Federer and nadal relationship help

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federer and nadal relationship help

Roger Federer had nothing but positive things to say about Rafael Nadal, reflecting on how their relationship has developed over the years. Federer expanded on his relationship with Nadal at a news conference after the event, adding: "All the matches that you've played against one. Rafael Nadal Comments on Relationship with Roger Federer Helps me that he made some double faults, two double faults. Then I played.

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I think Jared have a positive future, in my opinion. You spoke about Nick on Sunday after you played him in the final. I have my opinion, but at the same time, you have to talk with — I was sleeping in my room.

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So I just check. So I want to ask, how is your relationship with Roger privately? Privately is not very interesting smiling. No, we have a good relationship. We always had a good relationship. Of course a lot of respect for each other since the beginning. We have been under pressure situations during all our careers playing against each other, so I think is very good news that at this point we still have that very good relationship, no?

And of course being together in the Laver Cup was a little bit closer with all the players, and of course with Roger have been in a special situation that we were, I think, to — well, almost to all the guys on the team. Yeah, we spend time together.

federer and nadal relationship help

We spoke a lot about things, tennis, we played the doubles together. So that makes the relationship a little bit stronger, no? But always have been a positive one, and now probably a little bit more. This is a tournament where they start giving us the information on the possibilities for you to end the year as year-end No.

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And how important is that, really, particularly at this stage in your career? That happens, will be I think a very important achievement for me, no? But remain work to do.

I have probably one of the toughest opponents that you can have to achieve that thing, and especially in this part of the season. So probably he is maybe more favored than nobody else, these kind of surfaces. I am playing well, I think.

federer and nadal relationship help

Last week have been a very important week for me, and today I started well the tournament. Every match is important now. Federer, though, maintains a great deal of respect for his rival and he insists it's a friendly rivalry that has never gotten ugly.

I don't quite remember what tournament it was, but obviously the first time I played against him in Miami. I think I must have been world no. Even though it's just one match, there's still so much work he has to do, which clearly he did. Obviously, he's younger than me, maybe looked up to me at the very beginning. So I think he was always very respectful.

Rafael Nadal Comments on Relationship with Roger Federer – Rafael Nadal Fans

So I think, from the start, it was just mutual respect. Didn't speak much at the very beginning, was shy. We started to, I don't want to say hang out more together, but we saw each other more and started to speak more together. So from this standpoint, we never really had any issues together. We talk about many things.