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fushimi and yata relationship quiz

or take thousands of fushimi saruhiko stories, quizzes, and other creations. Yata's P.O.V. A story about friends and the possible relationship in the future. The break in their relationship rose from Yata switching the main focus of his attention from Fushimi to the Red King when they joined HOMRA. As Yata grew. SaruMi/MiSaru; Sort of AU; Drama/Romance – Kind of a bittersweet story. .. wanted to tell Yata about HOMRA or the current situation of their relationship. .. Their math teacher had given a pop quiz first thing in the morning.

However, this is only really the case when facing Yata. He does so in order to reflect his deceased father, copying a few of his mannerisms to make Yata hate him. Other than Yata, Fushimi has not shown any signs of toying with other enemies he comes into contact with.

Fushimi dislikes most of his work's duties and a handful of the people that he is forced to work with, preferring not to spend time socializing with coworkers.

As such, he also prefers not to participate in most of his Clan's special events or social activities that are not strictly work-related. However, he will cooperate if necessary with little actual argument, save for perhaps a few muttered complaints.

At the same time, he will often disregard his associates and act on his own. While focused on an objective, Fushimi is willing to use some fairly ruthless methods to make his work go more quickly and smoothly, such as drugging an innocent civilian to use her biological computer access. He will even attack former allies without hesitation in order to accomplish his goals. Although he displays a pessimistic character, lacking enthusiasm for most things, he still, deep in his heart respects his previous King, Mikoto Suoh, as he says his name with honorifics, which he seldom uses with others.

However, it is noted in Side: RED and one of the short stories that he is also considerably afraid and intimidated by Mikoto. This fear was clearly evident when Mikoto broke out of the Scepter 4 Jail. Fushimi raised his saber but couldn't use it against his former king and was instead shaking at the thought of facing Mikoto head on.

Whenever Fushimi is alone with Munakata, it is noticeable how Munakata often speaks almost casually to him, even taking the time to tease him once in a while, much to his annoyance; he is most likely the Blue King's favorite because he doesn't hesitate to say what is on his mind, although he has a great amount of respect for him, and although he won't admit it, he views Munakata as the father he never had.

Even with different clans and different paths in life, he still hasn't really given up on his best friend Yata Misaki. Referred to In the Radio Drama 'Izumo's Room' he indicated that if he had been in Yata's place he would have followed his best friend to Scepter 4. Much of his taunting of Yata in the series is a childish attempt to regain Yata's attention. He cannot tolerate fading into the background of Yata's life and would rather have the negative attention given an enemy than none at all.

In the drama cd, he attempted to help her get out from between two vending machines when he noticed that she was stuck, and in K: Days of Blue, he helped her and Tatara Totsuka escape a deluded strain who had his eyes on her after he found them visiting the strain horse Anna had befriended.

Although he seems awkward around children, and seems to want nothing to do with them, he often ends up indulging them; they seem to enjoy his company, and animals also seem to be quite fond of him. All in all, even though he tries to deny it, and not many people see it, he is a kindhearted person, but just doesn't know how to go about it since no one ever really taught him to be.

Relationship As it goes through the first season K. Misaki and Saruhiko have a very horrible relationship, even when you consider their middle school friendship. Misaki wishes that he could just 'have his best friend back' in only a certain way and shows a lot of hatred towards Saruhiko. Where Saruhiko, he wants to grab Misakis attention. He doesn't care what KIND of attention, any attention is fine by him. Even if it has to be hatred, it's better then nothing at all.

All of this goes throughout till the last season. Though in the movie K: Saruhiko actually helps Misaki find Anna so he can save her. Showing that he still thinks about him.

Isn't that a good enough clue!? On the last episode of K: It shows Misaki saving Saruhiko from Gojo Sukuna. When the two were escaping the angered J-Rank, Misaki started to talk about how 'his king was Munakata all along' and that he understands that now. Leading them back to their old friendship. Well, at least some sort of friendship. My Opinion Honestly, I ship these two like hell is loose. Let's start out with Saruhiko's opinion on Misaki.

