D gray man allen and lenalee relationship marketing

Why I think Allen and Lenalee aren't just friends

d gray man allen and lenalee relationship marketing

including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To learn. The apparent romantic relationship that grows between Lenalee and Allen in the Lenalee is introduced in dubaiairporthotel.info-man's sixth manga chapter when she shows Japanese publishing industry, representing a ¥ billion market in Japan in . Allen eventually met Cross Marian, a general of the Black Order, who is a rare, parasite-type Innocence that shares a symbiotic relationship with Allen's body. Lero reveals that the guns Jasdebi carries were bought off the black market, and first Noah introduced in the D. Gray-man series, appearing to Allen, Lenalee.

The three piece suit he was wearing was dark, the ribbon around his throat blending into his jacket where it overlapped. Or was it just black? Kanda could see red fitting the young man.

He turned it over and read the curling writing with some difficulty. Allen Walker, June Pouring over the images of people long since dead seemed to encourage some sort of respect.

Kanda couldn't help but eye Allen Walker. I can't seem to find any documentation about any women in the house besides their maid. Not even a mistress or lover. They have plenty of relatives but none holding the name of Campbell. And then there was this accident with the elder brother. See," Lavi said and pulled out an old, fragile newspaper clipping. Faded ink still eligible read: Eldest Campbell Brother Killed in Carriage Accident with a photograph of an upturned and broken horse-drawn carriage.

A horse lay dead beside it, its neck broken. He got chased out by the guy and called him insane and unsettled. The last mention of him is a while later, when the mailman saw something through the drawing room window and looked in.

d gray man allen and lenalee relationship marketing

Found him hanged from the ceiling. Lavi nodded, eye wide with excitement and nerves. He collected all of his papers and photographs and carefully placed them back into the manila folder, except for the photograph that Kanda was still holding. At first Kanda thought Lavi was just behind his usual ass self, dragging him along and trying to make the story creepier than it already was. But the longer he stared at his friend, the longer he realized that Lavi was telling the truth, to the extent of his knowledge.

A chill ran down his spine. They decided he had run off and started a new life or something," Lavi said with a small shrug. He seemed much more concerned with the death of the younger Campbell brother. She had been listening carefully and Kanda could tell she was curious as to why he was so stuck on this Allen Walker.

His eye glittered with excitement. We should see if we, well, find anything else. Maybe poke around in the attic and the basement. Especially after so many times bought and sold? He crossed his arms across his chest, still holding the photograph, forgetting for the moment that he held it, and watched the redhead and the Chinese girl. It won't hurt anyone if we go look around again. You never know, there might be something there! Realizing he still had the photograph in his hand, he paused then slipped it into his back pocket.

Thankfully Lavi didn't notice; if he had, he would have made fun. Instead, he was focused on trying to convince Lenalee to come back. Kanda figured he would have no choice; someone needed to make sure that the idiot wouldn't die of fright, so he resigned himself to going with his redheaded friend. And it seemed that Lenalee couldn't resist Lavi's one-eyed puppy dog stare, because she agreed as well. The college student let out a loud whoop, drawing eyes from surrounding tables.

Lavi disappeared for several days. He had been too distracted by the haunted house to do school work, and was now paying for it with a couple papers to finish and a test to study for. Without Lavi, the thoughts of the tragedy of the Campbells and of Allen Walker left his mind and he concentrated on his school work and how he could pointedly ignoring it.

It was only when he was going to do laundry that he found the old photograph of Allen Walker in his pants pocket. He was immensely grateful he checked his pockets before washing them — after Lavi had snuck a candle into one of his pockets, he always checked his clothes — because he would have felt guilty.

He didn't know why he would have felt guilty, maybe just because the photograph was old and was one of the last things relating to some young man who was no longer alive, and it would be bad luck to destroy something like that. Having nowhere else to put it he transferred the photograph into his pocket and continued the load of clothes. Lavi seemed to be on the same brainwave, because an hour later he received a text from the annoying man, saying that he wanted to go to the house again tonight and that he would be by Kanda's apartment with Lenalee around eight, right after sunset.

