Bob cratchit and scrooge relationship advice

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bob cratchit and scrooge relationship advice

Dec 24, So let us leave you with this holiday treat (or recommendation). rendition of Christmas Carol over holidays that the character of Bob Cratchit is. One hero of A Christmas Carol is Scrooge's impoverished clerk Bob Cratchit. Bob's youngest son, Tiny Tim, is a happy boy who is seriously ill. Relationships Resolutions Sadness Satisfaction Self-Acceptance Sermon on the Mount spiritual guidance Get 6 free tips on how you can start living a more joyful, creative life. Cratchit is Scrooge's overworked employee, a timid man afraid to stand up to his boss's demanding ways. Cratcit is submissive to his boss's.

Unfortunately it is not uncommon for people to stay in unsatisfying and even abusive relationships for the sake of financial security. Money scripts are especially powerful because they are largely unconscious. They also tend to run in families.

Family therapy authority Cloe Madanes has said that different family styles in gift giving and unresolved sibling rivalries are often the key factors in pathological overspending.

bob cratchit and scrooge relationship advice

Bob also has his own destructive money scripts such as: Also they contend that Bob should have gotten Tiny Tim the medical care he needed instead impulsively blowing his meager resources on a Christmas goose. This extravagance is often left out of film and stage versions of the work.


He was constantly saying that we were driving him to the poor houseby leaving on the lights, turning up the thermometer, or taking showers that lasted too long. This script was well entrenched in me. Feeling insecure about being away for the first time, I kept the hundred literally in my shoe for over two years.

The Cratchit Family: 'A Christmas Carol' Analysis

There are other things you can do to help both now and in the future. Additionally many people need to take some practical steps.

bob cratchit and scrooge relationship advice

Because of these unhealed heartbreaks, Scrooge had given up on love. Who exactly is Scrooge? He represents the person who still carries some resentment from the past. He is any of us who crucify ourselves with old wounds, bitterness, and anger.

The Ghost of Christmas Past also shows us a time when Scrooge was an innocent and happy boy. His innocence is forgotten, but not entirely lost.

bob cratchit and scrooge relationship advice

Our Soul — the holy child — remains clothed in goodness, innocence and grace. Angels hover over each of us praying that we remember our holiness. Scrooge is then shown a scene of The Cratchit family mourning the passing of Tiny Tim.

Relationship between bob cratchit and scrooge?

Scrooge has been warned. He has been told that the future will be the same as the past unless he makes a choice now.

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A Christmas Carol is a story of forgiveness. The distinctions between employee and patriarch were equally vague; however, by the s, there absolutely was such a separation in industrialized society.

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Scrooge and Cratchit did not share a space that could morph into anything other than the counting house it was. This change was hugely disorienting, and it created situations without tradition to fall back upon, hence the need for advice and moral guidance. As if to ensure we do not miss the point, Dickens repeatedly discusses food in this section, further evidence of his preoccupation with the domestic and familial realm of this visit. Scrooge is mentioned only briefly when Bob Cratchit forces a toast to his employer: After it had passed away, they were ten times merrier than before, from the mere relief of Scrooge the Baleful being done with.

bob cratchit and scrooge relationship advice

Scrooge confronted by a ghostly visitor in a film of A Christmas Carol. This preoccupation with absence, and with fathers and children being rejoined in their natural hierarchy at Christmas, was not an idle storyline.

bob cratchit and scrooge relationship advice

Dickens and other European visitors like Alexis de Tocqueville commented on the frequency of familial disruption in America, particularly patterns of separation between parents and their children.

Just as the older social system between employee and employer had given way to something new, so too had the traditional familial home where generations could congregate. Rising in popularity along with A Christmas Carol were Currier and Ives prints, which traded on nostalgic reconstructions of family gatherings in mythologized rural homesteads.