their children Rin and Yukio were conceived. Her own father ordered her to be burned alive after she refused to abort her unborn children. How would he ever be able earn it back? Rin was gritting his teeth so hard, he felt his jaw was cracking. He could feel pain spiking from the spots were his nails were biting into his skin but he didn't let up.

He deserved the pain. He deserved a thousand times more than this but for now this would have to do. It was the only thing that he could do to bare it, to keep himself grounded as he became lost in the frightening, painful memories.

He hated it with a passion. To have your own family—your only family—tell you to die? What a wound that left. It hurt more than any physical blow he ever took and he remembered everything clear and vivid. He gagged, trembling and coughing as nothing came up before it happened once more and this time, a warm putrid feeling rose up his throat with an acidy bitter taste filling all of his mouth and bile spewed into the trashcan, hitting the plastic bag inside with a wet noise.

A tingling and almost burning sensation was left in his throat and mouth after a choking feeling and Rin let his stomach continue to empty itself again and again until he was left dry-heaving. The teenager sat still after some minutes before lifting his head up and setting the trashcan on the floor with quivering arms.

His posture was slouched and he felt weak, both physically and mentally. Rin wiped his mouth on the back of his hand, too spent to give a damn at the unsanitary act. He spit into the can before pushing it away slightly and began unbuttoning his shirt, slipping it off and wiping his hands before tying up the bag in the trashcan. Rin left the balled up shirt on the floor as he slowly rose to his feet, shaking terribly, using the edge of the bed as support.

Rin really wanted the others to trust him. Rin wanted for his brother to trust him. He did, he honestly did. He was trying so hard! But despite the fact that it hurt, despite the fact that he felt betrayed, he knew that their reactions were only natural. He was the son of Satan after all. The king of all demons, the bastard who destroyed his friends lives, and killed hundreds—thousands—of people. Sometimes, nowadays, Rin finds himself resenting Yukio a little.

He was his bother and yet they could not be any more different; inheriting these blue flames was just another difference that separated them. Yukio is logical, he's practical, he doesn't jump into things, and he doesn't cause so much unnecessary trouble. His twin is kind and friendly, and intelligent as hell. Rin would be lying if he said was wasn't proud of his baby bother because he was definitely damn proud. And yet, Rin found himself indigent toward him recently and he felt ashamed as to why; Yukio is human.

His twin brother, the person born out of the same womb with him, his own flesh and blood—was human. It hurt so much. For Yukio, it was believable when people found out he was Fujimoto's son. For Rin, it was just becoming a huge clutter of uncertainty. He didn't feel like his son anymore. He felt unwanted, unneeded.

Like he didn't fit, like he didn't belong. For Yukio, it wasn't like that at all. People seem to think of him and Yukio as two separate people instead of two separate brothers. Like it was only Rin that was the son of Satan. Like Yukio wasn't his brother, his twin, and that they weren't related.

Just because of how different they are. It sucked a lot and Rin couldn't help but hate himself. Honestly, how could he not? More and more bad come and outweigh the good of him and his self-hate just continues to grow. Of course he would never let anyone know that he had such negative feelings for himself—instead he buried those feelings away in the back of his mind and just tried focusing on making people like him, to make people see the good inside of him.

But he keeps screwing it up!

Rin Okumura/Relationships

Just when he thought that he finally had friends—that he finally found his god damn place in everything—he went and screwed it up; and now that his mental walls were no longer up to keep it at bay, the hate flooded through. Rin began to cry harder, sobs leaving his lips and his hands moved up into his hair as his eyes squeezed shut. He laid down on the bed, curling on his side into fetal position and feeling overwhelmed by the crushing emotions and thoughts running through him.

He had just finished with regular school and had now arrived to cram class. Yet, he found himself unable to open the door. A passing thought of skipping class flew through his mind but Rin chose to ignore it. It didn't matter if he skipped class today or not because he would have to just come back here tomorrow right? If not tomorrow then eventually. The confrontation with everyone was inevitable… But then why was he shaking so badly?

Rin could feel his heart pounding in his chest, his palms become sweaty and his legs turn into lead. He knew how they were going to act, what was going to happen when he saw them. But he already knew that so why was he suddenly so anxious?