You'd think that with how Lavi was, he'd be late, but the redhead was always at least five minutes early to everything. Lenalee was perfectly on time wherever she went. And Kanda, well, he was almost always late. Sometimes it was a tossup if he showed up at all. He wasn't surprised when Lavi appeared just before sunset with a wide and eager smile plastered across his face. Kanda sighed and pulled his jacket on then followed his friend back to the car, where Lenalee was waiting in the front passenger seat.

Lavi seemed to be shaking with barely contained energy as he drove, that stupid grin never leaving his face. Kanda looked out the window, watching houses and stores speed past his view.

They were in the rich neighborhood and then they were driving into the driveway, past the mailbox and the trees. The headlights of the car lit up the house once more, just like last time, and Lavi kept them on for a moment as he got situated.

d gray man allen and lenalee relationship marketing

Then he killed the lights and the engine and got out of the car, flashlight in hand. Kanda had brought his own flashlight this time, which he flicked on as he got out and trudged after his friends.

He stopped on the steps and gave a long, intense look at the flowerbeds beside the porch. Harmless, alive tulips sat silently in straight rows, stems bowing just slightly with the weight of the flower heads.

He 'tsk'd softly and turned to follow his friends. Lavi had already gotten the door open — that still annoyed the fuck out of him — and was walking in. We can work our way down," Lenalee suggested and the other two agreed. Finding the entrance to the attic was easy, but Lavi had to jump to grab the pull so they could get the ladder down. He missed the first two times and Kanda laughed, smirking, but did nothing to help.

On the third try, he finally got it. To the redhead's disappointment, there was nothing in the spacious room. They poked around for several minutes, only to find dust and a dead bird. The ginger bobbed his head and went in search of the door that would lead them down into the basement, because of course a house like this would have to have a basement.

d gray man allen and lenalee relationship marketing

The young woman did the same and Kanda begrudgingly agreed to this little Easter egg hunt for the basement door. It proved to be harder to find, but he was the one who found it nestled in the corner of the kitchen.

He could have sworn the door hadn't been there that first preliminary search of the kitchen, but maybe they just hadn't been paying attention. It wasn't locked, but the door seemed to have expanded because of age or humidity in its frame — or maybe it was the opposite — and he had to kick it several times before it swung open, unbalancing him.

He stepped back and dusted his hands off, smirking a little. The smell of dust and neglect overcame him for a moment. The sound had drawn the attention of Lenalee and Lavi, over on the other side of the house and they came running. Lenalee's eyes were wide with start, as if she thought something had fallen on Kanda. The redhead grinned and poked his head into the doorway, shining his flashlight down the dusty staircase. Then she frowned and straightened. Lavi sucked in a breath and held it until Kanda turned to look over his shoulder, raising an eyebrow.

Nothing is going to attack us. And they're sturdy enough. His navy eyes widened as he felt the stair creak and crack and then give away. He let out a startled yell as he fell through the staircase, hitting the basement floor with a hard thud, wood and dust raining down around him. A creak of the stairs told him that she had stepped onto the staircase. Nothing was broken but he'd have a hell of a bruise on the side of his thigh. He rubbed his arm and dusted his pants off, looking around for his flashlight.

He had to kick away some of the wood to find it and then picked it up. Lenalee and Lavi had reached him, breathless and worried.

Lenalee hugged him before he could say anything. You scared me," she said as she pulled away. He looked up to see Lavi step away from them, starting to take in the basement. It's as big as the house…" It was indeed, spanning the entire floor plan of the house.

The floor was padded with a thick carpet of dust and cobwebs hung abandoned on the ceiling and off the wooden supports. Their shoes made no noise as they walked. Without walls like the upstairs, it was a huge, stagnant room. Air got caught in Kanda's throat and he had to try hard not to cough. All around the basement were scattered things. Boxes upon boxes upon crates upon crates.

Dead rats that seemed to have been mummified, from the lack of rotting-flesh smell. He kicked an empty wine bottle and it rolled across the blanket of thick dust, carving a path as it went. Lenalee sneezed somewhere to his left. He was kneeling in the dust and grime, before a crate he had pried open with an old pipe. He held up a heavy, leather-bound book to the other two and Lenalee took it. He stood up and dusted his knees off before standing beside the young woman.