No matter what kind of attention! I mean the anime is already gay enough- But honestly, when I have to talk about Misakis opinion on Saruhiko.

That drives it back a little. The thought of a group of adult men picking on a granny put him on edge. Are you really that brainless? There was no time to think. Oh, and stop calling me by that name. It grosses me out when you say it! It remained questionable if the two could converse without trying to kill one another.

It seemed absolutely hopeless to even try to salvage the friendship. I'm going to—" Yata's words were cut off as he felt a hand place itself on his chest. The crow looked at the elderly woman, who also had her other hand-small and frail, against Saruhiko's chest. Although she was blind, it appeared as if she were gazing deep into their souls.

The blind woman opened her mouth, and in an almost trance-like state, she began speaking. In return for saving me, I want to help you two find peace and happiness in your lives. Good luck, little ones. It then felt as if he were falling down a dark, endless pit. Suddenly, he felt his body slam into the ground and then… Misaki's Side — First Encounter "Ahh, right. So that's what had happened.

First, the crow picked himself off the ground and dusted the dirt and debris from his clothes. He would need to go back to his part-time job and see if he had been fired or not. Misaki glided on his skateboard, feeling nostalgia as he passed his old middle school. Yata, too focused on staring at the building, didn't see the male student in front of him before it was too late. The two collided into each other with a loud crash as Misaki's skateboard was flung off of the curb and right into oncoming traffic, which ultimately sealed the fate of the board.

The crow was the first to look up as he saw the thin and pale student on the ground, feeling around for the glasses that had been thrown off his face during collision. I wasn't paying attention.

One that he had heard many times before.

fushimi and yata relationship quiz

The vanguard's eyes began to widen as the blue-eyed student stared at him in confusion. Still in absolute shock, the Red clansman began to mutter to himself, "What the hell is going on here?

He was suddenly knocked back by some strange burst of air after the elderly woman had touched the arguing duo moments before. The entire alleyway was a cloudy haze, too thick to see anything clearly. As he reached around for his glasses, the Blue felt a warm body lying against his chest. As he began to put his glasses back on, he grabbed the smaller man by the shoulder and said, "Misaki, are you alright?

What was—" As the smoke cleared away, Fushimi's eyes widened in surprise. For some reason, Yata was no longer wearing his usual attire. Instead, the chestnut-haired boy sported a uniform that appeared to be what the two had worn in middle school. His hair also seemed longer, styled in the way he had in his younger days. The little crow was curled up, fast asleep in Fushimi's lap. The Blue's eyes darted around the alleyway, searching for the old lady.

She was nowhere to be found. What did she do to Misaki? Why did he look like how he did in his middle school days? As the sun rose and began to fill the room with light, the smaller boy began to rub his eyes. With a yawn, he sat up and stretched. There was a larger man sleeping beside him.

Yata immediately became flustered and tossed a pillow at the unknown man's face. What the hell am I doing here, you bastard! That voice sounded familiar. It was a bit deeper than what he was used to, but undeniably, there was only one person out there who said his name that way. The small crow desperately swiped the glasses off of the bed stand beside him and slammed the glasses onto the blue-eyed man's face.

Misaki couldn't believe the person he saw lying in front of him. Despite being older, the person beside him was none other than his best friend. Feeling sweat droplets forming all over his face, Yata opened his mouth and whispered, "…Saruhiko? Somehow I got thrown back in time or some weird shit like that! Why do you look exactly the same as you did when you were younger?

fushimi and yata relationship quiz

It was true that the vanguard stayed about the same height since middle school. It irked him even more to know that Saruhiko teased him incessantly for looking like a middle schooler, despite almost being an adult. It really annoyed him to know that even in his younger form, the monkey still would be taking a shot at his child-like appearance. The blue-haired boy sat quietly for a moment. His eyes then suddenly opened wide, and the crow could have sworn that there was a glimmer of hope shining in his blue eyes.

The older version of you is a sadistic, twisted bastard that betrays me and leaves me. That is really…disappointing…" The glimmer in his eyes disappeared and an empty, saddened expression soon replaced it.

