Glimmer and cato relationship

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glimmer and cato relationship

It was really odd, seeing as Glimmer is from District 1, and Cato is from Games and I don't remember them ever having that relationship. Plus, there was no way for Glimmer and Cato to get out of the arena alive. .. scenes of the Hunger Games. i love clato its my favorite hunger games relationship. I always looked as Cato and Clove's relationship the same way I looked at Peeta Cato Hunger GamesGlimmer Hunger GamesClove Hunger GamesHunger.

Glimmer stood in the training facility gawking at Cato as he threw weights. Cato caught her eye and smirked and winked before throwing the next one. Clove who could see the whole thing from where she was practicing with her knives growled.

She threw her next one hitting the practice dummy right where a person's heart would be. When the tributes went to lunch Glimmer sat next to Cato holding onto his arm and giggling while she batted her eyelashes at him. She considered throwing one of the knives at the table at Glimmer's head before she noticed Marvel's expression. He was glaring at the couple - Cato to be specific. Cato likes me and that thing. That thing likes Cato and Marvel here likes it too. Cato agreed and she squeeled when she did.

Clove threw up a bit at that before storming away from the table. That evening Clove exploded when the two were alone. What on Earth could you possibly see in that stupid, blonde, giggling, slut? I thought you cared about me! I'm just missing with one's head. Besides don't you remember the rules we have about our relationship? We can't let anyone know that we're together I know it's just painful to see you acting like that with someone else especially her," Clove pouted.

After that it will be just you and me. I'll even let you kill her if you want," Cato compromised. Use that information as you will," Clove said before kissing Cato good night and walking into her room. The first couple of days were painful for Clove to watch. Cato was allowing Glimmer - 'what a stupid name' Clove thought - to flirt with him.

He even allowed her to use him as a pillow the first couple of nights. When twelve let the tracker jacker hive fall Clove ran out of there as fast as she could forgetting all about Glimmer, Cato, and the others. When she found out the tracker jackers had killed Glimmer Clove was ecstatic. She finally had Cato all to herself. When the delusions from the tracker jacker venom had run out and she and Cato had reunited she ran up to him and kissed him.

Marvel staring in the background at the two other tributes. Hunting Cato," she snarls before screaming: Cato knows where he cut him. You've probably got him strapped up in some tree while you try to keep his heart going.

What's in the pretty little backpack? That medicine for Lover Boy? Too bad he'll never get it. One Shot of their relationship inside the Arena, told by four different careers.

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I really really like CatoXClove so I wrote this story. Sorry if it's kind of crappy but I came up with this story really quick. So basically, this story is about the relationship of Cato and Clove. It might be kind of confusing since I might switch POV at random times. Cato loves Clove and Clove loves Cato. It was simple, nothing like Katniss and Peeta's public romance. Cato and Clove's romance was a secret, not even the mentors didn't know about it, nor does anyone else.

Except for Glimmer, she had known about Cato and Clove. It wasn't much of a surprise, Glimmer had read enough of those girly, gossip magazines which taught Glimmer all about love. Glimmer had also known that it was best to leave them alone. For a pretty teenage girl from District 1, it was only normal for her to know love more than anything else. Glimmer had spent quite some time back at District 1 flirting with handsome boys, reading daily gossip magazines, testing perfumes and making herself look even more glamorous.

Daily work like luxuries for the Capitol, stones and gems? Teenage girls in District 1 have better things to do. It was a promise they vowed to keep no matter how bad situations are. Back in District 2, they had never encountered each other. Sure enough they had seen each other at school but they didn't pay much attention. Cato was just some kind of muscular boy to Clove.

Clove was probably another of those preppy girls to Cato. Aren't all girls like that? Cato prefer to spend his time with his friends training for the Hunger Games, he never had a crush on anyone. He never knew what love was like.

Until the reaping started, Cato had prepared to volunteer. He loved the Hunger Games and wanted to take part in it badly. He had watched it for many years and had envy the tributes of District 2 greatly. This year, Cato is He had enough training and he knew this year is going to be his year. He'll volunteer before anyone would. Clove liked the Hunger Games like most District 2 citizens. It's always so exciting seeing all those killing, blood and gore.

Clove was pleased when she was reaped. She didn't volunteer though, she made sure nobody did. Clove knew she is going to win the Hunger Games for herself. Her pride and glory. Clove promised herself she is going to put on a good show for the audience to watch as she kills each tributes.

One by one slowly. For the first time in the train to the Capitol, Cato and Clove had spoken to each other. He had not noticed how wonderful Clove was. Not yet, but he will soon. Clove was the first one to fall. It was hard for her.

glimmer and cato relationship

She had tried not to love someone she might need to kill in the arena. She can't, it was impossible. She loved Cato since the train.