Lavi had already wiped off the front, but it said very little about what was held inside. The name Campbell had been stamped into the leather, but that was it. Carefully, she opened the book, to reveal a photo album. Kanda shifted his flashlight and the three leaned closer to get a better look at the photographs.

There were pictures of Neah and Mana Campbell alone and together. Kanda was surprised at how similar they looked. Even though Mana was older, they looked like they could have been twins, if the older brother cut his hair.

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There were a couple pictures that looked to be when they were younger. One had the both of them around the age of twelve, standing beside a woman who couldn't have been anyone but their mother. She finally stopped at the very last page, eyes wide. It was the only photograph in the entire album that was in color.

In front of the house stood an entire family. Extended family, cousins, aunts, parents, everyone it seemed.

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A segregation could be seen within the crowd though. The Campbell brothers were set off to the side, a little away from the others. And there was Allen — Kanda had been right, red looked good on him, but that couldn't be right, could it? His hair looked to be silver white — between Mana and a young girl who was all frill and lace. She was holding his hand.

Behind her stood a pale sickly woman, hand on her shoulder. Her husband stood close beside her. Next to him stood a man who was a little bit taller, a little bit more handsome, but no doubt his younger brother. This family sure had a lot of brothers. Carefully, Lenalee slipped the photograph from its place in the album and turned it around.

The Clan of Noah. He grinned just a little and nodded as she slipped the photograph back into place. Lavi took the backpack off his shoulder and took the photo album from Lenalee, sliding it into the safety of the bag before zipping it back up. Lenalee stifled another sneeze as a cloud of dust blossomed from where Lavi was digging around and stepped back so she could breathe easier. Kanda turned away from them and let his flashlight trail across the basement.

He walked to a box that seemed to have been shoved into the corner and knelt. I'm having trouble breathing," Lenalee asked. He hoisted it up in his arms and came back to the other two, raising an eyebrow at Lavi who was trying to pile several boxes on top of each other.

Together the three of them made it out of the dusty basement and sat in the middle of the kitchen floor. Lenalee paused then tried the kitchen light. It took a moment to turn on but it turned on all the same. The soft, dusty glow lit up the kitchen, making it not quite as horror-movie like and more like a normal house. If a normal house had no furniture and a gaping door into darkness that led to a decrepit basement.

She settled down beside Lavi and dragged one of the crates he had brought up to start looking through. Kanda leaned against one of the cabinets and opened the box he had gotten. Why had it been in the corner?

d gray man allen and lenalee relationship marketing

Inside, a random assortment of things were piled. A couple old books with cracked covers. A glass bell jar with a beautiful butterfly. He set them on the floor. This box seemed to contain some of Allen's possessions, judging by the name written within the books and on several papers.

Finally he reached the bottom, to find a journal, tied closed with a red ribbon. A pause in his voice told Kanda that the redhead was now looking his way. He frowned as he turning the pages. The writing was a bit messy and some pages were torn out or eaten by moths or ruined by water or time. Pages had stuck together and were unable to be pulled apart. Mana's sick again and I'm concerned. Neah hasn't left his bedside all week and the doctor is still here.

I could leave, he wouldn't notice at all, but I don't want to leave not knowing if Mana is alright or not. Something dark spotted the page " 'October 10th, Today is the fifth time I've tried to leave, but it's no use.

He's done it again and it hurts badly but there isn't a thing I can do. I don't know what happened to the Neah I used to know…I can't write anymore, it hurts too much. I'll write again tomorrow. He gripped the books he was holding tightly, looking between his friends. Kanda continued reading through the journal to himself. He had to stop for a moment as he stared at an entry.

He looked up at his friends. This one doesn't even have a date… 'Mana's dead and now he's gone mad. He's locked all the windows and doors and I fear that I'll die here. He's been pacing the halls, talking to himself. He's come in several times, to make sure that I haven't run off and God, I'm too scared to try. It's only a matter of time now, I know it. Whenever he comes, he has fun with it. I don't know how long until he decides it is no longer fun… I don't know how much longer I can last.

There is nothing I can do to save him. Lenalee screamed and Kanda let out a startled grunt, pushing himself back against the cabinets. Lavi fumbled with his flashlight before getting it turned on and looked at his friends, eye wide with panic.

