Gon and killua relationship

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gon and killua relationship

While almost no interactions regarding love have been shown between them, fans of the manga and anime support Gon and Killua' s relationship due to their. What about Ranma vs Ryoga? Guts and Griffith? Kamille and Jerid. Oh wait wait, it's Duo'dubaiairporthotel.info. Fate/Duo's anyone? You got the Saber Shirou. Fast-forward to the Hunter Exam, and Killua meets Gon, quickly discovering that he wants a friendly relationship with him (attempting to sever.

He tried to cause physical pain to Killua by continuously whipping him but in no avail, because Killua was asleep the whole time. When he woke up he playfully greet Milluki, much to his frustration, Milluki whipped Killua's face, making him cough out blood.

He informed Killua, about the situation of Gon, Kurapika and Leorio arriving to the estate. He tries to taunt Killua stating that he could order those three to be killed. Hearing this, Killua becomes angry and breaks one of his arms free from confinement. He threatens Milluki he will kill him if he tried to harm his friends. Fortunately, their grandfather Zeno Zoldyck came and orders Killua to leave and go see his father.

Silva and Killua were having a fatherly talk.

gon and killua relationship

His father asked him about the Hunter exam, the people he met, the feelings Killua felt and many more. After Silva asked him if he wants to see his friends again, he says yes.

With this, Silva lets Killua go but he has to promise that he will never betray his friends.

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After this, Killua left and had a confrontation with his mother who tried to stop him from leaving. Killua left his mother, and reunited with his friends leaving the Zoldyck estate behind. September 1st, in Yorknew City Later Kurapika informed Killua, Gon and Leorio about what Hisoka told him during the Hunter exam, they all agree to meet again in six months in Yorknew City, until that day comes Kurapika and Leorio depart, while Gon and Killua stayed together.

They meet a fellow fighter, a young boy named Zushi. He eventually became Killua's opponent. While Zushi was on the edge of losing, he suddenly released an amount of aura which made Killua wary and back off. It reminded him of his older brother Illumi, who seems to be using the same technique. After Zushi lost, Killua overheard Zushi's conversation with his master Wing. He was apologizing because he did not control his ability.

Killua then wondered out loud what Zushi was talking about.

gon and killua relationship

Gon suggested that they ask Zushi but they barely understood a word he said. Wing approached the three and volunteered to teach Killua and Gon a technique called Nen.

gon and killua relationship

In Wing's room, he was discussing the 4 main principles of Nen. He demonstrated how it works and Killua felt the strong power. After they lesson, Killua told Gon that everything Wing said was a lie. They finally arrived to the th floor. They tried to pass a hallway but to no avail. As they tried to move forward, an employee shows herself. She informed them that they only have until midnight to register for the fight. Hisoka then shows himself. He told them they are not ready to set foot on the floor.

Killua tried to fight back but Hisoka used from aura on him. Wing appears behind them and offered to teach them the real Nen. Before they left, the employee also informed them if Killua will not be able to register at the given time, he will never be able to register again. Back in Wing's room, he demonstrated the real Nen and made Gon and Killua feel the pressure. Then Killua questioned Wing why he decided to teach them and he answered that it would be a big problem if they arrive at the th floor without knowing anything.

Participants in the th floor are all capable of using Nen. After two hours, they went back to the hallway that Hisoka was guarding. While releasing some aura, Gon and Killua finally passed. After Hisoka left, they are confronted by three fighters, namely Gido, Sadaso and Riehlvelt. While registering, Sadaso handed out a contract that both Gon and Killua agree on fighting them. When Zushi was about to be kidnapped by Sadaso, Killua appeared and assured them that Killua will let them win their match.

Sadaso then carries an unconscious Zushi back to his room. Killua has never had anything that was important to him until Gon.

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Killua would die to protect Gon because Gon is all that he has in this world. Thus, this triggers Killua to blame himself for not being able to do anything to help Gon. All he cares about is Gon, that Gon is happy, that Gon is safe, that Gon is satisfied.

Not once has Killua ever cried over himself. Every problem Killua has overcame, he did so for Gon. There are several other instances of Killua overcoming things for Gon, this is a big one though.

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What personal limitations has Gon overcome for Killua? The Zoldyck arc is NOT the same thing. Gon did not experience psychological trauma over Killua nor did Gon have a significant change in character as a result of rescuing Killua. Every force will have an equal and opposite reactive force. This relates to my next point: Gon does not realize the consequences of his actions.

That was the only thing Killua got in return after all of his work to support, save, and protect Gon. It was also the only apology Killua got in return for everything he went through because of Gon. Gon has never seen Killua cry. It all comes back to this for me. As weird as this is to say, Gon is literally a five year old when it comes to relationships. Gon is one of the most selfish characters I have ever seen. No, Gon is genuinely selfish to the core.

Do not worry you unfortunate souls, I am here to explain to you a portion of it in this blog, more in the next the messed up mental state behind the adorable face. Gon is SUCH a hunter.

gon and killua relationship

I mean this in the sense that his selfishness dominates him and controls him. What he wants comes first, always. When has Gon genuinely reflected on his actions and how they affect Killua? But when Gon wants something, his mind shuts down to reason. He will not stop even if his arms are missing, his neck is crushed, his nen stripped from him, beaten, bloodied, and even at the cost of his own life.

This kid will not stop—never. And as horrible as this reality is, it makes him the perfect Hunter. While Gon is the most selfish character, Killua is the most selfless. Killua doesn't cry when the the two part ways, but Killua clearly is more impacted than Gon. Killua looks to be on the verge of tears because he is giving up his own happiness, being with Gon, in favor of providing Alluka a life worth living.

Killua and Alluka confront illumi 2. Killua has to decide between the only things that matter to him—Gon and Alluka. Killua does not live for himself, so he chooses Alluka's happiness over his own, a life with Gon. Killua is not one to make decisions based on his own condition. And for that reason, Killua leaves Gon. These blogs will include analysis of characters, arcs, episodes, chapters, events, themes, relationships, and more.

And honestly, Killua deserves much more than Gon. And all I want at this point is for Killua to be happy. I actually love him, but his affect on Killua huts me inside.