Enneagram 5 and 7 relationship

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enneagram 5 and 7 relationship

May 16, After people learn their own Enneagram type, the next question I invariably get asked is “what types go well together?” or “who should I be with Woman is Type 7 (Enthusiast). Man is Type 5 (Thinker) or Type 1 (Perfectionist). Enneagram Love Relationships Type 7. . 5 | Page. Type 2: The Helper / Giver. Type Two with a Type One: This is a relationship based on differences. This cycle can spiral downward disrupting the relationship as the Loyal Skeptic expresses Type 5, the Observer, and Type 7, the Epicure.

They may also run interference for Fives in social settings.

enneagram 5 and 7 relationship

Both like conversation and ideas and they love to explore new realms together. In short, this is a mixture of opposites with different attitudes about how to enjoy themselves and how to be fulfilled in the world.

enneagram 5 and 7 relationship

Potential Trouble Spots or Issues Fives tend to minimize their needs and their expectations of life, particularly whenever they are under more stress. They tend to see things in terms of scarcity and of being personally unprepared to meet the demands of the world.

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The result is that as pressures on them increase, Fives tend to withdraw and detach emotionally from everyone around them, and ultimately, even from themselves. They become more reclusive, isolated, disembodied minds who are difficult to break through to, much less to engage in constructive action. This pattern is very difficult on Sevens for whom quick action and having multiple escape routes is the norm.

As pressures increase on them, Sevens go into hyper-drive, going more places, doing more things, talking more, getting more advice, gossiping about their relationship problems, and possibly turning to substance abuse to control their mounting anxiety and sadness.

These problems only make Fives withdraw further and become frightened of someone who they see as out of control.

In the lower Levels, Fives can see Sevens as too escapist, superficial, intrusive, and coarse. The Seven wants the Five to be more fun so that their experience will be more positive.

Type Five: The Observer

Sevens embarrass Fives by being too effusive and glib. On the other hand, Sevens think Fives are cold and unresponsive. Both types respect detail, factual objectivity and accuracy, craftsmanship, and the ability to analyze situations without inserting personal opinions or biases.

As a pair, Fives and Sixes can be highly effective in dealing with crises because both are attuned to danger and to bringing their expertise to solve problems.

Fives also offer emotional calm, detached objectivity, observational skills, an unusual and penetrating curiosity, and an unwillingness to settle for easy answers. Sixes bring strongly held values and ideas that make them less objective than Fives although they are more passionate.

enneagram 5 and 7 relationship

Their very emotional reactivity—including anxiety and fear-gives Sixes a more sympathetic, human quality. Sixes are more openly unsure of themselves and often look to authorities of some kind including the Fives they trust to give them guidance and advice. Fives tend to be surer of their ability to think for themselves and to entertain new ideas. Fives also tend to be more skeptical and rejecting of authority.

enneagram 5 and 7 relationship

Fives are accepting of Sixes' changing needs for independence with connection; they are also patient with the Six's vacillations. The devotion of Sixes and understated caring can break through the Five's tendency to isolate.

Thus, Fives and Sixes, as a pair, tend to have a symbiotic intellectual relationship of doubt and decision, questions and answers, problems solved and problems discovered that can be endlessly stimulating.

In any event, for a relationship between these two opposite head types to work, there must be a tested and unshakable trust between them: Potential Trouble Spots or Issues The potential trouble spots between Fives and Sixes have already been hinted at above.

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In short, Fives and Sixes tend to think in diametrically opposite ways and often are on the opposite side of the fence in their conclusions. There will be a good deal of intellectual and emotional tension between them, for better or worse.