Dev and koel relationship problems

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dev and koel relationship problems

Early life and education Koel was born in Kolkata to Bengali film actor Nater Guru, which has Jeet in the male lead, sees Mallick playing the role [10] They had been in a relationship for seven years before that, but both Rahul challenges his friends that he would make her fall in love within few days. We both are best of friends but are not into a relationship. There is a zone But yes, if I am in trouble I will call Dev after I call my parents. In that way, he is my Dev also looks good with Koel, Payel and Puja. But who do you. The trouble was brewing between them right behind the curtain of glitz and Although they never made it official, Raj and Mimi's relationship was an some would point out the sizzling chemistry between Jeet and Koel as.

Yet Dev is head over heels in love and tries to convince her till one day she leaves for America. Her father Rajatava Dutta tells Dev to stay away from her but he swears that he would marry his daughter some day. Yes, you can say that it has some resemblance with Challenge.

But only the father-lover face-off, the rest is different I learnt Nunchaku martial art for the film. This form needs you to fight with two sticks tied with a chain.

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I had hired two experts from Dunlop who taught me Nunchaku. There are two fight sequences in the film where I do Nunchaku. I have tried to do my best. Of your 12 films, which character do you identify with the most? I loved my role in Dui Prithibi — Shibu, the thief. It was different and performance-oriented. I am also emotionally attached to my role in my first film I Love You, where I played lover-boy Rahul. I play Jitu, a Casanova. He is wild but he changes for the better in the last minutes of the film.

Koel Mallick

I can identify with the changed Jitu. The way he behaves with his mother and his father is very close to what I am in real life. Do you think things would have better if you had done most of your films with only one heroine and established yourself as a pair? Being a pair limits you as an actor. After a point you start becoming a bore on screen. Working with various actresses helps you grow and learn more.

After receiving his diploma from Bharatiya Vidyapeeth University, in Punein Computer EngineeringDev returned to Mumbai and started his film career as an observer on the set of Abbas-Mustan 's Taarzan: The film did not perform well at the box office. Dev met with the producers and gained the male lead role.

He went to Mumbaiand, dedicated to improving himself, learned dance and trained under fight choreographer Aejaz Gulab of Shootout at Lokhandwala and Mission Istaanbul fame.

The tracks and videos were very successful. He also performed an additional item number in the film Jackpotdirected by Kaushik Ganguly. This is the second collaboration between Dev and Sujit Mondol. This movie was one of the biggest hits of The title track of the movie, being shot in Switzerland, is one of the best romantic songs of Tollywood ever.


The chemistry between Dev and Srabanti is so mellifluous that it added a new flavour, which was tremendously appreciated by the audience and critics. The film had an item number by Samidh and Rishi "Khokababu jaye, Lal juto paye", which was the entry song for Dev in the movie.

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The song's choreographer Baba Yadav said: There's no doubt that he is an amazing dancer What I like about Dev is the fact that he enjoys dancing. This shows in his movements. Produced by Surinder Filmsthis movie was the highest opener in Tollywood history before Challenge 2 was released in October Paglu is highest in terms of earning T.

P on Bengali television till date, having a T. Dev is one of the sweetest guys I have come across. He always tries his best. I still remember while shooting for Premer Kahini, Dev was made to stand on the edge of a huge waterfall in Karnataka I could see he was scared but he still gave his best. Girls go ga-ga over him and at the same time parents would say they wished they had a son like him.

dev and koel relationship problems

Koel has become a producer! Dhyat, are you mad? She is getting very angry!

dev and koel relationship problems

The more she giggles, the more she is angry! He calls a spade a spade. How much has Koel changed after marriage Well, I can go on and on. Tell me, how much space would you give to this answer?! I think she has changed for the better. Post pack-up in Bangkok, Rane took us out for dinner, which never happened before!

Earlier, only they would go out together. I think these changes have taken place only after Koel married Rane. He has become generous now. Jokes apart, she has also become a better human being.

He screamed Love you Soniyo and she chirped Tui amar hero Dev and Koel got off on the right foot on the streets of Rome, shooting three song sequences. Shooting outside the Vatican City and the Colosseum in Rome was quite a task because getting permission is very difficult, but I am glad Rane managed it and we had a blast!