Fabolous and emily relationship 2015 tax

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fabolous and emily relationship 2015 tax

A few weeks ago, Emily B gave birth to a bouncing baby boy with her longtime New York” star Emily B and her longtime boyfriend Fabolous welcomed a Baby Jackson joins big sister Taina (from Emily's previous relationship) and big brother Johan in photo Screen Shot at dubaiairporthotel.info DMX has been sentenced to 1 year in jail for tax invasion. We're told Emily first contacted police, telling them Fabolous had hit her. In , Turley placed a Craigslist ad with the title, "Play with Daddie's Little Girl. .. Relationship (5); Royalty (1); Series (15); Sports (7); television (32); Vacation (1). Fabolous was arrested Wednesday night after allegedly assaulting his longtime girlfriend, "Love and Hip Hop" star Emily B.

Ain't no part of him Dominican. TMW Was this before or after she got her teeth knocked out? Then she screams when he approaches her. He needs to do his time and never see her ss again. TMW It's hard for me to have sympathy for her. Even in the video she keeps walking up on him, so she clearly isn't that scared.

fabolous and emily relationship 2015 tax

He asked a very pointed question - "why do you have him at my house anyway? Any human is capable of violence if pushed far enough. She's been with that man long enough to know how to push his buttons. I still believe she wanted a confrontation with him and just never expected it to go that far.

fabolous and emily relationship 2015 tax

I say that because after he was threatening her in texts and had guns removed from the house, she still went home. That was just dumb.

fabolous and emily relationship 2015 tax

And she'll stay, which will just make her look even more dumb. TMW Then the sequence of events in the court documents make no sense, at least based on what I've read. If he left, which it looked like he was doing in the video, he came back and knocked her teeth out in front of her dad and brother??

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Scromes You didn't see him lay a hand on her, right? Enoughsaid She said, he hit her 7 times, and busted out her teeth, but where is the police report of that?. If this was true, not sure he would have been released that quick. I don't condone violence but he was clearly being provoked at his residence.

fabolous and emily relationship 2015 tax

KcoolMuziq That's because the whole story is not being told. TMW She was filming him! He told her to stop, smh. Idk why my knee jerk reaction to your comment was to laugh. And she is dumb. Meme Well according to Wikipedia last looked at 5 minutes ago Dominican Republic's population is estimated to be I feel sorry for their kids.

Emily B Talks About Her Relationship With Fabolous

Screaming in the background. There's no telling what they've seen. I don't care what she did or said you don't put your hands on people when you're angry. He's 40 and he should know better. Because her family was there. Scromes I think that was Fabs biggest issue with the situation. You get off a plane and head home and people are at your house you clearly stated you don't want at your house.

He not married, if he tells everybody to leave then everybody should leave right? I'm not saying he didn't have a right to be angry but in the real world you don't put your hands on people who piss you off. You definitely don't threaten to shoot them. I'm just surprising to see people trying to normalize this.

TMW I saw my brother constantly provoked by his dumb wife.

Fabolous Arrested for Aggravated Assault After Allegedly Hitting Girlfriend

I actually witnessed her when they were just dating try to run him over with a car and swear she was the victim. He had been with me and my mom all day and she was mad he wouldn't return her call. After that I witnessed too many times when she wasn't getting her way and would swear he hit her when he didnt, and would have him arrested and then bail him out. It was a dysfunctional relationship, but she was just as much to blame as he was.

That's why women don't get an automatic pass with me. I'm not with the whole cheating thing, and I truly don't get why side chicks feel the need to boast that shyt like it's cute or a game. Snapped got marathons due to shyt like this. This is why she takes back this boy time and time again under the guise of it being for the family. She will never be his wife, because he is well aware that he is not husband material.

She can go buy the biggest fake butt and breast implants and it means nothing, everyone likes a nice physiquehowever people of substance want more, and he's shown time and time again that he lacks and does not want substance! She shows her insecurity all the time and he plays on it. She should grow a pair and become an example to her children as to what not to take from a man, and if you as a women have self respect, values, common sense, and self loveyou'd never allow yourself to be in the position she's in time and time again.

I get that these characteristics and values must be cultivated. I do not feel sorry for her! ND probably likes her position. For now, til she scrolling thru fb n starts to fake value her morals. He has been claiming Em's daughter etc.

We all know Em is his girlfriend Heauxz these days are proud to suck the main chicks puzzy juices off a man's dyck then turn around and claim it's nothing because the dude isnt married Is it really cheating if the other person knows you out in these streets fugging anything with a hole? I don't understand the concept of home wrecking at all.

Why you not mad at the dude that lays with you? Only way I'd be mad at a chick taking a dude off my hands once you have him he can't come back to MY home is if she and I have a relationship.

Other than that good riddance to dirty dyck! Socialite is a more fitting term, especially since all he does is bar hop all across Atlanta. I still have no idea why some clubs are paying him to appear anywhere. His music has always been awful and I think he's starting to figure that out. He sleeps around a lot so she'll lose him how she got him.