Yata suddenly felt guilty. He had just told the younger Fushimi that he grows up to be an unlikeable person. This was the same as him bullying someone. The vanguard sighed and placed a hand on the blue-eyed boy's shoulder. I didn't mean it that way. He had video games strewn all over the floor. There was a bag of potato chips and a pile of manga lying on his bed. A pile of dirty clothes sat in the corner of the room.

Saruhiko Fushimi

The chestnut-haired man scanned around the room until he found what he was looking for. There is my skateboard! Is it like a gang? Well, at least you did until you betrayed us and went to join the damn Blues instead," Misaki said through clenched teeth. Once they see my mark, they will at least know that I'm really a clansman, and hopefully they will help me.

I don't see anything there, Misaki. The red flame mark was no longer engraved on his chest. It looked as if the mark had never existed. As his palms became sweaty, he mumbled under his breath, "Really. What the hell is going on here…" Saruhiko's Side — The Boy and the Monkey "Heeehhh…so what you're telling me is that you're not really fifteen year old Saruhiko, but you're really age nineteen?

It had been a long time since the amber-eyed boy looked at Fushimi without any hint of malice or annoyance.

Surprisingly, it made the blue-haired man feel a bit uncomfortable as the younger version of his best friend gazed intensely at his face, analyzing every inch of it. The story itself sounded really fishy, and Saruhiko knew that if someone told him the same exact thing, he would dismiss it as some lame joke or something. But this is Misaki we're talking about. The smaller boy suddenly grabbed onto Fushimi's hands and shouted out, "Wow! So how did you manage to do it?

fushimi and yata relationship quiz

Did you end up inventing some crazy time machine in the future and take over the world!? To him, it was weird to see his friend with a new hairstyle and older features, but it was exciting at the same time.

Also I don't know why you are here instead of the real Misaki from this time. What's with those clothes you're wearing!? Is that some sort of uniform for school or work or something?

fushimi and yata relationship quiz

Where are we anyway? Is this your apartment? Hey, hey, do we live together in the future or something? He forgot how it felt to actually be doted upon by his best friend.

This is the dormitory where I'm staying in. What do I do in the future? Well, if anything, he might as well make it sound as bad as possible. Maybe then he could convince the younger Misaki to follow him instead. The two always talked about staying together after middle school was done, and they would both try to find something worth spending time on. Saruhiko sighed and stared straight into the boy's eyes. Anyway, do you want to eat something? Oh, and Saruhiko, show me around your workplace.

Maybe if it's cool enough, I'll try to get in myself so we can be together again! He felt a burst of joy surging through his body at the thought of his Misaki, who sounded so willing, wanting to follow him and stay by his side. The two stood up and walked out of the dormitory. Saruhiko couldn't help but to smile as he saw the smaller boy talk excitedly close beside him. Misaki's Side — A Face Long Forgotten "Wow, looks like your middle school uniform still fits you well, Misaki," Saruhiko said as he looked his friend up and down.

Yata could feel his face grow hot as he stared into the mirror. The fact was that his clothes, from when he was age fifteen, still fit him. It irked the amber-eyed man greatly. Even more so, the fact of the matter was that the fifteen year old version of his best friend was still taller than him.

While he watched his friend remove his shirt, Saruhiko slowly analyzed the older Misaki. Although his height didn't change that much, his body was more muscular than it used to be. His hair was cut shorter and even more unruly.

k project yata x fushimi (hallelujah)

Although he still had a baby face, he did have some features that made him appear more adult-like. All-in-all, it was definitely Misaki, and the blue-haired boy was happy to be by his side. If you have something on your mind, speak up. No one is going to understand you if you don't say anything. When the two had entered HOMRA, the chestnut-haired man would often catch his best friend gazing at him silently. Like a broken record, Yata constantly reminded Saruhiko to open up instead of hiding what he was thinking.

