Darwin and carrie relationship test

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darwin and carrie relationship test

Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Humor - Gumball W., Carrie - Chapters: 9 - Words: 27, It was hard to explain his relationship with Penny, some days they'd flirt, some days they'd fight, other . "Time for a test ride!. These are the relationships Darwin has with the other characters in the series. After realizing the mistake, Gumball and Carrie try to break them up, only to bring them . In "The Test," the two seem to be very casual towards each other, often. These are the relationships Carrie has with the other characters in the series. Carrie is revealed to have a strong relationship with her father. In "The Mirror," she.

Now class, the school board is worried you aren't being taught where children come from very well, so for the next three weeks we will have sex-ed courses, you don't get a choice in this, and we'll be starting right now. Simian pointed to Leslie, "Leslie will probably never know who her parents are since—" "Uh… Ms. Simian, I'm a boy," Leslie interrupted. Carrie turned away and was absently looking out the window; she couldn't care less about what was going on in the video, when a paper air plane flew right through her.

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She looked up to see its origin and saw Gumball looking back at her. She picked it up and quickly read over it, Gumball felt the plane crash against his head in a few seconds.

He quickly opened it up and read her response. Gumball crumpled up the paper and threw it to a nearby trash can. The video didn't seem to be ending anytime soon, so Gumball nestled his head onto his desk and fell asleep. However it was only a fifteen minute video and as the video ended, Ms.

Simian took the center of the class again. There was a few moments of stillness and awkward silence until everybody burst into a partner finding frenzy. As the class settled down with their new found partners, Ms.

Simian took a visual roll call. Simian barked and Carrie obediently took out her head phones and stood at attention. Simian, if you're partnering us up and telling us to stay with one person for an entire day… Isn't that promoting sexual behavior? On that note, wouldn't it be more effective if we just had a talk with our parents about this stuff? It's not like it's the school's fault if someone makes a bad choice and has to live with the consequences.

Simian screeched and ordered everybody out. Gumball dragged himself outside waited for Carrie to come outside. She floated out and carelessly approached to him. Gumball looked over the note card.

He grabbed Gumball by his jacket and pulled him close. Shame on you," Gumball grinned and kept walking to his next class. When the final bell rang Gumball made his way back to Ms. Simian's class for detention, the hallways were filled with the new sex ed program couples, some couldn't be more pleased, others… Not so much.

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Gumball pushed the door open and took went to his normal seat, only to find Carrie filling it. There were several other students present, but all were silent and Gumball didn't recognize any of them as being there before.

Gumball awkwardly nodded off, looking around to room, Mr. Brown was heading the detention, but was on the phone at the moment, no doubt speaking to Ms. I've done nothing to you," He defended himself and Carrie sighed again. What's my favorite T. An example of her affection for Gumball that isn't important was in " The Mystery ," when she cannot be spotted chasing after him angrily like the rest of the students. In Season 2, Gumball and Penny's relationship was explored further.

Fitzgerald's permission to work on a medieval times project with Penny. Near the end of the episode, Tobias and Gumball "duel" for Penny's affection, and Tobias pushes her into the road. At the last minute, Gumball pushes Penny out of the way of her father's car, saving her life, and winning his respect once again.

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Fitzgerald crashes into The Wattersons' houseangering the family and thus reversing the situation for himself. His envy personifies itself into Gumball's soul, causing him to use very drastic measures to get rid of Leslie. After a lengthy cycle of Jealousy traveling for person to person, Gumball was freed of the entity. Soon afterward, Jealousy takes over Penny when Carrie gives Gumball a playful punch in the arm. In Season 3, the relationship of Gumball and Penny escalated quickly starting off with the episode " The Kids " where Penny is shown to worry about Gumball and asking him why he didn't call her.

Then the episode " The Shell " took this secret love to another level. In "The Shell," Penny was shown to break her shell and reveal her true form. Gumball admired this new form but Penny took it the other way and thought that Gumball was traumatized by it. Through the episode, Gumball was clearly trying to protect Penny and at the end of the episode, Gumball kissed Penny, therefore expressing their true feelingsfor each other. In the next episode " The Burden ," Gumball and Penny go on their first date and it turns out to be a success with Penny telling Gumball he's probably marriage material.

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After that episode, " The Bros " is where Darwin was trying to interfere with their relationship. Penny took a break with their relationship just to help Gumball's relationship with Darwin. It was that same love and friendship that allowed Darwin to grow his legs and lungs as seen in " The Origins ," showcasing that the two brothers had special connection from the beginning.

As evidenced by " The Sidekick ," Gumball looks up to Darwin as a moral guardian, with Darwin being the morale to Gumball's craziness.

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It is because of this that Darwin can get awfully critical of Gumball when he believes that he has crossed moral line. Despite this criticism, it is all done as an act of love. Like he is towards his other family members, Darwin is very affectionate towards Gumball and can be especially overprotective of him, as seen in " The Safety " when he became overly paranoid.

