Father and son relationship films

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father and son relationship films

Where Kubrick's previous film featured a father-son relationship of sheer mutual devotion (the final scene that Ryan O'Neal and his on-screen. One thing will not be on the following list: many may remember the highly synthetic father-son relationship portrayed in a series of films. The best father-son movies come in many forms. Some father son relationship movies are about struggle while other movies about fathers and son films are.

Udaan was truly an inspiring film which tells us to never let our dreams die and fight for them till we succeed. In all our lives there resides a Rohan and like Rohan all we need is to fight for what we desire. Udaan is extremely high on the emotional quotient.

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There is something in this film which we all can relate to and this is what makes it a must watch for everyone. And unlike most films, it also treated us to the dark truth that some fathers can be monsters too.

Ayan Mukerji Star Cast: Living in Mumbai, Sid has always got what he wanted since he was a kid. He was never told NO for anything. So, he grows up to be a carefree and lazy spoilt brat. Since he has no interest in studies, his father forces him to work for his company. But, Sid is unable to give in to that as well. Things take a turn for the worse when he find out that he has failed his graduation. Unable to deal with his parents after his failure, he decides to leave his house and lives with his friend Aisha Konkona Sen Sharmawho recently moved in from Kolkata.

Sid always had a passion for photography, so, he decides to pursue a career in something that he will enjoy doing.

father and son relationship films

With the help of Aisha, he gets a internship at a magazine as a photographer. Slowly but steadily, he realises the value of hardwork.

He realises that all the things that his father kept telling him and which he found useless, were actually true.

The 10 best father (mostly bad) and son films

In the end, when he gets his first paycheck, he rushes to his father's office. Upon seeing him, his father comes into tears after looking at this new avatar of his son and asks him to return home. The Race Against Time Director: Vipul Amrutlal Shah Star Cast: He gets married to his girlfriend Pooja Priyanka Choprawithout informing anyone in his house.

father and son relationship films

This makes his father, Ishwar Amitabh Bachchanrealise that his son treats everything in his like a game and he needs to bring in some sense of responsibility into him. In a sudden turn of events, he kicks out Aditya from his house along with his wife and they are forced to live in the outhouse. Aditya eventually realises that he should take responsibility for himself and his wife, who is soon expecting a baby.

He works hard and soon becomes a film star. Waqt taught us a very important message which is to cherish each moment that we have with our loved ones since we may never know when the time may run out.

father and son relationship films

Patiala House Director: Nikhil Advani Star Cast: Patiala House is said to be loosely based on the life of English cricketer Monty Panesar. The concept of the film was conceived by Rohan Nanda, who is the son of popular Hindi novelist Gulshan Nanda.

father and son relationship films

Gattu is living the life his father, Gurtej Rishi Kapoor chose for him. Gattu had always been good at cricket and he wanted to play the game at the highest level. His father even goes as far as telling him that he will commit suicide if Gattu ever touches the willow again.

5 Bollywood films that taught us the value of father-son relationships

Years later, Gattu gets a chance to play for England one for time. As he gets picked for England, the family tries to hide it from his father.

But, Gurtej eventually finds out the truth and has a heart attack because of that. Gattu continues to follow his passion by playing cricket hoping that his father will change his opinion. Disappointed by this behaviour, Gurtej locks himself up in the house.

"Father and Son" - a short film (Happy Father's Day !!)

She turns on the T. Gurtej watches with her and realises how badly he had treated his son. This is where more problems occur. Adding to the complication is the fact that sons are quite often expected to be like their fathers. Yes, the same goes for mother and daughter, but often not to so dramatic a degree.

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All this being stated, its small wonder that when the movies tackle this relationship its quite often intense and dramatic, though, as will be shown, there are some humorous moments to be found as well. One thing will not be on the following list: To this end, this list wants to keep it real, one way or another, and so these are the notable films about fathers and their sons chosen: The Kid The great silent comedy star-writer-director Charlie Chaplin eventually became father to ten children but, ironically, hardly knew his own.

father and son relationship films

At the time that Chapling decided that he needed to step up from short subject comedies into features, he was both fatherless and childless. In light of that, it makes it rather touching that his first feature would concern a surrogate father-son relationship. Chaplin plays his trademark character, The Tramp. She leaves the child where she hopes a millionaire will find and adopt him but The Tramp finds him first.

The little boy matures into Jackie Coogan, the first great child star of the movies. He and Chaplin have perfect chemistry as The Tramp, with no knowledge of children, ingeniously finds ways to raise the little tyke and teach him to be kind but slyly clever in a cruel world not sympathetic to the poor.

There are some fine gags in this film but the Chaplin-Coogan synergy is what truly makes it memorable. Like Chaplin, Keaton was born into a performing world in which his familywas none too prosperous. However, Keaton knew his father, Joe, all too well. The Keaton parents were long time performers when their child came into the world and were not above using the child to milk applause until the very early time came for the boy to join the act.

In this one Bill, Sr. Ernest Torrance, one rough customer on screena longtime paddle boat owner on the Mississippi, is waiting for Bill, Jr. As with most films of this time and type, the hero finds a way, saves the day, and shows dad that he is worth something.

Directed by the great King Vidor and scripted to by Oscar winning screen writer Frances Marion yes, a woman! Things come to a head when mom Irene Rich reappears, having indeed found a better place for herself, and now she wants her abandoned son back, in order to provide a better place for him. This film puts a face on it.

I Was Born, But…. One of his lighter and more delightful, but equally profound films is I Was Born, But…. This film concerns what happens when dad is shown to be human being, not a superman, and how two brothers must accept that fact and learn to still love and respect their father, though, in their eyes, he may not be a man among men.

As the film which is silent, since the silent era lasted until the mids in Japan opens as a family with two young sons is moving to a new neighborhood in the suburbs of Tokyo and many may be surprised at how modern and western is all seems.

The sons, like many newcomers, have troubles with a neighborhood gang and bullies at school and try to play hooky due to those forces but dad finds out and will have none of it. However, he, as they surely will, had to face facts and sometimes even proud and good men must grovel in order to provide for their families. This is one prime reason dad is the boss in his home and deserves respect, as the boys come to realize.

However, many may miss that this film is actually about many things, not the least of which is the joys of family life that often come along with the responsibilities and burdens inherent in family relationships, especially inter-generational ones.

As many know, George Bailey the great James Stewart is a man on the brink.