Shiemi Moriyama

Instead he found himself taking a step back. He lifted a hand to his face and held his head in it, forcing himself to take even deep breaths and calm his mind. There standing before him was Kamiki Izumo, looking curiously bored. Rin felt his throat close up, "K-Kamiki, hey…" He greeted weakly. A small eyebrow raised, "What are you doing standing outside the classroom for? Go inside already and stop loitering around. One last exhale escaped him as he pushed it open, walking into the classroom.

Almost immediately he was wishing that he hadn't. He saw the way Miwa had glance over in his direction when he heard the door open before a fearful look entered his eyes and they snapped to the front of the room.

A Demonic Love (Rin x Shiemi) Chapter 2: Jealousy, a blue exorcist/青の祓魔師 fanfic | FanFiction

He saw the panicked expression on Renzou's face as he looked over to Ryuji, who tossed a dark look in Rin's direction before redirecting his eyes to the front. An ache settled in Rin's chest as he let go of the knob, hearing the door click shut behind him and confining him inside. He directed his eyes downwards to stare at the floor as he walked over to his desk. Once he sat down, he tried to ignore the way Shiemi jumped, and began pulling out his books.

The blonde's face flushed lightly, her green eyes widening as an uneasy look came over her features while she quickly stuttered out a response. He rested his head in his hand with his elbow on the desk and soon began doodling in the margin of his notebook, drawing little poor sketches of whatever he could.

He spotted his trainer standing in the front of the room with a manila folder tucked underneath her arm. Your normal schedule has been completely rearranged for today. I just received the update not too long before I came here. There was a large demon seated in the middle of the room, resembling a large lizard with two tails with a chain hooked around its neck.

It lay still on the ground, watching the group with unblinking blood colored eyes. They have the ability to camouflage, much like a Chameleon, and have incredible endurance as well as strength and speed. They also regurgitate spit that quickly hardens and traps their prey. The other students shared similar looks and thoughts. Rin stared at the demon, an uneasy feeling creeping into him. He tried to ignore it and took a step forward only to have his arm tugged back suddenly. He squeaked in surprise and turned around to face his attacker, finding rose colored eyes staring into his blue ones seriously.

A sigh left him before he spoke, "Yeah, okay. Once the boy sat down, Shura decided to speak, "Hey. The boy looked rugged and worn, dark circles beginning to form underneath his eyes and his hair was slightly tousled, no doubt from running his hand through multiple times.

The signs of stress showing on his overall appearance. I'm just a little tired. You look damn right exhausted. Have you been sleeping?

blue exorcist rin and shiemi relationship with god

Rin, why aren't you sleeping? Are you staying up late fooling around? Of course Shura would think he was goofing off. She couldn't think that he was just having sleeping problems?

I just had a little trouble sleeping this week. It's no big deal Shura, don't sweat over it. I'm leaving you in charge. Make sure they don't do anything stupid. Rin didn't bother to question why the breakroom would have alcohol, figuring that Shura must have put it in there to keep it close and accessible. Yet five minutes passed and Shura had still not returned. When it was breeching ten minutes, Rin was starting to think that she had already gotten drunk while on her way back.

The minutes continued to tick by as he occupied himself by watching the others try to tame the demon that was now acting lively.

blue exorcist rin and shiemi relationship with god

It wasn't before long that Rin once again felt that uneasy feeling creep into his system. His blue eyes were focused intently on his fellow Exwires when he noticed the demon, who had been still due to Ryuji and Miwa chanting, suddenly move and swipe at Miwa thus causing him to lose place in his chanting with a noise of startle. This caused Ryuji to stutter in shock, his words skipping over each other and the beast was free as the chant dropped.

It swiped its claws through its chain, now thoroughly angered and let out a screech. Ryuji had been about to check on them when he was thrown back, slamming against the bleachers as he was stuck with the demon's spit.

His heart was thudding against his ribcage before he heard a familiar scream, Shiemi! She screamed as she was suddenly grabbed by the waist and lifted before smashed into the ground.

blue exorcist rin and shiemi relationship with god

But, being the person she is, Shiemi doesn't mind. Rin takes notice of this and later tells her to stop it. Shiemi gets offended and runs off with Rin running after her.

