Guji and kaye relationship memes

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guji and kaye relationship memes

Learn more about "Guji-Zone" on from the Guji Oromo, with whom they have had, historically, a close relationship. where Guji played the role of Rei, loveteam of Pepper (Kaye Abad), gaining him initial acting notoriety in that quickly became a meme used to ridicule a common misrepresentation of. Guji Oromo are an ethnic group in Ethiopia, a subgroup of the Oromo people; Guji where Guji played the role of Rei, loveteam of Pepper (Kaye Abad), gaining that quickly became a meme used to ridicule a common misrepresentation of the the Guji Oromo, with whom they have had, historically, a close relationship. Kaye Abad confirmed the news that her three-year relationship with Guji Lorenzana is over.

Oromo nationalists have vision not only for those who are under the Ethiopian empire but also for unity of all African peoples Obbo Ibsaa Gutamaa Remnants of old Nafxanyaa system are taking Habashaa people as idiots when they presented crime committed somewhere in Africa as if Oromo were massacring their compatriots. But the people have shown them wisdom and forced them to apologize.

Kaye Abad confirms real score with Guji Lorenzana

These Nafxanyaa system hopefuls are running around spreading rabies to contaminate people to people relations. Therefore, it is advised to distinguish those from the true Habashaa folks. Oromo enemies also try to present Oromo liberation movement as if it does not have vision for other nations and nationalities after destruction of the Imperial Nafxanyaa system.

guji and kaye relationship memes

Priority for the liberation movement is set as independence of the Oromo nation. They believe that humanity is one, but each people is created with own culture and language and given a definite territory and natural wealth. However, those unsatisfied with their own nature want to change that natural order. That is how colonization maaqnat of Oromiyaa and other neighboring independent countries occurred. It was with heavy guns against spears, arrows and clubs that the Habashaa led force subdued nations found to the south of their kingdom.

Though it does not mean Amaaraa, Amaaraa and Tigraaway were the majority fighters and leaders of the colonial force. Nafxanyism is a system then established over Oromiyaa and others.

There are their remnants that have still nostalgia for that system and remain problems to people to people relations. In a simple language the essence of Oromo revolution is no outside force will be ruler over them without their expressed will. Oromiyaa will not be the first country in which aliens live among natives. Let alone after declaration of human rights on international level, Oromo had lived respecting them before that from time immemorial with guidance of their Gadaa politico-social system.

Law had been supreme for all times in Oromiyaa.


Be the Oromo or non-Oromo everybody is expected to live by the constitution and laws of that nation. Be it what or where alien that came by force or guests will never be allowed to curve out an island in Oromiyaa for their own. Oromo nationalists have vision not only for those who are under the Ethiopian empire but also for unity of all African peoples. Dubois, Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah and others. Though Ethiopian governments well know that the Oromo question is the greatest of problems in maintaining their empire are afraid to address it.


All of them have Nafxanyaa mentality of dominating other nations by force without their consent for glory and exclusive benefits from resources of their colonies.

Oromo and all oppressed struggle shall continue until their sovereign right over their land and resources is recognized. There are organization rules against which he rebelled but there are also those that he has to retain to be legitimate.

For this reason, he is still the leader of the ruling Ethiopian party.

Horn of Africa | OromianEconomist

The office he occupies is the same old Ethiopian office and demands from him to maintain the dominant position of Ethiopia over Oromiyaa and all other colonies. That is what he has asserted over and over. Therefore, considering his government as an Oromo one is a failure of understanding relations of the very building blocks of EPRDF and Ethiopianism. Anyways he could be good for Ethiopia and the world if he could maintain supremacy of the law.

That will also be good for Oromo for it will enable peacefully presenting their case. Let it be known that Oromo will no more remain subservient to alien rule. Oromo youth has shown them that they are not afraid of death when it comes to their right and the potentials they have to stop any aggressor. Harcaatuun sirna Nafxanyaa durii ummata Habashaa akka raatuutt fudhachuun yakka biyya Afrikaa tokkott tolfame akka waan Oromoon lammii saanii fixeett agarsiiste.

Garuu umatni gamnummaa agarsiisuun akka dhiifamaa gaafatan isaan dirqeee jira.

guji and kaye relationship memes

Abdattuun sirna Nafxanyaa kun olii gadi fiigaa nyaanyee facaasuun hariiroo ummataa fi ummata gidduu faaluu yaala jirti. Kanaaf isheef ummata Habashaa dhugaa addaan baasanii ilaaluutu gorfama.

Diinoti Oromo kufaatii sirna Imperiyaal Nafxanyaa boodaa, sabootaa fi sabaawota empayerittiif sochiin qabsoo bilisummaa Oromo daaya vision hin qabu jedhanii dhiheessuu yaalu. Ilmaan namaa tokkuma jedhanii amanu. Garuu toko tokoon umataa aadaa fi afaan saa waliin uumamee, daangaa fi qabeenyi uumaa beekamaan kennameefii. Haa tahu malee kanneen uumaa saaniitt hin quufne sirna uumaa jijjiiruu barbaadu.

Akkasitt koloneeffamuun Oromiyaa fi biyyoota ollaa walaba turan biro kan tahe. Qawwee gurguddaanitu humni Habashaa fi kan kalchaniif biyyoota walaba, Oromiyaa fi saboota kibba, eeboo, mancaa, xiyyaa fi shimala qofa hidhatan cabsuuf kan bobbahan.

Amaara jechuu yoo baateyyuu humna koloneeffataa sana keessatt heddumminaa loltummaa fi hogganummaan kan argaman Habashoota turan. Marking the 21 years of its achievements, Star Magic stars have gathered anew as they strut their stuff on the ASAP stage. If you are outside the Philippines, watch the full episode on TFC. Visit our official website!

guji and kaye relationship memes

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guji and kaye relationship memes

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guji and kaye relationship memes

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