Divergent four and tris relationship quiz

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divergent four and tris relationship quiz

Play Divergent quizzes on Sporcle, the world's largest quiz community. There's a Divergent Also check out the newest online Divergent quizzes in Literature Profile: Tris Prior Divergent relationships. 4, Divergent: Four's Fears. 4, Discussion questions for Divergent. Questions for book clubs about Divergent. What do you think about Tris and Four starting a relationship? Could you tell. and find homework help for other Divergent questions at eNotes. Additionally, Tris and Tobias have markedly different relationships with their fathers. Tris's.

divergent four and tris relationship quiz

Because we want to know who we are and be able to identify those like us. We want to declare, "I am a Gryffindor therefore I am brave" or "I, too, am a snickerdoodle because I enjoy both parties and Netflix marathons. As family dynamics change and high school relationships are established and broken, there's a strong urge to find the people you belong with.

Studies show the group you identity with as a teenager can have significant implications for you both academically and behaviorally.

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Just as joining the marching band or sitting with the jocks makes a statement about who you are in high school, so can taking and sharing quizzes on social media allow us to instantly affirm that we identify with a certain Divergent faction, Hogwarts house or dessert. But what if, as a fan of the Harry Potter series for example, you already know that you are a bookish and intelligent and are no doubt a Ravenclaw.

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Why then take a sorting quiz? Psychologists say it's because we're constantly seeking feedback that confirms our views of ourselves. By thoughtfully selecting our quiz answers, we can likely generate the result we want, and our brains take pleasure in knowing that we know ourselves.

Determining personality While a Buzzfeed quiz can't offer insight into your true character, is there any personality test that can? Perhaps the most well-known personality test is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which was developed in the s and has been continually updated since then.

The Myers-Briggs classifies people as one of 16 personality types based on four scales: It depends on whom you ask.

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Some psychologists argue that if a person answers honestly, the test can provide useful information. However, the test has faced criticism because people can take the tests at different times and get different outcomes. I've taken the Myers-Briggs twice and received varying results. Has my personality changed, was I simply more honest in my responses, or is there a flaw in the test?

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This is what researchers in the field of personality psychology are trying to determine. Interestingly, our drive to categorize ourselves and find our place in the world is at odds with our desire to be unique, especially in American culture where individualism is highly regarded. We seek connectedness and harmony with others — what psychologists call belongingness — but we also want to be one of a kind, and we often value those who march to the beat of a different drummer.

divergent four and tris relationship quiz

You see this dichotomy in young adult literature as well. Divergent's protagonist, Tris, struggles to identify which faction is her best fit because she is "divergent," meaning her test results couldn't classify her.

divergent four and tris relationship quiz

When the Sorting Hat is placed upon Harry Potter's head, the magical object states that he could be either a Gryffindor or a Slytherin. In the end, it is the choices Tris and Harry make that reveal their true selves, and in doing so, the characters teach us a valuable lesson: While finding our place in the world is important, placing too much emphasis on those labels can be dangerous.

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divergent four and tris relationship quiz

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