Cary grant and sophia loren relationship

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cary grant and sophia loren relationship

Sophia Loren remembers the two great loves of her life. greater on-screen chemistry than Sophia Loren and Cary Grant in Houseboat (). Instead, she had a passionate, calamitous, on-off relationship with Riccardo. When Sophia Loren (pictured) first met Cary Grant, his elegance took . who came and went from the set, though their relationship had been. Sophia Loren talks about love, life and the night she was saved from near-death “She loved Cary Grant and was tiring of being mistress to Carlo Ponti “Their relationship quickly deepened to a romance with Grant falling.

cary grant and sophia loren relationship

It was a magical evening, a timeless one, during which we chatted the way old friends do, inebriated by the fragrance of the late spring. He told me things about himself and about film-making, but light-heartedly.

I was charmed by his dry wit, his wisdom, affectionate manner, his experience. Advertisement We started spending more and more time together. I, just 22 years old, was often confused by a life that was going much too fast. He, at 52, had lived a lot and suffered a lot, too, although it appeared as though he had everything. Cary told me his story, with both reserve and emotion. He was on his third marriage.

He'd already had an outstanding career and would have many successes still to come. But he'd had a difficult childhood. His older brother had died when he was still a child and his mother had never gotten over his death.

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She had slowly slipped into madness. I only found out years later I tried to imagine, behind his refined, mature appearance, that small boy faced with a tragedy that he couldn't possibly understand.

When I begged him to continue, he searched for the words to go on. What I wanted was a family. The George Cukor and Frank Capra comedies he'd starred in only let you get a glimpse of him behind the sophisticated wit. Maybe he'd found in me a person with whom he could express the deepest part of himself. He was, after all, Cary Grant, and he had a reputation to uphold. Maybe he felt too vulnerable to completely trust someone. Nonetheless, both of us realised that the feeling between us was beginning to be laced with love and, for different reasons, we were scared.

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I was very much involved with Carlo [Ponti], who had become my home and my family, even though he already had a family and it wasn't clear when we'd be able to get married and live together in broad daylight.

And Cary was married to Betsy Drake, his third wife, who came and went from the set, although their relationship had been faltering for a long time. The ocean liner sank off the coast of Nantucket and 46 passengers lost their lives. Betsy, luckily, lost only her jewellery, but Cary couldn't leave the set to join her, so he lavished all his attentions on me.

We worked hard and often went over the scenes for the next day together, but we also set aside some private time for us. We'd have dinner in some small, family-run restaurants on the Avila hills, sipping summer red wine and listening to the flamenco. Fortunately, we were staying in two different hotels, and this helped to at least keep some distance between us.

When we weren't working, I'd often sit out on the terrace to get some sun. I tried not to overdo it, otherwise the following morning I'd show up too tanned.

Cary and I would talk about our dreams, which weren't about fame or wealth - which he already had, along with the respect and the love of the whole world - but about our more intimate dreams, which many took for granted: Do you care for dogs? What names would you choose for your child? They were together but couldn't marry because Ponti couldn't get a divorce - the laws in Italy at that time were extremely Catholic. Into this vulnerable moment came the gently seductive, impossibly charming Grant, who courted her on the Pride and the Passion set with many intimate dinners and then proposed to her.

Why on earth didn't she take Cary Grant?

cary grant and sophia loren relationship

I was doing my first American-language film and my American language was so very terrible I was upset. Many times I needed help with the language and Cary would help me. I felt that I would never fit in there. I would never have a future there because of my nationality. I was scared to change completely in life without knowing if this relationship or quasi relationship was going on.

cary grant and sophia loren relationship

We exchanged numbers and he said he would call. In fact, he did come onto the set of [ Italian film] Two Women, and then when I was doing a picture in New York he came to the house.

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I was together with Carlo and already had my son. He must have known he was dying. Something in the book puzzles me. On the day Houseboat, her second film with Grant, wrapped, he sent her a giant bunch of yellow roses.

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She was leaving with Ponti on the plane and boasted about the yellow roses. Maybe I wanted to test him, to test how he felt. I was young and thought if he got angry and jealous it meant he loved me. Let's not exaggerate it. But that's what made me feel okay. That made me feel I'd made the right choice. She is quiet, which is unusual because she's extremely chatty.

What about all these other iconic men she worked with: Was she ever daunted by that? Richard was having a very difficult time in his life. He was suffering a lot and we took care of him. He would play with the children and have a wonderful time but then Elizabeth [Taylor] would come and have lunch and it would not be good.

It was many years before live telecasts and while she waited she went to make a sauce to calm herself down. She aged over a decade for her character in Two Women, playing a mother in Italy during the war and putting every emotion from her starving and sometimes terrified childhood into it. It was a big deal. It was an Italian-language movie. She felt it didn't have a chance. If you have a sense of home you feel fine, or at least I do.

It's something you have to do at home. The situation was very complicated. She says it made her feel better, alleviated her pain, even though it wasn't a valid marriage. Life is not easy when you have the law against you and you can so easily get yourself in trouble, and that was the last thing I wanted for our harmony. Or at least I got pregnant but I lost them.

He gave me oestrogen and then I got pregnant. One is an orchestra conductor, the other a writer and director. Both are very much adored. They make me so happy. And I have four grandchildren. Carlo's son is very much like Carlo. And the girl is like his wife, who is Swedish. They have blue eyes," she says, flashing me her enormous golden-brown orbs. Does she think her eyes are her best feature? My character is my best feature.

cary grant and sophia loren relationship

The quote went viral. I think the quote was, 'Everything I am, I owe to spaghetti. Yes, like eggplant parmesan. I suppose I like things that are not light. It's important to do that instead of just lying in bed.

cary grant and sophia loren relationship

She may love Italian food but the country's religiosity, rules and regulations certainly don't please her. Indeed, she served a prison sentence in after being convicted of tax evasion. Was it painful for her to write about this period of her life? It was bad management but they went on with the trial.

They gave me a month in jail and released me after 17 days. Forty years later I won the trial.