Engaged and in a long distance relationship

Long Distance Relationship Statistics May Surprise You

engaged and in a long distance relationship

You're wondering how to make your long-distance relationship work and . In the Summer of , we got engaged, I had an opportunity to. John and I spent our entire dating and engaged life in a long distance relationship. In fact, now, it seems crazy that we decided we wanted to. Couples don't normally choose to become engaged and then spend weeks, For some couples, their relationship has always been long distance and may.

It seems like you have proved that distance is nothing but a small obstacle that you both managed to overcome. However, this is not the end of your journey just yet. You still have to deal with the distance, while also navigating your relationship through this new status of yours. So, what are the things that you need to expect when you are in a long-distance engagement?

engaged and in a long distance relationship

Adjusting to Your New Status Now that you are engaged, the dynamics of your relationship may change. Whether you realize it or not, being engaged means that you are entering a deeper commitment with your significant other. This means that you and your significant other are ready to tell the public about your intention to get married one day.

Normally, couples got engaged a few months before the wedding date, but for long-distance couples sometimes they get engaged without having a wedding date set. There is no right or wrong in this case, as long as both of you are on the same page.

Long Distance Engagements

What matters is that you both are certain that you want to be married one day, and you are really serious in the relationship. For long-distance couples, being engaged can ease your feelings, make you feel less insecure, and hopefully make your relationship stronger. Breaking The News to Your Support System I understand that it may take a while for you to adjust to your new status as an engaged couple.

engaged and in a long distance relationship

When it happens, sometimes couples tend to hold off announcing the engagement. There are many different ways to break the news to your support system. You can do it the simple way, with a phone call or a text message, or you can also unleash the creative side of you and create a special announcement. With the help of technology, sharing a good news with your family and friends has been easier, even if they are living far away from you.

Tips for Engaged Long-Distance Relationships

You can create a video to share the engagement news, or you can also invite them to a group video call. Closing The Distance Usually, couples got engaged because they already have the end of the long-distance relationship in sight. They have been through the hurdles or a long distance relationship together and they are ready to close the distance. There are several things that you need to consider about closing the distance after you are engaged.

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First, you need to talk about the move. One of you has to make the move, and by being engaged it should give you a more peace of mind because you know that you already have a deeper commitment. For me, I prefer to be engaged first then talk about moving and such, rather than make a premature decision and get disappointed in the future. Virtual Gifts Care Packages: A small box with a love note, special gift, tasty treat, and other items can keep couples close. Enclose personal items - a favorite shirt, for example, or trading CDs - to add an even more sentimental touch.

Long distance engagements can make taking engagement portraits difficult, but a couple could take separate pictures to share with one another.

LDR – did getting engaged make it easier?

Send a photo inscribed with a personal note or in an engraved frame for a special gift. Couples can work to coordinate long distance vacations so they can spend some precious time together over weekends, holidays, or whenever their schedules can connect.

If the separation is hundreds or thousands of miles, choose vacation destinations in between to minimize travel time for both parties and to maximize time together. If a couple is spending their college years apart, they can opt for summer work that brings them together.

Mountain resorts, theme parksand other summer destinations often hire seasonal employees and offer affordable housing options. The art of the love letter is all but forgotten, but couples in long distance relationships can revive it.

engaged and in a long distance relationship