Cosette and marius relationship questions

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cosette and marius relationship questions

If you get confused, ask questions, and utilize However, be . What is the name of the house to which he takes Cosette. He's chosen this What did his Grandfather find that caused the breaking his relationship with Marius?. Cosette, like Valjean, grows up in an atmosphere of poverty and fear, but she is Cosette's ability to truly love Marius, however, is due in large part to Valjean. Those two characters are Marius and Cosette from Les Mis. In relationship to this post, below I have a link to a post I wrote about the love.

Marius hands her back the packet of letters, and she happily takes them. Feeling sympathetic to her, Marius gives her his last five francs.

The attack at Gorbeau House[ edit ] Marius begins to take an interest in her family, the Jondrettes who are his neighbors. Peering through a crack in the wall, Marius sees Jean Valjean and Cosette talking with Jondrette about returning to give the family money. He tells her that if she does this, he will give her whatever she wants. After she leaves, Marius overhears Jondrette talking about robbing and killing Valjean. Distressed, Marius visits Javertwho gives him two pistols and instructs him to fire them during the robbery.

He does not want Valjean to die, but does not want to betray the man that "saved" his father at Waterloo.

cosette and marius relationship questions

Marius then moves out of the Gorbeau tenement. Marius and Cosette[ edit ] Marius seeks Cosette after he fell in love with her beauty. He assumes her name was "Ursula" after he finds a handkerchief she dropped.

He finally sees where their house was and visits often, but doesn't really talk to anyone except the guard outside. Then, one day, Cosette and Valjean were gone, he asks the guard, but has no idea where they moved. Marius used to see them everyday, but now that they were gone, he falls into depression.

cosette and marius relationship questions

She tells him she found Cosette's address, and leads him to the house. Marius, after some days of waiting, decides to write a page love letter to Cosette which she finds hidden under a stone. Cosette immediately falls in love and Marius reveals himself as a shadowy figure standing behind her. Their shared love blossoms for about six weeks, but Valjean shatters that bliss when he announces to Cosette that they will be leaving for England in a week. Cosette tells Marius about the move, causing much distress for the pair.

Marius goes to Gillenormand to try to reconcile and to get permission to marry Cosette. However, after Gillenormand suggests that Marius make Cosette his mistress, Marius storms out of the house, insulted.

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At this point, Marius saw no point in living, as Cosette was to move away. Marius drives them away by holding a torch to a powder keg, and threatens to blow up the barricade. She confesses to Marius that it was she who told him to go to the barricades, and saved his life because she wanted to die before him.

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She also tells him she has a letter for him. She asks Marius to promise to kiss her on the forehead after she dies, which he agrees. The letter she had concealed is from Cosette, and reveals her whereabouts and when she will leave for England.

Marius writes a letter back to Cosette, saying since she left again with no forwarding address, he would fulfill his promise and die for her.

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He gives the letter to Gavrocheto deliver; however, Gavroche delivers the letter to Valjean. Valjean goes to the barricade to find Marius, disguised as a volunteer. When Valjean is tasked with executing Javert, Marius assumes that he has done so, and is a murderer. Rescue[ edit ] As the barricade falls, Marius has multiple head wounds and is shot in the collarbone. Jean Valjean rescues him, and they escape through the sewer. Valjean convinces Javert to help him bear Marius home to his grandfather.

Both Valjean and Cosette are both broken and have never found love before and they help heal each other. She is living with a loving father.

Cosette is very protective and sheltered, which makes sense because Valjean is always on the run from Javert. This makes raising Cosette quite difficult at times. One day in the street, a law student named Marius bumps into Cosette and automatically falls in love with her and the same thing happens to her. Eponine is also in love with Marius and she is now living in extreme poverty and has become a part of the criminal world. The two girls lives have literally switched places.

Cosette is quite curious and demands to know the past of her adopted father and her mother, but Valjean is not willing to tell her. She is even charitable, which she learned through Valjean. The relationship between Valjean and Cosette is quite special. They found happiness for the first time through each other. Cosette was horribly abused as a child and Valjean faced hard labor in prison. They both have gone through some kind of trauma and through their relationship, they found some kind of happiness.

Eventually Marius found Cosette again because Eponine found the address for him. The two lovers confessed their love for each other as Eponine watched in the background.

cosette and marius relationship questions

Cosette does not want to leave due to her love for Marius, but even Valjean did not know that she loves Marius. Valjean did learn that Cosette is in love with Marius in the second act after Eponine delivers a note from Marius to Cosette. Valjean heads to the barricades to protect Marius due to how much he loves Cosette. While Marius is recovering, Cosette helped take care of him. Even though they both have happier fates than a lot of the other characters, they still have faced lots of trauma in their lives: Cosette as child and Marius watching all of his friends die.

Lots of Les Mis fans dislike Cosette just because she fall in love with Marius and because she does not have much depth to her. But there is no need to dislike Cosette because she loves Marius and because Marius loves Cosette.

cosette and marius relationship questions