Eobard thawne and eddie relationship quizzes

20 Things Wrong With The Flash We All Choose To Ignore

eobard thawne and eddie relationship quizzes

Eddie Thawne (died May 19, ) was a police detective of the Keystone City Learning he would be Eobard's ancestor, Eddie would later sacrifice himself to . This strained their relationship, as Iris didn't think Eddie should hide anything. The Flash season 1 episode 22 eobard thawne . holes here, but in case you hadn't heard: Eddie Thawne didn't need to off himself to stop the Reverse Flash. Barry and Iris have become a cute couple, but their early will-they-won't-they relationship was . The Most Entertaining Quiz Site In The World. Joe tells Eddie no. Eddie decides to go along with the marriage proposal anyway , and he's so close to asking her when the Reverse-Flash.

The writers of the Arrowverse, however, didn't seem to agree with that conclusion. There's only one exception, and that's Caitlin Snow, aka Killer Frost. Killer Frost is Caitlin's evil side, the one that uses ice powers to terrorize the citizens of Central City. These ice powers somehow turn Caitlin evil, despite that happening to none of the other metahumans.

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It's all a pretty transparent attempt by the writers to spice things up and generate conflict by having Caitlin be a bad guy for some episodes, and it doesn't make a lot of sense.

Frequently, Barry's emotional arc rests on him coming to grips with the fact that he can't solve the problem by outrunning these villainous speedsters. Other, more creative solutions have to be found to stop these big bads, as it wouldn't be satisfying to see Flash simply be faster than them.

eobard thawne and eddie relationship quizzes

However, this also means that logically, the Flash is almost never actually the fastest man alive at any given time. Labs stays open despite not producing or researching anything new for years.

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Supposedly, Harrison Wells' past patents and contracts were so lucrative that the lab can function on just the income. That's a really thin explanation, as Wells' past inventions would have to be astronomically profitable for the math to even come close to making sense. There's also the question of the lab's reputation. Labs is canonically hated by the public of Central City, as everyone knows it was responsible for the particle accelerator explosion.

Even if you put money aside, it's highly unlikely that Central City's government or citizens would allow the lab to continue to work. After all, aside from moving at the speed of light, Barry Allen can travel through time, create lightning and tornadoes, phase through solid matter and access the mysterious Speed Force. But the problem is that Barry's powers are actually extremely simple: The constant monitoring of the future by Harrison Wells would imply that Barry Allen's future remains intact - despite Thawne fast forwarding his superhero origin by several years.

eobard thawne and eddie relationship quizzes

Apparently not, since just like in the comics Barry is destined to marry the intrepid reporter Iris West - although the hyphenated last name is something new. Interestingly, the previous looks at the newspaper had 'Evan Gibson' credited in the byline; take that as the writers keeping a secret, or another implied change in the timestream Now that both of the Arrow star's identities have been compromised, eroded, or left behind, a new name and mission has been expected for some time.

Given that, it should come as no surprise that when Starling City's vigilante comes to the aid of The Flash inhe will do so as 'Green Arrow' - the comic book hero's official title that the show's writers have chosen to avoid to this point.

As Stephen Amell promises an upcoming change to Arrow's structure that will leave fans spinning, we've speculated for some time that a run for office, and a step into the public spotlight not unlike Central City's Flash could be in the cards. Things seem to be getting worse for Queen before they get better, but the newspaper suggests a few more steps toward his traditional Green Arrow history should be expected soon. Barring some sort of time-altering event or crisis, obviously which, in this universe, is more likely than not.

But more than anything, the newspaper seems to suggest that Hawkgirl and The Atom will play a predicted role in the universe - not one mired in time travel or alternate timeline lore - as another potential "founding member" of the organization the A.


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eobard thawne and eddie relationship quizzes

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