Gundam seed kira and lacus relationship trust

Lacus ClyneMore than a God(dess) from the Machine (Gundam Seed) - Idol Reflection Version

gundam seed kira and lacus relationship trust

I instantly equated Lacus (and her pink hair) to Relena from Gundam Wing – one of my .. Kira had an intense and sexual relationship with Flay Allster, and. I expected to put more Kira/Lacus lemon in here, but I've decided to put it in no way mix with the "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY" storyline. When Kira accidentally made a sound, the Haro knew to trust him Kira, very suddenly, turned to the more physical portion of Kira and Lacus' relationship. These characters appear in the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and Mobile Suit Coordinator Kira Yamato pilots the mobile suit GAT-X Strike to protect his friends .. Yuna is also Cagalli Yula Athha's fiancee by arranged marriage, a union that .. Reverend Malchio (マルキオ師, Marukio-shi) is a blind priest trusted by both.

What is it with her? Will you remain with me here forever? Kira could do nothing but smile and nod to her, his heart warmed up and still rising.

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I will always be here with you. He could see where this was going. Kira looked into Lacus' eyes and saw a tiny tear glisten. Lacus closed her eyes and sang… "With you here forever, my dear. Whenever needed… I'll always be here. How beautiful Lacus' singing was.

It really made his day whenever he heard it. Without a warning, he leaned toward Lacus and kissed her. A small moan of happiness escaped her lips, very unstable to hear. Kira smiled while he held her in her arms.

His wandering hands motioned toward her gown, but she protested for now. She broke up the kiss. Let's do this right. It's a celebration of sorts. Kira winced as the short-term injunction of their kiss ended. Lacus was back on him, this time much more forceful and passionate. They remained like this for many moments, until Kira broke the kiss to begin kissing her neck.

She moaned to herself. Do that to me. Kira continued kissing his lover's neck, tasting a sweet lotion that smelled like a very formal perfume Kira hadn't ever been around.

As he kissed her more and more around her neck, he felt her soft hands brushing through his hair and on the outline of his neck. Her hands felt surprisingly cold. She broke the kiss once more and looked into his eyes, only inches away.

gundam seed kira and lacus relationship trust

She closed her eyes and shed a small tear of happiness, Kira thought. Let me help you sleep. Kira wasn't getting a chance to breath even when she jumped and latched onto his lips again, this time more passionate and wanting then ever before in the eight days he'd been aboard her ship. He simply responded my making out with her in return. They sat here doing this for a few minutes, and then each of them broke apart for some air.

Kira began to say something to her, but she put her finger over his mouth. She took her other hand and placed it in his. He could feel her hand moving very smoothly through it as she looked into his eyes.

Lacus Clyne

Forget fighting in mobile suits; forget fighting altogether. Kira noticed it was beating very loudly. He could feel the pulse slow down gradually, little by little, as he searched her eyes for some answers to her present behavior.

He laughed to himself a bit. I'm staying here with you. She was acting so weird! Lacus took Kira's hand and perceived to kiss it again.


Kira closed his eyes and just enjoyed the moment with her. He had to admit, he was too tense. Lacus then smiled and pulled him closer to the bed andturned off the lights. While they were still standing in the dark, Kira could see her completely. Her smile, her beauty, everything.

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Heloved her, and she loved him. He was with her now, and she couldn't be happier. Would you sleep with me for one more night while we're in space?

gundam seed kira and lacus relationship trust

He was shakingtenselywith thoughts, and couldn't think of anything more but to grant Lacus' wish. He looked at her slowly, showing all his smile and care that shined inside him for her.

The next day, Athrun escorted Lacus to the ship. Lacus is disappointed that their meeting was short. Before Lacus boarded the ship she tells Athrun she looks forward to the day they'll meet again. The two then spend time walking around the garden, talking. Athrun however, is unable to stay for dinner much to Lacus' disappointment since her father is going home and wanted to see him.

Athrun reassures her by saying he'll come visit her again making Lacus' face light up with anticipation and tells him she'll look forward to that day.

