Buffy and giles relationship

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buffy and giles relationship

Supposedly, there may be more to the their relationship than we were We never saw Giles on-screen again after the series finale of Buffy, but. Buffy and Giles' relationship evolved over the course of seven seasons, hitting a number of major turning points. With the bad and the good. The relationship that develops between Giles and Buffy takes its first major step forward when Buffy is put through the Slayer crucible.

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Willow joins in with Dawn and the Potentials to boot Buffy from her house after Buffy took her in and helped her stop using the magics. And Giles, who Buffy always trusted with the most sensitive information, tries to have Spike killed.

Was Spike a danger? But Buffy could handle him. Buffy could always handle him. And again, people went behind her back and undermined her decision while still telling her that she was a leader, was a general in the war against the First to her face.

buffy and giles relationship

That, for me, is the moment when Giles is almost more a Watcher than ever before. We see it in season five when Quentin Travers comes to Sunnydale intent on putting Buffy through ridiculous tests to prove her worthiness and receive the information about Glory. And though Giles has been fired by the Council and eventually reinstated, he maintains the pride in his calling.

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And that moment shows the very interesting reminder that in spite of that, the Watchers still think they have the right to undermine the decisions of the Slayers. That they get to be the final word on what goes or not. In addition to his capacity as a Watcher, his relationship with Buffy develops at the expense of her relationship with her mother in many cases. And when looked at with the Council taken into account, it has some issues as well.

Buffy and Faith are really the first Slayers to buck the authority of the Council, and the whole idea that the Slayer has power because men gave it to her by violating her — well.

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That says some rather unsavory things. Giles's role was replaced by a new character, Drogyn, who is mystically compelled to always tell the truth.

buffy and giles relationship

In the penultimate episode of the series finale, "Power Play," Angel would have used Giles's death as his way to be initiated into the Circle of the Black Thorn.

It is actually very likely that these were the original plans as this is exactly what happened to Giles's replacement character, Drogyn the Battlebrand. Again, this has never been confirmed or denied by Joss Whedon himself and it's certainly something that someone needs to bring up to him one day, but considering Giles's actual fate in the comics, these were probably Whedon's original plans.

buffy and giles relationship

Twilight manages to possess Angel and in the midst of battle, Twilight snaps Giles's neck in the exact same manner as Angelus snapped the neck of Giles's girlfriend from season two, Jenny Calendar.

Much like the death of Jenny Calendar, the death of Giles left fans shocked and devastated. In fact, this death was even more devastating as fans had gotten to know Giles since the very first season of the show. And just like that, he was gone in an instant.

buffy and giles relationship

He may have been possessed at the time, but as far as he was concerned, Giles died at his hands. He was determined to make things right and with the help of Faith, Angel crafted a special ritual to bring Giles back from the dead. The ritual worked, but not without its side effects.

Giles returned, but in the form of his year old former self.


Oddly enough, year old Giles looks suspiciously like Harry Potter. He was forced to grow as any other young adult, which became problematic when he found himself particularly moody while going through puberty. As early asthere were plans for Giles to helm a miniseries for the BBC where he would basically be a ghost hunter.

buffy and giles relationship

When that fell through, talks resurfaced inonly instead of miniseries, they were working on a two-hour television movie.