Channing and jenna tatum relationship

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channing and jenna tatum relationship

Channing Tatum almost confirmed his new relationship with singer Jessie Earlier in April, Tatum, and ex-wife, Jenna Dewan announced their. Channing Tatum isn't the only one who's moving on after his recent split clock, loves being a dad and has a decent relationship with Jenna. Jason LaVeris via Getty Images Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan “ relationship goals” in her marriage to Tatum and revealed that, like.

Other members of the cast and the entire film crew, knew they were dating after the first time they spent the night together. Soon after they met and felt attracted to each other, Channing summoned up the courage -- after a night of drinking -- to walk up to Jenna's hotel room and knock on the door.

channing and jenna tatum relationship

When Jenna opened the door, he told her he wanted to stay the night with her, and Jenna let him. The entire cast and film crew learned what happened when Tatum overslept the next morning and the production assistants looking for him called Dewan. She admitted that Tatum spent the night with her and was embarrassed when she later realized that everyone knew what happened.

But, she eventually recovered from the embarrassment and her relationship with Tatum soon became a matter of public knowledge. The couple also relived found memories of their time together shooting the movie by releasing a Snapchat video on Twitter, showing the them recreating a famous dance scene from the movie.

channing and jenna tatum relationship

She posted a message to her Instagram page expressing her joy on the 10th anniversary of the release of the movie that brought them together. The actress thanked fans and social media followers for their support. Tatum And Dewan tied the knot in July after they met on the set of the dance movie in Tatum had revealed in a July interview with GQ that he and Dewan often watched Step Up together and recalled the experiences they shared when they co-starred in the movie. He also recalled the times they spent working together in an interview with Redbook in They remained together until they got engaged inand married in Tatum and Dewan were living in London during the time, while Tatum was filming his new movie Jupiter Ascending.

He co-starred in the movie with Mila Kunis. Tatum announced the birth of their daughter in a statement released on his website.

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He added that he and his wife were thrilled to welcome their baby girl. Later in the month, they shared the first photo of their adorable newborn daughter on Facebook and Instagram. The photo shows Tatum looking down lovingly as he cradled Everly in his arms, while the proud mother Dewan looked on. Tatum and Dewan decided to release the first photo of their daughter to the public on Facebook, instead of selling the photo to the media. Several celebrity colleagues Tweeted congratulations to the couple.

A source close to the couple told Us Weekly that Tatum was determined to do everything within his power to be the best father to his little girl. The photo, captioned "Don't look channingtatum, jennadewan is kissing danielditomasso," was reportedly taken as they watched a scene in which Dewan kissed her Witches of East End co-star Daniel Di Tomasso. The photo helped to highlight the awkward moments many Hollywood couples go through when they have to watch their spouse be in onscreen relationships with co-stars.

The photo was reportedly taken only a few weeks after Dewan revealed in an interview with E! News that although Tatum did not like Dewan's onscreen moments with other men, he still watched the scenes. She added that she also did not like shooting romantic scenes. According to Dewan, that fact that many of her co-stars were Tatum's friends made romantic scenes even more uncomfortable.

15 Secrets About Channing Tatum And Jenna Dewan's Relationship

Fans were as shocked when Beyonce suddenly appeared on stage and briefly performed the final moments of Tatum's "Run the World Girls " choreography with him. Tatum, who was costumed unconvincingly as Beyonce, was so overwhelmed by the superstar's unexpected appearance that he bowed down twice at her feet at the end of the performance.

channing and jenna tatum relationship

But, she looked absolutely stunned when Beyonce appeared and joined Tatum on the stage. He did not believe that Beyonce would come if he asked her, but he tried to contact Beyonce's assistant to ask for permission to bring a cardboard cut-out of Beyonce as a joke. However, he ended up meeting Beyonce for the first time when she joined him onstage during his performance.

Mourn Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan's Split with a Look Back at Their Cutest Moments

Beyonce left immediately after the performance, but reportedly later texted him, saying she would love to meet him and his wife Dewan. They tied and became joint champions. The photo also showed their newborn daughter Everly lying face-down on Dewan's chest fast asleep. Tatum explained that he took the black-and-white photo back insoon after Everly was born. He praised Dewan's commitment to her parenting responsibilities and expressed gratitude for her "deep strength and worldly grace.

He added that watching Dewan adapt to the challenges of taking care of their newborn was a "life-changing" experience for him, because it revealed to him for the first time another aspect of Dewan's personality that he described as "the light of a mother's love. He also shared a photo honoring his mother. The photo showed Tatum giving his mother a kiss on the cheek. The two have remained on good terms since the broke up in April The couple put on creatively designed Halloween costumes for the event.

They later took to social media -- Twitter and Instagram -- to share photos taken during the event. Tatum's costume was a purple suit which had a hood designed to look like a unicorn head, complete with a mane and a multi-colored horn.

He also wore grey sweatpants, blue striped socks, white sneakers, and carried a pumpkin and a purple backpack. One of the photos uploaded to Instagram by Dewan showed Tatum sitting in the car looking uncomfortable as his unicorn horn scraped the car roof. Dewan also posted photos showing her and 4-year-old Everly dressed in fairy costumes with floral crowns and delicate light green-colored wings.

Dewan accidentally crushed her fairy wings, so she had to take them off and carry them in her hands. She posted to Instagram an image showing her in her fairy outfit with crushed wings. Some fans recalled that Dewan had dressed up for Halloween as a unicorn in the previous year.

They kicked it back to prom days but reversed roles for a silly snap one year before they said "I do. While out on the town in Los Angeles the year after they exchanged wedding vows, Channing gave his wife a tight squeeze.

These two were not afraid of a little PDA! While the Hollywood couple were vacationing in Italy during the Ischia Global Film and Music Festival, they made sure to break out some of their best moves.

Really pulling on our heartstrings, the Magic Mike star wrote, "I took this just days after jenna and I mostly jenna brought our little girl into the world. I've taken many like it over the past 3 years but this is one of my favorites.

She was so tired.

Jenna Dewan Tatum on Her Relationship With Channing Tatum

But she has such deep strength and other worldly grace. Watching her in those first days transform into a mother was life changing.

channing and jenna tatum relationship

Theodore Hesburgh' there are a lot of important things in being a father. Who knows what the most important thing is? All I know is that in my case this is pretty high on my list.