Gamora and nebula relationship tips

Nebula & Gamora: Tackling Abuse In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 |

gamora and nebula relationship tips

Which is why Gamora and Nebula have their own complex, love/hate relationship . They are prisoners of the Mad Titan and in the cold of their. According to Karen Gillan, the second film delves more deeply into Nebula and Gamora's dysfunctional sisterly relationship. At first glance, the relationship between Gamora, Nebula, and Thanos might appear to be one comprised entirely of enmity. After all, in the.

Thanos was an abusive father, turning these young girls against one another for sick entertainment, making them compete to survive. Every time Nebula lost, Thanos replaced a part of her with a cybernetic enhancement to make her as capable as her sister, a process that continued until she was mostly machine.

  • Nebula & Gamora: Tackling Abuse In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2

She blames Gamora for this. How can she not? Raised to believe her sister was the reason she was unmade, Nebula focuses all her anger on finally gaining the upper hand.

gamora and nebula relationship tips

But even Gamora only did what she had to in order to survive. One of the unfortunate hallmarks of growing up in an abusive household is anger built up in the long run.

The tools used to raise us are the often the tools we learn to use ourselves, including physical abuse and emotional manipulation. For as much as fellow abused siblings can be the object of anger, so too are they capable of mutual support thanks to their common experience. One of the videos in question features the father pitting two of his younger children against one another in a slapping competition, ending in the youngest and the only girl in clear and explicit anguish. The similarity is also worth noting since the conversation around the channel exploded into numerous debates: What can be parsed from the continued support for the channel and the surrounding arguments is the fact that the emotional and physical abuse of children is both far too normalized as well as under-discussed, and the long-term effect it has on kids continues to manifest until adulthood, something Gunn is adept at expressing through Nebula.

In the film, we see Nebula on a self-destructive, vengeful path. The Graces may not have lasted long they appear to have since disbandedbut it's possible that Gamora's team-up with Nebula there helped inform their storylines in the MCU.

She tried to start with the Skrull empire, attacking one of Thanos' outposts that the Skrulls had taken over.

How Guardians 2 Flipped The Script On Gamora And Nebula's Relationship

Then an Avenger arrived on the scene-- but it wasn't one of the Avengers we know and love today. That was when Nebula claimed to be Thanos' granddaughter and therefore Starfox's relative.

This caused Starfox to hesitate, and partially because of that hesitation, Nebula continued her destructive attacks on several planets.

gamora and nebula relationship tips

Nebula reiterated her claims of familial connection to Thanos when the Mad Titan himself reappeared. Thanos was less than impressed by Nebula's assertion, and the encounter resulted in Nebula's aforementioned zombie-fication. In the comics Nebula wasn't an abused, adopted child of Thanos, but a conqueror in her own right who claimed a connection by blood.

How Guardians 2 Flipped The Script On Gamora And Nebula's Relationship

The most prominent of these is his nihilism, which constantly clashes with his sensitive emotions. While in the film his love for his daughter manifests only at his most vulnerable moments, he expressed it much more openly in the comics-- by giving Gamora Christmas presents.

Thanos apparently wanted Gamora to have as "normal" a childhood as possible, so he observed Earth holidays with her, for some reason.

gamora and nebula relationship tips

Look, don't try to find a way that this makes sense, because it doesn't. Marvel needed a story for its Holiday Special, and decided Thanos and Gamora would be perfect for it. The story revolves around Thanos giving Gamora a normal childhood because that will somehow make her a better fighter, so he gives her a doll to play with on Christmas.

Gamora is grateful, Thanos is as tender as Thanos can be, and he remembers the day fondly. Thanos' version of balance is to halve the population of each planet, and it is for this purpose he wants the Infinity Gauntlet - so he can do it quickly and effortlessly.

Gamora and Nebula belonged to two races that fell to Thanos the Zehoberei and the Luphomoids, respectively. They were both taken as children after Thanos decimated their home planets. In the desperate struggle for the Gauntlet, perhaps the greatest of all of Thanos' foes was Adam Warlock, a scientifically engineered human with a vast array of superpowers, chief among them the ability to perform magic at a quantum level, strengthened by a connection to the Soul Gem.

It was Adam Warlock who ended up with the Infinity Gauntlet at the end of the crossover event and reset the timeline, restoring life to those Thanos had destroyed. It was also Adam Warlock whom Gamora fell in love with. Warlock trusted Gamora so much that he gave her the Time Stone for safekeeping, so that the Infinity Stones could never again be wielded all together in the Gauntlet.

Gamora found herself falling in love with Adam Warlock, growing jealous of his affection for his other partners.

gamora and nebula relationship tips

She had trouble realizing her true feelings, however, and this instability led to her giving him back the Time Stone. Both characters have since had other lovers, but none of them were as much of a slap in the face to Thanos as this pairing.

gamora and nebula relationship tips

See, in the comics, Gamora was given a chance to finally end Thanos. Both of these events show that it isn't just Thanos who holds on to sentimentality.