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Jo/Meg f/f, Lemon. I-claim-not: As much as I'd like to, I don't own Jo, Meg, Amy, or Sei. My only experience with Burst Angel is the first 24 English dubbed episodes. The following This is a YURI/SHOUJO AI piece, meaning it concerns lesbian relationships. If you aren't .. Heed my advice. Stay away. Burst Angel Jo Android Wallpaper HD Anime Characters List, Female Characters , Burst angel- Meg and Jo Burst Angel, Manga Pictures, Character, Tumblr. Burst Angel (Bakuretsu Tenshi) is an anime series directed by Koichi Ohata, from a The main series is composed of a team of bounty hunters, who are Sei, Jo, Meg, the many ways in which the pair's more-than-friends relationship is tested .

He pays the same penalty as the other recruits. Sei and Amy debate whether to recruit Kyohei This serial allows me to start talking about one of the classic themes in anime: In most military science fiction, we have what you would describe as traditional technology.

The crew sweat, the seams groan, the odd rivet pops and a pipe is suddenly likely to burst, allowing a spurt of sea water or a cloud of steam to emerge. But the old rust bucket hangs together and, as the sub manoeuvres at previously unexplored depths to escape the hunting ships above, the Captain smiles and remarks that engineers always build in redundancy.

Jo and Meg Well suits like Django exploit the psychic ability of the drivers in a direct symbiotic link. For these purposes, the suits are designed with an interface that picks up and amplifies the intellectual and emotional power of the driver. Since Jo has been designed as a supersoldier, her abilities enable the suit to become extraordinary. More importantly, Jo is continuing to accept and grow into her powers. The relationship between Jo and Meg is faintly homoerotic, which makes Jo highly motivated to rescue Meg.

Django in dominant mood More generally, all the prepubescent and adolescent girls are drawn in the usual sexualised way, emphasising breasts and pudenda. We are even given the usual more revealing scene in a swimming pool where breasts and curves can be more lovingly explored.

Obviously, the anime is aimed at men with a taste for younger girls wearing as little clothing as decently possible. Your death would probably turn her insane, and she would kill and kill and keep on killing.

Since she is a Genocide Angel, no soldier, Cybot, or Cyberoid would stand a chance. Jo could single handedly slaughter the entire world — and she would do it because of you. Oh, it's such a waste it makes me sick! I guess beauty and brains really are polar opposites.

It's too late now.

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You'll probably never lay eyes on Jo again. You forced her to act in such a way — she will never forgive herself. If Genocide Angels had a self destruct sequence, no one could have triggered it better than you. You are afraid, but I guess you would never believe Jo has fears as well. She fears nothing — except losing you. However with what she has now learned — more even than I know — she has come to the decision that she is incompatible with nonenhanced humans.

She would normally not let that stop her, she would have dealt with what she felt and eventually come back to you, probably with a proposal of her own. But after what you did … now Jo won't come back.

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She needed reassurances from you, not a desperate ultimatum. Jo doesn't respond well to threats. You should know that. That's how Jo took it. Then you charged, and that turned you from ally in her programming — ever so briefly — to enemy. And you know what happens to enemies. I'm surprised you still have an intact skull, considering how fast Jo's reaction times now are. It must have taken every fiber of her being and every memory in her brain to remember that you were her friend, despite what her programmed instincts were screaming at her to do.

Such strain — I can't imagine it. The damage it might do to Jo's system … I can't begin to fathom it, but I know it would be extreme. You have thrust Jo into a crisis, the last thing you wanted. You just wanted her. Why didn't you just say it when you had the chance? This is completely your fault. Stay away from Jo. She didn't kill you, so now you are killing her. You don't deserve her, if ever you did. I wish I was alive. Then you could have a second chance with a Genocide Angel.

You really are beautiful, you know. And soon Jo will join me. Oh, the sheer irony of it all. You are taking the life you saved. Slowly but surely, the ultimate responsibility for Jo's demise will come to rest on you. If you still want Jo, you will have to seek her beyond the grave — of course, you could come after me too, then. The choice is yours. I know it would be Jo, but it's quite possible Jo would reject you.

It would simply hurt too much — and you're not supposed to hurt in paradise. If — if Jo really does die because of what I did — I'm sure I'll burn. I've wasted enough time on this little visit. Please — please tell me how I can save Jo!! I guess I'll tell you. It would be a shame to burn without even trying to rectify your sin. Still, I personally think it's futile. Jo's system is in a state of shock. To get Jo back from the brink, she needs — an opposite shock.

Since you are the cause of that despair, it is unlikely Jo would ever let you of all people provide the cure. Please stop torturing me with these riddles! To release her despair, she needs a deeper, more satisfying release. Sexual release can rebalance her system. And no one, enhanced or unenhanced, is in any state of despair when THAT is happening to them. I know, I know, you're both total virgins. At least you've fantasized about making love to her — right? At least you aren't a virgin to yourself.