Yukio announces a training camp that will be hosted in his and Rin's dormitory since they are the only ones using it. After a written exam, Izumo and Noriko go to take a bath and Shiemi tags along. However, Izumo tells Shiemi to wait because she doesn't want Shiemi to see her naked, but she requests some fruit milk for when she gets out of the bath.

A little saddened, Shiemi goes to get the milk, but Rin sees her and tells her that Izumo is just using her. Then they hear a scream, and they realize that it is Izumo and Noriko. Rin tells Shiemi to go get Yukio while he heads to the bathroom to help them, but Shiemi follows after him.

Arriving on the scene, they a ghoul that has burned Noriko and rendered her unconscious. Izumo summons her familiars, but because Noriko had just told her that she didn't like people who made a fool out of others, Izumo's familiars turn on her because of her weakened heart.

Rin tells her to tear the papers and she does so, hence making her familiars disappear. Rin distracts the ghoul, and Shiemi treats Noriko's burns with aloe, which she got from Nee. Rin is loosing against the ghoul and about to pull out his sword when Yukio arrives, alerted by the ruckus. The ghoul disappears, and Yukio thanks Shiemi for saving Noriko, making her blush. Summons Nee for help. Rin dashes to rescue her, and finds the insects swarming all over Shiemi's body.

Seeing her head bleeding and her in an unconscious state, Rin yells out in anger for the bugs to get away from her, accidentally unleashing his blue flames. This was then spotted by Ryuji, who came to check on Shiemi as well, however Rin was able to get out of explaining the flames that Ryuji had seen. When Shiemi awakens, she screams out for Nee, remembering what the moth Demons did, crying while holding Nee's ripped magic circle.

But Ryuji assures her that she could use another paper to summon Nee again. For the strategy Konekomaru came up with to bring the Peg lantern back to camp, Shiemi's part was being in the wagon feeding the Peg Lantern the moth Demons as fuel. She is later carried by Rin in order to move the Peg Lantern to the other side of the bank. She and her friends are successful in moving the Peg Lantern back to camp and shortly after are attacked by Amaimon.

Later, Shiemi starts to walk out of the protective circle, surprising the others, and Shura sees a parasite in the back of Shiemi's neck. Amaimon appears and takes Shiemi. Rin follows after him, but Amaimon's Behemoth blocks his path.

Shura gives Rin the koumaken and holds off the behemoth while Rin goes after Amaimon. Rin catches up with Amaimon and asks what he is planning to do with Shiemi, and Amaimon responds that he will make her his bride.

After saying the vows, he prepares to seal them with a kiss but Rin stops him. As it becomes clear that Rin won't use his sword, Amaimon say that he doesn't need Shiemi anymore and prepares to take her eyes for an unnamed cousin. However, Konekomaru accidentally sets off his firework and it hits Amaimon's hair spike, which makes it poof up like a broccoli, which Renzo laughs at.

Amaimon takes offense at being laughed at and shove Renzo into a tree, knocking him unconscious. He then breaks Konekomaru's arm and takes Ryuji in a choke hold.

blue exorcist rin and shiemi relationship with god

Rin, angry about seeing his friends harmed, unsheathes his sword, revealing his identity, and engages in battle with Amaimon who releases Shiemi. In the inn, she constantly helps out the others to preoccupy herself. She is less confident about her abilities, as she is unable to summon Nee after having Nee's summoning paper ripped by a demon at the training camp.

In a short confrontation with Izumo, she breaks down and confesses that she is upset about being unable to support her friends when they need it the most, especially about not knowing the troubles that Rin and Yukio kept for being Satan's spawns, despite having been close with them.

She wishes to be a stronger person so that she can be relied on to help others when they are in need. Izumo bluntly calls her a "weed", claiming that Shiemi is as ever-intruding as a dandelion that carries its seeds and disturbs other plants' growth upon landing in the ground. Shiemi takes this as a compliment, thinking that Izumo was saying that she was persistent and persevering. Later, she, along with the other Exwires, is asked by Shura Kirigakure to break Rin out of prison, giving them all camouflage ponchos, which makes them invisible to others when worn.

When the Exwires successfully get past the prison guards and find the Demon prison cell Rin is locked in, she is the only one that is not petrified by the Demon, as she had no weapons and no intent to cause destruction.