Though unhappily, the vanguard of HOMRA could admit that one of his weaknesses was the lack of ability to read other people's thoughts or feelings. The less time the two spent together, the worse it became-especially when Fushimi betrayed HOMRA and left him for the Blue clan that day.

saruhiko and yata’s relationship - ¿?¿?¿?

It was already 10PM. The little crow turned to Saruhiko and asked, "Hey, it's pretty late right now. Do you just want to stay over for the night? When was the last night that he and Saru actually slept in the same room? If he were back in his original time, he couldn't even stand being within the same vicinity of the monkey, yet after seeing his old best friend standing beside him, it made Yata feel relaxed and comfortable.

Although his first reaction was happiness, the blue-eyed boy had to remind himself that this Misaki was the adult version of him. As he briefly discussed earlier, the two weren't on good terms with each other.

It made the boy fearful that Yata would hate him too. Because Yata's apartment was bare-bones and very tiny, there wasn't enough space on the floor to put a futon down, so in the end, the two would always share a bed together. Would it be awkward if they slept beside each other? After all, he was a stranger in a way.

Saruhiko shook his head. It should be fine. In the end, it'll just be easier to be nice to the boy,since as of right now, he was the only person who could help him search for clues. Yata went over to his bottom drawer and pulled out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

Put them on and come to bed. I'm going to sleep now. It made Fushimi feel a bit hopeful. Maybe he and his future self aren't completely on bad terms, as the crow still recalled little details about him. The boy quickly changed into his sleepwear and walked over to the lamp. Saruhiko pulled the switch and approached the bed.

Yata had really fallen asleep within the few minutes of their conversation. After he turned off the light, Fushimi crawled into bed beside the crow. The bed was really intended for one person max, so they had to squeeze in together. Saruhiko blushed as he was close enough to feel Yata's breath on him.

The boy stared at the face that was inches from his, which was reflecting the moonlight beaming down from the window. His sleeping face was still the same. Misaki's scent was still the same. His warmth was also just right. It seemed that age didn't take away any of those qualities that the younger boy loved.

Saruhiko removed his glasses and after placing them on the bedside table, the blue-eyed boy closed his eyes and quickly fell asleep. The chestnut-haired man was the first to awaken, as the sunlight began to peek into the apartment.

The crow let out a big yawn as he opened his eyes. When his vision began to focus on his surroundings, Misaki jumped a bit, almost forgetting that he and the younger Saru slept together last night. The man looked down to his waist and saw the blue-eyed boy's arms around him. Yata began to recall the many times he had woken up to find Fushimi's arms wrapped around his body, hugging the Red clansman close: You know, since you are a single-celled idiot, you should sell yourself as a personal space heater because you won't be able to find someone who will hire you for any real job.

How many years has it been since he saw such a vulnerable, defenseless expression? The only face that the vanguard ever saw from Saruhiko was his annoying smirk or a look of anger. Misaki couldn't help but to smile as he gazed upon the monkey's long eyelashes, the pale, smooth skin that used to rub affectionately against him, and his thin, but moist lips he used to kiss every day… The little crow felt his heart jump as he quickly shook himself out of his deep thoughts.

I'm supposed to be focusing on getting myself the fuck out of here," he muttered as he crawled out of bed. He knew that Fushimi was not a morning person, and it would probably take a few times to get him up. Yata decided that he would make breakfast for the two of them first, and then he would drag the shitty monkey out of bed literally by his feet. As the Red clansman peered inside his fridge, he immediately cringed. Not learning how to cook until he had entered HOMRA, Misaki could see he only had boxes of leftovers or half-eaten convenience store bentos.

And the food is a hell of a lot better than the convenience store food we always ate," Misaki said as he began to slurp his white miso soup. The little crow was as messy as always when he ate breakfast. His table manners were also as bad as ever, and Saruhiko could see food strewn all over the table in front of them. Yata even had a bit of rice stuck to his cheek. Suddenly, an idea popped into the Blue clansman's head.

