Carrie anne moss and keanu reeves relationship

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carrie anne moss and keanu reeves relationship

Help us build our profile of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your . flying high for Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss). pure,” adds Moss, ”but this time the relationship really blossoms and. Posted in the Keanu Reeves Forum. Leave a Comment He was married but he spent his whole life and NEVER had sex. He was 63 when I . Met Carrie Ann Moss - did not find her to be a very nice person. She thought I.

carrie anne moss and keanu reeves relationship

I trust Carrie-Anne a lot and everything turned out being pleasant, even more so because it was a complicated scene. Neo had to show Trinity that he shared that love, but was very afraid of that relationship. Were you totally naked? It wasn't like Adam and Eve. I used a tapa-sexo and so did she. In the movie, you have an intimate scene with Monica Belucci. She said you kiss really well. She kisses fantastically too.

carrie anne moss and keanu reeves relationship

In the movie 'Dracula' we also did a lot of kiss scenes. She said that she kisses you in every movie. Yeah, and I can't wait to work with her again.

I think Neo rejects the idea of destiny. He believes that he's investigating his life.

carrie anne moss and keanu reeves relationship

And he makes personal choices, privileging love. Would you choose love either?

Love stories from the set of ''The Matrix'' |

If it was reciprocal, of course I'd choose love. Is it true that you gave away part of your profit to help the movie production team? I gave part of my salary to create a fund, which will be divided among the people that generally have no part in the movie profit.

And why did you do this? Because I wanted to. To shoot the scene where Neo fights multiple Agents Smith, it was three weeks of daily work and 12 stuntmen. In one moment in that sequence, I'm grabbed by an agent; I flip backwards, grasp their heads and bang them against each other.

Just to make that, the stuntmen had to throw themselves to the ground 21 times. I wanted to find a better way to say "Thanks" to the guys that helped me to create the most amazing fight scenes in the movies. I gave each one a motorcycle.

Laurence Fishburne, who plays Morpheus, said that he didn't like to see your fight scenes being shot, because you demand too much from yourself.

But that's my job. I had to do what the Wachowski brothers the directors asked for. There's such a strong energy in those movies, that you have to believe in what you're doing and go deep in it. If I do something that isn't good, I get unsatisfied for days. Then, I'd rather be tough on myself anyway.

carrie anne moss and keanu reeves relationship

Did you, in any moment close to the end of the shoot, think of something along the lines of, "Enough, I don't want to do these fight scenes anymore"? No, 'cause that isn't my way.

Carrie-Anne Moss: discipline, gossip, and creating healthy relationships

I did what had to be done. As soon as I gave my last punch in the movie, I thought "We made it, I hope we got it all right.

I had a Scotch bottle in my trailer. How did you know that? I had a glass every Friday evening, to relax. Did you know how to fight before doing this movie? No, I didn't grow up in a violent environment or something like that. I had high school fights, when the boys called us to kick some ass after the classes. But I was never challenged.

Love stories from the set of ''The Matrix''

Someone said that you're addicted to literature. What are you reading now? No, no, I like reading a lot, but I'm not addicted to literature. I read now and then, but I can't go around teaching 20th century comparative literature. You're also into music and you have a band. Any tour in sight? I broke my leg doing some wire work on the first week of training, and it was a challenge to overcome because I came in really gung-ho and then I got an obstacle given to me right in the beginning.

But I'm all for obstacles to overcome. The stretching before we got on the wires was hard.

carrie anne moss and keanu reeves relationship

The kung-fu guys would come over and sit on your back to get you to stretch more. What's up with your character in "Matrix Revolutions"? I can't say, but my part is going to be really small. There's more about my husband, the Merovingian. He comes from a really old, old aristocratic family and he is a man who destroys family. The real evil is him, not me. You know, I don't know. There are some things that weren't going to be in this movie that are in this movie. I've got to see the video game again because we had three different scripts going at the same time -- the game, the second movie and the third movie.

So I'm not sure where they're putting stuff. Did you get to keep your outfits from the movie? No, but I loved what costume designer Kym Barrett did. The white dress I wear really defined my character. It shaped the way I moved.

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