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Lenalee had grabbed Lavi's arm in her anxiousness. As he watched, a strong shiver ran through the redhead's body. Kanda nodded, looking around. His flashlight hit something that caused his breath to get caught in his throat and slowly he turned it back.

A figure was standing in the middle of the dining room, facing the kitchen. Black hair fell in front of his face and Kanda stiffened, knuckles going white on the journal. He let out a slow breath and it formed a cloud before him. Just a trick of the light. He knew he was fooling himself, because there was no light.

No moonlight filtered in through the barren windows. And the only time he had hallucinated was when Lavi had convinced him to try mushrooms and he would never try that again. If Lavi had somehow slipped him drugs, he would kill him.

d gray man allen and lenalee relationship marketing

Kanda didn't look at him, just kept his eyes focused on Neah. The man, ghost, whatever he was, stood relaxed with a slight smile curving his lips. He hadn't felt like this in many years. The sound of fabric rustling and creaking, dusty pages told Kanda that his friend had turned.

The gasp confirmed this. Lenalee is the least frightened of the three of us, god damn it. Kanda shot a swift glance at the two before looking back at the younger Campbell brother. You have to stay with me. Kanda was compelled to follow the ghost's wishes, to stay here forever.

And by the look that had come across Lavi's face, he was encountering the same confusing feelings. He turned back to the ghost. And then something changed. It was a sudden change and made Kanda recoil and hit his head against the cabinet. Wind whipped through the house, picking up papers and books and carrying them to other rooms. Lavi nearly got hit in the face by one as it flew from the room. The house creaked ominously with the force of the ghostly wind and cabinets were thrown open, only to be slammed closed once more.

Kanda followed closely behind with the journal still clutched in his hand, nearly falling as he stepped on the satin ribbon. The redhead grabbed the doorknob and turned it but the door wouldn't budge. His eye widened and he pulled it harder. Kanda, the door is not opening. He felt his feet slide against the smooth hard wood floor because of the force of it.

Lenalee tried to tug one open, making sure the lock was undone. Kanda growled and went back to the kitchen, picking up one of the wooden crates. Dumping out the contents on the floor — a pile of clothes and a crumpled and faded top hat — he came back.

He was getting the fuck out of this house. He drew the crate back and brought it to slam up against the window. It should have shattered. It should have broken into a million pieces. Nothing happened to the window at all.

Instead, the crate bounced off the window and carried him with it. Lenalee asks her to calm down ans she asks her about the clockwork. She listens to Miranda's story and explains her who they are before Allen come back. When the sun sets they witness the rewinding of the town. Lenalee and Allen then help Miranda with her new job, Lenalee and Allen talk about their childhood.

Suddenly the money of the circus is stolen and Lenalee jumps to catch the thief. They are defeated and captured by Road Kamelot and her Akuma.

The Four of Them - Chapter 1 - ElReyCiervo - dubaiairporthotel.info-man [Archive of Our Own]

Road dresses her as a doll while unconscious and keeps her next to her. After Allen drags her in Miranda's dimension, she wakes up, by Miranda's Innocence. Lenalee later stops Allen when he tries to "save" the Akuma that Road ordered to self-destruct. Allen becomes enraged with her for doing this and she slaps him for his outburst. When Miranda stops her power, their wounds return. Bookman destroys most of them but one of them nearly hits Komui. Fortunately Lenalee wakes up just in time and destroys it.

Later in a coach, they are informed by Komui that Yeegar has been found dead. She is then tasked along with Allen and Lavi to go and find Cross Marian and escort him back to the headquarters. The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story. Millenium Swordsman arc anime only Lenalee Lee and Allen Walker were dispatched by the order to find Kanda in Rome, because he hadn't contacted the Order for three days and retrieve an Innocence fragment.

Lenalee and Allen arrived. They find some bounty hunters in the town to retrieve Claudia Sardini, the daughter of the Sardini family. After that announcement, Lenalee and Allen climb the terrace of the mansion and talked with the father of Claudia, and explains that her daughter would tell her that,"every night someone would come to her room and report to me".

Allen refuses the favor, stating they weren't there to grant a favor but to find their comrade and retrieve an Innocence fragment.

