China and mongolia relationship

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china and mongolia relationship

THE RELATIONS BETWEEN CHINA, RUSSIA AND. MONGOLIA. The Russo- Mongolian Agreement of November 3, , with its protocol; the Russo-Chinese . As China sanctions Mongolia over Dalai Lama's visit China has slapped economic sanctions on Mongolia as retaliation over Dalai Lama's. [Editor:This is a response to a presentation that Morris Rossabi made at USC in February Rossabi spoke on "China and Mongolia since " Bill Bikales .

The second largest import market was Russia. Due to economic restructuring within the past few years, Chinese demand for Mongolian exports has slowed.

china and mongolia relationship

However, it is clear that recovery will not be quick or easy. According to the most recent statistics released by the Bank of Mongolia BoMtotal trade turnover by early November fell slightly, by 4.

Exports rose slightly, by 0. Additionally, the new government will have to pay for the sins of the old government.

In short, Mongolia needs money. It will still need additional support, however, and for this, the country has turned to its southern neighbor.

Rattled ties with China The IMF loan request is seen as an attempt by the country to allay its dependence on China, of which Mongolia is wary. Due to a visit by the Dalai Lama to Mongolia for a convention on Buddhist science, however, the talks were delayed. Afterwards, China released a strongly worded rebuke to Mongolia. In addition, transport surcharges on copper and fees on coal increased at several Chinese border towns through which Mongolian exports pass.

China-Mongolia Relations

After the government assured China that a visit from the Dalai Lama would not occur again, relations stabilized somewhat. However, it is expected that Mongolia will receive a worse loan deal than before the visit. Future outlook With Oyu Tolgoi up and running, and loan talks underway, optimism has returned to Mongolia, at least from the long term perspective.

china and mongolia relationship

The country still holds immense amounts of natural resources, and this will attract investors and buyers. The short term still holds pitfalls that require careful navigation by the government. Of particular concern to the Mongolian government is the extent to which the economy will remain dependent on China. However, it is clear that in order to grow sustainably, Mongolia will need Chinese support, and China, for the most part, is happy to supply it.

Both sides declared to establish neighborly and mutual-trusting partnership between China and Mongolia, and issued a joint statement. Over the recent years, mutually beneficial cooperation has been developing between the two countries, and China is now Mongolia's largest trading partner and investor.

china and mongolia relationship

Both sides share identical or similar views on many issues in international affairs, support each other and enjoy fruitful cooperation. As China's important neighbor to its north, and situated between China and Russia, Mongolia enjoys a unique geographic position.

For years, the Chinese Government has consistently pursued a neighborly and friendly policy toward Mongolia. It respects independence and sovereignty of Mongolia, the development course chosen the Mongolian people themselves and nuclear-free status upheld by Mongolia. Political Relations Mongolia is one of the first groups of countries that recognized the People's Republic of China.

Mongolia and China discuss their relations and cooperation

In mid and late s, their relations suffered ups and downs. In s, the two countries restored to exchange of ambassadors.

In s, their relations saw gradual improvement. Intheir state and ruling party Chinese communist Party and Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party were relations normalized. Since then, their friendly relations and cooperation have consolidated and developed in such areas as the political, economic, cultural, educational and military.

Both sides agreed to strengthen and develop friendly relations and cooperation on the basis of the 5 principles of peaceful coexistence.

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Following are the Mongolian leaders who have visited China: Chinese leaders who have visited Mongolia are as follows: Inthe two governments set up a committee on economic, trade, scientific and technological cooperation, and 7 meetings have been held.

Inthe two governments signed a new trade agreement, replacing intergovernmental credit trade with cash trade.

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In the same year, they signed an investment protection agreement. On the basis of equality and mutual benefit, China and Mongolia have developed economic and trade cooperation. By statistics from the Mongolian side, up to the end ofthere were enterprises with Chinese investment in Mongolia.

Sincethe two countries have developed their border trade while developing trade between their governments. Exchanges and Cooperation in the Cultural, Educational, Scientific and Technological Fields China and Mongolia have stared cultural exchanges since Over the recent years, in accordance with the cultural exchange programmes between their governments, the two countries have conducted cultural exchanges and cooperation through many channels and tiers and in various forms.

Mongolia's dependence on China

InCultural Minister Liu Dezhong visited Mongolia as head of a cultural delegation of the Chinese Government, it is the first visit to Mongolia by China's cultural minister since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.