With a devious smile, he said, "Misaki. What is it Sa—" Misaki stopped speaking as he could feel a warm tongue against his cheek. The chestnut-haired boy shot up out of his chair as he began to stutter, "W-w-what the fuck are you doing out in public, Saru! If you're going to do something like that, at least tell me ahead of time, you stupid monkey.

He figured that the crow had come from the time when the two had actually become intimate with each other. The blue-eyed man could feel joy surging through his body. However, the flames of happiness were quickly extinguished when he heard a certain annoying female voice behind him. Why is this person here at our headquarters? Awashima Seri was actually a bit surprised by this action.

She knew that her intimidating look would occasionally make people blush or avert their eyes from her direction, but she never had straight-out made someone hide away from her in fear. The blue-haired man clicked his tongue and scowled. I don't know how, but he suddenly appeared before me yesterday. Are you seriously expecting me to believe such a story?

You've sunk to a new low even for you, Fushimi. What the hell are you doing, Saru! His symbol isn't th—" The third-in-command's eyes widened in shock as he saw the flame symbol on the boy in front of him. Why do you have that man's mark on you? The crow looked down at his left shoulder. What do you mean 'that man's mark? I don't think I've ever seen him around before.

Is he a new member of the Red clan or something? Back in the blue-haired man's room, the two sat in silence on the bed together. Fushimi was the first to break the silence. No, that's not possible. The chestnut-haired boy had always been the worst liar, as the boy wore his heart on his sleeve. He couldn't find an explanation for this.

It's best I keep him away from that trash for now," he thought. When Fushimi looked beside him, he could see the little crow leaning forward on his hands and knees, looking at the Blue clansman.

Yata Misaki was too adorable back then. His pink, soft lips…his curious gaze coming from his beautiful amber eyes…his firm and round ass… The Blue clansman quickly snapped himself out of his thoughts. Would it be corrupting a minor if he did anything to Misaki? There would be no harm in just hugging and kissing Misaki occasionally. Besides, Misaki was the one who so willingly wanted to stay with me since he came to this time period.

With a gentle smile, the Scepter 4 officer gently kissed Misaki on the forehead and embraced him closely. Maybe having this version of Misaki wouldn't be bad at all. I know that you are stupid, but why the fuck are you getting even worse scores on your exams than you did when you were fifteen?

fushimi and yata relationship quiz

The crow's cheeks turned a rosy pink color. It's been a while since I've done any of this kind of stuff! Their math teacher had given a pop quiz first thing in the morning.

It was just simple algebra, yet to the chestnut-haired man, it might as well have been rocket science. Saruhiko clicked his tongue as he stood up, grabbed his bag, and gripped onto Misaki by his arm, dragging him out of the classroom. What the fuck do you think you're doing!? The blue-eyed boy sighed and glared at the man in front of him. You're still just the same single-celled moron that you were four years ago. Instead of rising to the challenge, Fushimi opened his bag and handed Misaki a bento box.

He had grown so accustomed to fighting with the monkey that he didn't even think about solving the issue without violence. Saruhiko was always rough and abrupt in his way of speaking, but then he made up for it by being kind and helping Yata out whenever he needed someone to calm him down or to help him.

The two sat side-by-side, eating their lunches peacefully. You are picking out your vegetables again! You know, you never quit that bad habit of yours even when you're older.

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No wonder you grow up to be so lanky and sickly looking. He quickly grabbed a piece of green pepper with his chopsticks and turned to his friend beside him. Grinning mischievously, Yata said, "Hey…Saru…I'm going to make you learn how to eat your vegetables now.

I refuse to eat any of those shitty, revolting vegetables. Well, I'm older and stronger than you now, so I'll force them into your mouth if you don't do it willingly! The blue-haired boy began to thrash about as Yata put his entire weight against his body. Although he didn't physically increase in size, the Red clansman had become a lot stronger than when he was younger.

Misaki managed to get the vegetable past his lips and into the boy's mouth before Fushimi managed to push the vanguard off of him. Saruhiko grabbed his milk and took a chug, trying to wash away the terrible taste in his mouth. Then, a plot for vengeance appeared in the blue-haired boy's mind.