Damages patty and ellen relationship

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damages patty and ellen relationship

Ellen Parsons of Damages. Patty Hewes of Damages . Patty hires Ellen because of her connection to a potential witness in the Frobisher case. Patty's intricate relationship with Ellen is central to “Damages.” Despite the fact that Patty tries to have Ellen killed in at one point, something. But with Damages, Ellen's and Patty's experiences are our center. I'd even argue that Damages is more about the high stakes of relationships.

Background[ edit ] The daughter of a judge, Patty grew up surrounded by the legal system and a desire to become a lawyer.

However, her notions of justice were warped by the physical abuse she suffered at the hands of her father, who to his peers was a fair and honest judge but in private, was a sadistic bully.

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As such, Patty developed a hatred for those who use their positions of power to bully and torment others. She married young, to a man who supported her as she made her way through law school. But she remained pregnant while landing a job at a powerful law firm in New York City. Her first husband demanded that she turn down the job and postpone her dreams of becoming a lawyer in order to raise their child. And, after being told that her pregnancy would require her to stay in bed, Patty opted to induce a miscarriage while riding a horse.

The loss of her child a girl would haunt Patty, who quickly divorced her husband and began her law career. She moved to New York City and became a successful lawyer, one whose ruthlessness was matched by her corruption.

In one of the defining cases of her career, Patty convinced a company scientist, Daniel Purcell William Hurtto throw his deposition in order to win her case. Patty and Daniel had a brief affair during this period, resulting in the birth of Patty's only child, a son named Michael Zachary Booth. She also remarried, to a successful stock broker, Phil Grey Michael Nouriwho helped her raise her son as his own and constantly supported her in her work.

Her busy life led to estranged relations with both of them: Michael inherited his mother's ruthlessness and turned to a life of intrigues and manipulations and her constantly undermined husband Phil becomes unfaithful.

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She devotes her life on taking down "bullies", corrupt men that misuse their power and position. And at the time she meets young and bright Ellen Parsons Rose Byrne she is in midst of the biggest case in her career.

Billionaire Arthur Frobisher Ted Dansonaccused of insider tradingbecomes her ultimate opponent. But in order to incriminate him she has to reach Katie Connor Anastasia Griffiththe only witness of his scheme.

Patty grabs the opportunity and hires Ellen, and a complex game of cat and mouse begins as she starts incriminating Frobisher.

In-series story-lines[ edit ] Patty begins to realize Ellen's true potential and decides to mentor her and does not fire her after she gets the witness. She confides in Ellen, but soon sees her as a liability and orders for her to be murdered. The list of possible murder suspects hasn't really been narrowed, but all eyes are on Leonard Winstone Martin Shortwho cut a last-minute deal with Tom to give up the Tobin family to Patty after Joe Tobin Campbell Scott fired him for lying about his past.

Ellen also gets in on the action, as does an unexpected player: The loft itself is also important. Obviously the centerpiece of the action is around Tom's death, but we won't rule out the possibility that there are some others as well. What's Joe Tobin's next play after firing Winstone? Joe clearly thinks he's ready to lead the family, but Zelman says the family may not be in any position to be led. But how far will he be willing to go, and will he be able to keep his family together?

damages patty and ellen relationship

Or will he, in his attempt to keep his family together, plant the seeds for his family's destruction? More than one bombshell is about to rock his world.

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What's up with that horse in Patty's dreams? Being the head of her own law firm, named Hewes and Associates she has a reputation as a ruthless and brilliant lawyer. She is known for her unorthodox ways of practicing law, frequent manipulations and a sharp sense for justice. Her abusive upbringing had conceived hatred towards bullies in Patty, that shaped her into vindictive, vain and self-destructive attorney.

damages patty and ellen relationship

She is prepared to do whatever it takes to win a case, often contradicting moral norms and indulging into unethical behavior. Her main targets are CEOs and her main interest is corporate law, often representing class action plaintiffs. At the series' inception, Patricia was married to Phil Greywho cheated on her.

While the infidelity didn't anger her by itself, the concommitant lack of discretion that caused one affair to become public knowledge threatened Patty's public image, spurring her to divorce him.

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Decades prior to her marriage to Phil, Patty had a sexual liaison with Daniel Purcell which resulted in the birth of a son, Michael Hewes.