You know what you like, so just do the same to Jo. Your fingers should be enough — you don't have to lick her — unless you want to. Well, it won't be easy. The mere sight of you will probably turn her right off. Rape isn't an option, since Jo could kill you in less time than it takes to complete the simplest thought. You think Jo will just accept it, lie back, spread her legs and let you go to work? It won't be that simple. I've told you what needs to be done. If you can accomplish it at all, I will be very impressed.

More than likely Jo will blow you away this time. Then — I'll help myself to you. Would you like to see what you've been missing? I may not be Jo, but I could be Jo for you — if you choose. Now you may never get the chance.

Ah, I've wasted enough time. We're here for you. Jo-Jo is dying because of me! Amy, have you found her? You've been out for-" "I don't care! Jo is suffering, and it's all because of me! Amy, please excuse us. Tell me why you are like this.

Dawn was breaking, but the sun's rays hadn't caught up with her yet. She was a blur, unable to be tracked by any sensor or camera. As fast as she was going, though, the one thing she couldn't outpace were her own thoughts. How could she have ever brought her guns to bear on Meg? It had never even crossed her mind. Love really was blind, and no one more blinded by it then Jo.

Her love for Meg was the catalyst that sent her rage and fighting effectiveness to sky breaking limits. Everytime Meg had been kidnapped, Jo had gone on a rampage until she was back where she belonged — right by her side. She sighed, the single puff of air supercooling into a cloud of mist that flew out behind her. It wasn't that cold, but her current speed increased the bite of the wind, causing her breath to be visible.

Truth be told, she had begun wanting more, ever since Meg had tentatively stepped over the bonds of friendship by kissing her softly, while they were booth lying naked on that island they had washed up on after Maria's intervention. It could have gone farther then and there, but intimacy had been the last thing on Jo's pain saturated mind. Now that she knew the whole truth behind the Genocide Angel Project, what was left?

There was no one left to fight her that was worthy. She was the world's most effective killer, but no one required her services. Just you and me. Now she had serious doubts if it would ever be possible to settle down with Meg. Could Meg ever forgive her for what she had done?

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She gritted her teeth. Meg would have to, because there was no way she could forgive herself. Regardless of her upbringing, what she had done was inexcusable.

She had — almost — killed — Meg! Jo suddenly skidded to a stop, dust rising in a fog. If she had killed Meg, she had no doubt what she would have done next.

She would have turned her guns on herself. Life would be meaningless without her. Oh, Meg — why didn't I ever come out of my shell just a little? Just long enough to say — I love you.

Meg, you have got to know that. Why else would you have stayed with me this long? I know — I feel - your heart longing for mine. Oh, Meg — how could I have done this to you? Now tell me — is Jo in any danger?

But why did you say you were responsible? Why were you screaming Maria? Did you see her? You were visited by her while you were out, and she told you what was wrong with Jo. You're going to try and find Jo and then… reason with her, I suppose. Don't get upset Meg, we were really worried about you. You are going to need our help to locate Jo, regardless. Stay here and eat something — we'll find her faster than if we have to track you down as well if you go traipsing off.

The best I can make of it is a large, fast sonic disturbance moving steadily south away from Tokyo. I am positive the source of that disturbance is Jo, running so fast she is distorting the sound barrier, since she can't yet break it outright — though maybe she's just holding back. Orgasm is orgasm, no matter who is on the giving end of it — man or woman. Though if it isn't from your own personal touch, Jo will permanently detach herself from you.

She will know what she needs to be whole, and she will stay in that environment. A Genocide Angel turning into a garden variety slut — how awful.

If Jo sees you, her primary response will be flight. Maria didn't mention an obvious option though, much more subtle then drugs. The art of disguise. Her self preservation instincts are in overdrive, meaning she will bite down on the first hook that slips between her teeth.

Though a Genocide Angel is like no other fish, and reeling one in will be the mother of all struggles. The biggest obstacle will be the simple fact when she realizes who she is going to bed with isn't who she loves.

Play it too early, and Jo will snap your neck without a thought. Too late, and Jo will be filled with resentment and conflicting emotional distress, which will simply speed up the self consuming process.

You must reveal to her, at the exact moment, that you are there for her to help her through this, even if she doesn't want it.

Your support and bravery will open the locked floodgates of Jo's heart and drench you with passion. That is by far the best outcome, and the objective of release will be easily attained while you are both so horny you can't wait to get in each other's pants.