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She offered to be allies with him which Cato agreed because they're District partners and they're a part of the careers. Cato had never seen Clove differently as he did before the reapings at that time. But there's still some time before the Hunger Games start.

Cato was dressed in a Peacekeeper suit which was full of weapon, fake blood and more weapons. District 2 provides weapons and peacekeepers. Cato's costume was easy for his stylist to think of.

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It fits his district perfectly. Clove was dressed in a dress variation of the Peacekeeper suit. It was also full of weapons and fake blood, but they're not matching. Cato is excellent in many weapons which all his specialities was stuck onto his costume. Meanwhile, Clove was also good at many weapons, but she has one particular weapon that she's the best at.

She would never miss her target with a knife. Her dress was full of knives, different sizes and shapes of knives. The chariot rides were perfect. Since Cato and Clove are from District 2, the crowd is not bored yet. They cheered for both tributes loudly.

Cato + Glimmer = Glato

Cato and Clove was perfect until Katniss Everdeen came. The fake fire blazed behind her, Clove had hated her. The crowd had cheered louder for a filthy District 12 girl. Clove had told Cato she wanted to kill the goody-two shoes Katniss. I'm going to kill that Fire Girl. Although District 12 tributes are very weak, it's not easy for somebody to say that. Clove doesn't even know Katniss and her strength yet.

Cato doesn't understand any of it. Clove is the same preppy girl right? Cato and his friends had agreed that all girls are strange and doesn't worth to spend time with. Cato had fully agreed with that, he had agreed with that statement with all his heart until now Clove for some reason made his heart leap. Last time he checked, Clove looked the same. There was nothing changed, she hadn't dyed her hair, coloured her face or anything.

Sometimes Clove blush when she is talking to her crush and Cato smiles when he is talking to Clove. But Cato who hadn't experienced love yet doesn't know that he liked her. He was still convinced that something had changed Clove's appearance but he just didn't notice the thing that had done so.

glimmer and cato relationship

Glimmer had noticed Cato and Clove's reactions during training. It was obvious for a girl like her but others doesn't seem to have a clue. Honestly, Cato looked pretty clueless himself. Glimmer knew that there was a spark between Cato and Clove.

She knew that they loved each other secretly but was too shy to tell each other. Maybe that's only in Clove's case because Cato was doesn't seem like he know he like Clove. Glimmer knew a spark could blaze. The spark Cato and Clove have could turn into something. Glimmer kept quiet about the Cato and Clove, she didn't want anyone to know about it if Cato or Clove wasn't prepare to tell anyone.

She left all the dumb people to think that Cato and Clove only have a district partner relationship. Glimmer was a pretty good actress herself, she could act like she knew nothing easily.

Too bad she wasn't as good in weapons as other careers are. Glimmer had known her weapon skills were not really good but her acting skills and her knowledge of romance could take her far. Maybe just not in the Hunger Games. Clove had tried many times. She wanted to tell Cato that she loved him but she couldn't. What would Cato say? Would he start laughing and sneering at her? That would just be typical of Cato. He had laughed and sniggered when Lover Boy confessed his undying love to Fire Girl.

She had considered talking to Glimmer about it. Glimmer should know what to do but Clove went against it. Glimmer might as well tell everybody and that won't be good.

Clove had acted as a different person than who she really was in front of Cato, she wanted to impress Cato. She wanted Cato to love her the way she loves him. Thanks to Glimmer he now know what's so different about Clove. Glimmer had talked about romance and signs to show that you're in love. Cato hissed at that thought. He had agreed and known that girls are not his type of thing.

Even hearing Clove's name freak him out. Yes, he showed all the signs Glimmer said to have a crush on someone but he couldn't have a crush on Clove! Clove was in Cato's room. I love you too. I was pretty sure I did all the things she said about having a crush. But Cato was pretty satisfied that he could spend one night with his love. Clove was happy that Cato had loved her too. She had dreamt so many times of Cato and herself. The Hunger Games had started. Cato and Clove remained together in the Careers but had hardly spoken to each other.

It was tough for them, knowing that they love each other but they would need to kill one another soon or watch each other die painfully. Clove was sure her sanity wouldn't last if she sees Cato dying. It would be terrible but Clove had vowed to never leave Cato. She wouldn't run away but she would stay and comfort Cato. Glimmer had known that Cato and Clove would be dating if the Hunger Games weren't in the way. Glimmer had saw their new relationship although they had barely talked to each other.

They had finally admit their love to each other. Glimmer chuckled to herself, she wondered how it would feel to be Clove. It must be pretty awkward, she told herself. A nest of Tracker Jackers fell.