Darwin can be somewhat clingy towards Gumball and does not like being left out most likely deriving from the fact that up until recently, Darwin has always been near Gumball and has not made many independent choices of his own.

The fact that Gumball was almost directly responsible for his evolution into his current form is likely another reason. When Gumball starts dating Penny after the events of " The Shell ," Darwin goes through a brief but intense phase of jealousy directed at Penny; he fears being left alone without his older brother to care for him. Anais Darwin and Anais share a fairly healthy sibling relationship. Though Darwin is not as attached to Anais as he is to Gumball, the pair share a rather close sibling relationship.

The two share an interesting dynamic in that Darwin is a romanticist, while Anais is a realist. In " The Curse ," while Anais tries to prove to Gumball that his bad luck is mere coincidence, Darwin tries to form a formal though romanticized hypothesis to appease Anais' formal argument. The two have a strong trust bond, as shown in " The Plan " where Anais responds "of course" when Darwin asks if he trusts her to throw her safely over a wall, although this particular case shows Anais trusting him was a bad decision.

In " Halloween " Anais was seen holding Darwin's hand when he was scared whilst walking through the graveyard suggesting that Darwin may see Anais as a sort of "older sibling" figure despite her age. Both siblings can often play as "straight men" to Gumball's more bizarre decisions.

In " The Plan ," the two teamed up to tell Gumball that he was approaching the e-mail portion of their plan wrong and in " The Oracle ," both attempted to make Gumball's attempts to avoid his fate more feasible. In " The Roots ," Anais tells Darwin he is her favorite.

Nicole Despite their biological differences, Darwin is very much a son to Nicole, and Nicole is very much his mother to Darwin. Though the two do not seem to interact very often, Nicole sees Darwin as her own son and is rather affectionate with him, in turn he sees her as his mother.

When she speaks to Gumball or Anais, she refers to Darwin as "your brother. In " The Mothers ," when Gumball offers to rework a sign to impress Nicole, Darwin strongly suggests just following her orders and sitting in the car, implying that he respects her parental authority.

darwin and carrie relationship test

Darwin expressed his affection for Nicole in " The Mothers " as he was determined to prove to his friends that Nicole was indeed the best mom and was very excited to tell his mom when she eventually ended up winning the competition.

In " The Meddler ," although he admitted that he was embarrassed about having his mother around him and Gumball in school, he forced a smile on himself so he would not hurt Nicole's feelings, once again showing the closeness between the two as Darwin hates hurting loved ones. As expected from Nicole, she too is also very affectionate of Darwin.

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In " The Roots ," she is distressed when evidence initially led her to believe that Darwin was unhappy with the family; she did everything in her power to make sure that Darwin was happy with the family.

She was also deeply saddened by Darwin's temporary absence in the episode. Darwin sees Richard as more of a friend than an actual father figure, as seen in episodes such as " The Watch " and in " The Castle ," where Richard joins the children's childish antics.

Despite this, Richard can still exercise his authority towards Darwin when necessary, such as in the events of " The Password ," where the Watterson brothers constantly harassed Richard in order to win the title of "favorite child" even though it was all an elaborate ploy by their sister.

Darwin may also desire to see Richard grow as a father figure as episodes such as " The Castle " have Darwin encouraging Richard to take more parental authority.

darwin and carrie relationship test

Like Nicole, Richard is very affectionate of Darwin and would do anything in his power to ensure his safety even though his incompetence may prevent him from doing such in the most efficient way. When the family thought that Darwin was going to leave in " The Roots ," he too lost it and became uncharacteristically depressed and distressed.

During " The Goons ," Richard stated that Darwin was his favorite child though he denied that it was the case upon seeing the expressions of Nicole and his other children. Granny Jojo Despite her weirdness, Granny Jojo still desires the best for her grandchildren.

Darwin does not really interact much with his grandmother, but in " The Kiss ," he says that he likes being kissed on the cheek by her, although he does not say specifically because it makes him feel special.

In " The Authority ," Granny Jojo keeps him and the rest of the family except for Nicole in the house to keep them safe showing that Darwin and the rest of her grandchildren hold a very special place in her heart.

Even though Darwin loves Granny Jojo, " The Check " shows that he is very off put by her traditions that come with her old age. Louie Louie hopes to become closer with his grandchildren. Even though Louie is a fairly recent addition to the Watterson family, he still expresses a decent amount of care towards Darwin and his siblings; likewise, Darwin does the same. In " The Man ," Darwin was very supportive of Louie's relationship with Granny Jojo, wanting both parties to be happy; Darwin went against his father's orders in order to allow the two's relationship to continue.

In spite of the destructive consequences, they do prove that they truly care about their grandfather. Girlfriend Carrie Carrie's and Darwin's romantic feelings seem to be mutual.