Amy could calculate the various factors involved — but it would blow her mind before we got any answers. In the end, you will just have to trust your judgment — and how well you know Jo. In all of Japan, this was the seediest, the filthiest its underbelly would ever get, regardless of its proximity to the water. There were the usual fish markets, bait shops, and sporting goods establishments, but every business that didn't deal in flesh was outnumbered five to one by those that do.

Meg fidgeted in the tight black leather number she was wearing. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever think she would be posing as a high priced pimp's fantasy. Her hair was done up in an elegant styled bun, with a few ringlets hanging down to serve as bangs. The hair had been dyed as close as possible to Sei's luxurious shade of jet black. Genuine amethyst contacts mirrored her alluring patented purple mankiller eyes.

Sei had gone all out, but their was no way to make Meg's breasts three sizes larger or give her the trademark Bylon family poise. If Jo gave her any scrutiny at all, she would see through the ruse. Can I get you anything? We have beer, wine, sod--what am I saying?

You shop for us. You know better than anybody.

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You stay right where you are. After all I make you put up with, I think I owe you something. Never saw that coming. Not only an expert cook but a man of taste and refinement. I like you more and more all the time. Red wine it is, but at a price: Kyo lay back on the bed and put his hand over his face.

Next time a beautiful woman in a sports car calls you from across the street, run out the back door. If you can evade me for…. Friendly drink, you and me, no terms or preconditions.

Oh…um, if something came up down the road, would you at least consider going with me? Uh, well…would there be extra money in it for me? Maybe I was too quick to call you a good boy.

Nope, no extra money. That fact by itself would be worth it. Do you go to any of the clubs in Tokyo, Kyo?

Are you kidding, Sei? No, the only place for real jazz is where it came from, America. The first thing I want to do after I establish myself as a pastry chef is go to a real jazz club in New Orleans. I daydream about finding some little hole in the wall the French Quarter: Tobacco is a controlled substance in the States. But the place has everything else.

Taxiing and customs are the longest parts of the trip. But you want to go abroad! And I consider you a friend. It might be fun. It would be my pleasure. Sei poured his glass. I do not like paying DUI fines. I can drink sumo wrestlers under the table. I was totally hammered the second time -- was it the second or third? But thanks for asking. How did you learn? Know what I mean? We went to this restaurant and as I read the menu, I wondered aloud about how they had made everything.

Then the chef came out. Turns out he graduated from my school a year before I started. We talked shop for half an hour. Sei shook her head. I have gone out. There was one guy, a month or two before I hired you, who I really liked, but I had to stand him up a few times too many.

Last time I tried to call him, he was blocking the number I was calling from. You can not under any circumstances breathe a word to anybody. I zealously guard my privacy and I do not want any one of the others to know this. But I think I can trust you. Your secret is safe with me. And every one of them is a complete make over, from head to toe. I could adopt one of my aliases and sit this close to you and you would never know it was me.

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He thought I was somebody else. And I will go to any lengths to keep some things in my life separate from…this, no matter the cost. Would you have told him, ever? One of my safe houses …. And we got you, made to order almost. And the girls like you. Follow your dream; get on with your life. Meet a nice girl and go someplace where you can be happy and raise a family. Are you firing me? Do you want me to go?

But that would be wrong. You never should have taken this job. He thrashed a little in surprise, then started to relax. He found he was starting to like it. He wanted to give in to Sei, especially if she needed him.

For a moment, he wanted to do anything she asked of him … anything… But only moments after Sei had thrown herself on Kyo, her phone rang. She ignored the first two rings, but on the third one she pushed herself off Kyo, cursed, picked up the phone, read the caller ID, cursed again, and answered it: This had better be good ….

Meg, take a breath for g-- what? Kyo lay on his back and took a deep breath. He found himself hoping Jo would just blow up whatever it was, then Sei could come back to bed and…and…. That was a sexual assault, you idiot! You should leave now while you can. The urge to run quieted inside him almost the moment he had it. Sei reappeared in her door. But will you be all right?

Do you want some time off? Ask and you shall receive. I will always admire you for that. What time do you want me back tomorrow? You have classes tomorrow? You get as much sleep as you need. It would mean a lot to me. Now get out of here. Kyo shook his head. I guess I hoped we would, but it never happened.

She took advantage of you, plain and simple. You should have reported her. They should have thrown her in jail and thrown the key in the Pacific.

The passport, the trip to New Orleans? But we never snuck off to New Orleans. You were better off, trust me. But I thought I understood them a little better, that they were really human beings under there. And I thought I knew that there were reasons why Sei was the way she was, and that she needed me, too. And I guess I did look forward to seeing them every day, even if I still thought I hated the job.

But then one day…. I checked my phone for messages and there was one from Sei. The number was disconnected. But anyway, what did you do? It was hard; I was so depressed. It was a picture of me from that morning, when I had gone to my local market.