Customer and employee relationship consulting

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customer and employee relationship consulting

Good employees do build customer relationships. Good employees take on a consultant role with regular customers, learning what they like and helping them . was not told about the background for his employment. In the phase of selecting a consultant, reputation and experience became very important to the client. Good employee relations reduces turnover and increases productivity, teamwork, lasting relationships with employees, customers and business associates.

As a third party, we conduct fair and impartial investigations; our work is swift yet thorough.

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We work hand-in-hand with our clients' HR departments and employment attorneys when needed. Our comprehensive final investigation reports include background information, summaries of interviews, findings, and recommendations.

customer and employee relationship consulting

Incentive programs Maintaining employee morale is important, especially in difficult economic times. Incentive programs are an excellent way to retain great employees, and the increased productivity and decreased turnover they create actually save employer's money. It is also important to compare your incentive plan with those of your competitors. Do they offer incentive plans?

customer and employee relationship consulting

If so, what do they include? We assist you in determining the best incentive programs for your company and your employees.

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Employee recognition programs How do you promote employee excellence to your employees and clients? Do you have an "Employee of the Month" or a "Manager of the Quarter"? Public recognition, and a professional portrait displayed in the workplace, is a great way to provide recognition that builds motivation and loyalty.

For instance, the Enron scandal manifested itself because the consulting firm was in cahoots with the client in cooking the books. Some Examples from the Corporate World Similarly, the Satyam scandal in India was also found to be a case where the consultants or some of them knew about the goings-on in the company and were in breach of the code of conduct and even legal aspects since they did not report the matter to the regulators. However, the saving grace in this case was that when the malfeasance became too big and too hot to handle, it was the new consulting firm that had been roped in for another purpose that blew the whistle on the scam.

Consultants have to Walk a Thin Line between Professional and Personal Obligations These examples indicate that the consultants have to walk a thin line between fulfilling professional obligations and reporting unethical behavior.

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Since the client is the one who pays them, it is often the case that the consultants are reluctant to report malfeasance to the regulators. Further, considering the extremely competitive nature of the market wherein there are several consulting firms competing for the same client, money talks and hence, consultants are often found to go along with the client.

customer and employee relationship consulting

There are no easy answers when one considers all the aspects and it would be indeed a brave and conscientious consultant who would be the whistleblower. Some Solutions Which Were Proposed Having said that, there are some solutions that have emerged in recent years about the course of action to be taken by the consulting firms.

customer and employee relationship consulting

For instance, after the Enron scandal, the SEC Securities and Exchange Commission and other regulators ensured that new rules separating consulting and investment banking so that the same consulting firm which was also advising the client in financial matters would now be two different firms. While this was intended to reduce the conflict of interest since it was thought that when consultants and investment bankers represent two firms they would automatically be in a position to wink at malfeasance, it is debatable as to how far this law succeeded given the Global Economic Crisis of wherein several case of malfeasance came to light.