After that day, Lenalee and Allen were in the place where Vittorio was hiding, as Claudia was. They were fighting with Akumas. They found some hunters attacking them and Allen said that it was pointless to attack, but they continuously fired at the Akumas. The Akumas conducted a counterattack,unfortunately, many people died. After that they found Vittorio, Kanda showed up, and told Allen,"he's Vittorio my prey, don't interfere" but, Allen didn't complain.

She was moody and Allen realized she hadn't really spoken to him since she slapped him. After finding out that Cross had come in contact with a "vampire", Allen and Lavi had been forced to hunt. She stays in the village with Bookman to wait for them. Before they leave, she threatens Allen and Lavi not to get bitten as she believed in the whole "vampire" story. After their mission, they were eating in a restaurant where Allen was talking about General Yeegar and how kind he was when he was bringing a golem to him.

By some chance, Lenalee's golem was contacted by the order and they were told to go where General Yeegar was.

Lenalee was watching Allen while listening and in-coincidentally, Allen dropped the cup on the table and it broke. While watching the cup break, they became worried and left the restaurant in a hurry.

They arrived at the destination that the order mentioned where they found a finder beside a tree. Lenalee ran off and saw the general bound with chains. The Innocence fragments in Yeegar's possession along with the general's own Innocence were destroyed by the Noahs.

Allen, at the time was shocked; he didn't expect something like that would happen. The order got this news, and ordered all the exorcists to go to Barcelona to protect the Marshall. Lulu Bell's Attack Arc anime only Lenalee and others were looking for Marshall Cross for several days, on their way, they found a town, but it was a silent town and the water flowing in the canals are small.

As they were observing, the decided to investigate. It was Lavi and Krowry were assigned to go to the lake, Lenalee and Allen together with Bookman are the one who will investigate in the town. As Lenalee and Allen was asking the townspeople, they heard that there's a fortune teller in their town. Lenalee and Allen search to the house, and found it, as they knock the gate, an old man appear and yelled to the two, while Lenalee saw a girl standing far away inside.

That night, Lenalee was about to sleep, a knock from the door, Lenalee thought that it was Allen but a girl voiced heard. She was asking Lenalee to open the door, as well Lenalee did. The girl apologized to Lenalee for what her grandfather did, after that, Lenalee ask her what's her name, the girl said that her name was Meilin, and she was the fortune teller in their town, Meilin stated some stories but after a while, Akumas were being discovered, Lenalee ask Meilin to hide so not she will not be shot, Lenalee take her black long sleeve dress that covering her uniform, while Lenalee was curing Meilin, Meilin suddenly freeze, and suddenly shout and Lenalee asking her what's wrong, Meilin was continuously shouting.

The Akuma was about to shoot but Allen covered them and tell them to escape as much as possible. As the group continues to look for Cross in China, Lenalee goes after a cat that ate Timcanpy while the others way.

She soon successfully returns with the cat that hasn't swallowed their only way to find Cross yet. She then checks Allen's arm that appears to crumble. She then worriedly remarks that his arm is fragile. Later in Guangzhou Allen finds a shoppers who has information about Cross. He calls Lenalee and she used her Chinese to help the group get around.

Allen and Lenalee

There they are muscularly welcomes by Mahoja who leads them to her boss Anita. It is then they got news about Cross's recent movements. Before getting in the ship Lenalee calls the Science Division making sure Komui is not aware of it. She has Reever Wenhamm who informs her about the crisis the Order is going through, all the casualties and the Suman Dark case. Some of them catch Allen but Lenalee saves him by catching him in the air, Suddenly they see the fallen one. Lenalee uses her innocence to move on the sound waves and she lands safe with Allen on the land nearby.

Seeing his face, Lenalee realizes they are facing Suman Dark in his Fallen One form, which brought back painful memories for her. Together, she and Allen try to save Suman.

Allen is absorbed into Suman when he tries to rescue a little girl trapped in his body. She was forced to leave Allen behind to save the little girlwhich she gave to a local doctor. On the telephone, she contacts Komui about the situation and the 'Fallen One'.

Komui orders her and her group to grab Suman's Innocence. She then met with Lavi to look for Allen, but are unable to find him.