Athrun then leans forward Lacus surprised at first understands the gesture and closes her eyes. Athrun then kisses her on the lips on the cheek in the remastered version and bids her goodbye. As Athrun left, Lacus tells Mr. Pink that Athrun is really a busy person. Lacus nurses Kira back to health with the help of her father and Malchio.

Kira and Lacus became even closer and she assures him that he can stay at her home as long as he wants. However, when Siegel Clyne receives word of Patrick Zala 's deception - that the target for Operation: Lacus also grants Kira "her strength" by means of a kiss to his cheek, showing him that he has her support and affections.

While in hiding, Lacus meets with Athrun, and her views of the war help lead to his final decision concerning who he wants to fight for. Upon seeing Kira again, she tells him about the death of her father and weeps bitterly. When Kira discovers his origins as the product of the Ultimate Coordinator project and becomes depressed, Lacus comforts him by saying that meeting him has made her so happy, despite all the sadness she has endured up to this point. Lacus finally admits to Kira her love for him when she gives him a ring before the final battle at Jachin Due and tells him to come back to her safely.

Kira thanks her for this and seals his promise to return with a kiss to her cheek. During the battle, Lacus tried to persuade both sides to cease firing the weapons of mass destruction, but failed. The real Lacus is almost killed in an assassination attempt by Coordinators from the "Coordinator special forces". Kira was forced to pilot the Freedom again in order to protect the woman he loves. Ultimately, Kira's old friend Miriallia Haw would take over this position.

They rejoin the crew of the Eternal and the Terminal factory satellite. In the Special Edition, the scene is edited so that Kira begs her to let him come along. Despite her personal feelings for Kira, she tells him he must remain on Earth to help Cagalli and the Archangel.

gundam seed kira and lacus relationship trust

After the shuttle is found, Durandal declares that she is an impostor. Kira arrives in space via Cagalli's Strike Rouge and is nearly killed when his mobile suit is severely damaged. Aboard, Kira and Lacus are reunited and share an emotional embrace and words of happiness at seeing each other again. Lacus then takes Kira to his new mobile suit, the Strike Freedom; once again, she wears a worried expression, much like she did when Kira wanted to pilot the Freedom to save her in Orb.

After Kira saves her and the Eternal, she takes the Infinite Justice to Orb herself, giving Kira the freedom to participate in the already-heated battle in Orb. She lands on the Archangel and her words again help Athrun decide on what he wants to do concerning the second war. The most significant way to describe their relationship is that Lacus is like his healer. Most of the scenes with the two of them in the series involve Lacus comforting him in some way, or even letting him stay at her house until his wounds heal.

In the two years they spent together in-between, it becomes evident that Kira has come to love her back something that is most obvious in Phase Fllay seems relatively neutral towards him until she finds out the reason he can pilot Strike is because he's a coordinator.

gundam seed kira and lacus relationship trust

She has a strong hatred for coordinators - one that is deepened even further when ZAFT attacks the shuttle her father is in, killing him. She becomes very angry that Kira didn't end up saving him, and makes up her mind that the only way she'll ever be satisfied is if Kira, too, is killed in battle. So she begins to manipulate him into believing she likes him; she kisses him, takes up the typical girlfriend role, and eventually sleeps with him all of this despite the fact that she is technically engaged to Ssigh, who is also on Archangel.

She asserts that he'll protect her, though deep down what she really wants is for him to die. Although Kira doesn't really ever seem all that into the relationship the closest he came to being aggressive about it would probably be when he got on Ssigh's case in the desert arche doesn't seem to grasp the fact that she's manipulating him for a while either. They part on a bad note before Kira goes out to what would be his last and worst battle with Athrun.

gundam seed kira and lacus relationship trust

She talks to Ssigh and tells him she never really had feelings for Kira, but he casts her aside because he doesn't seem to care anymore. After the battle, when Kira is announced as being MIA and probably dead, Fllay seems satisfied - that is what she'd been hoping for after all, and yet she seems to be troubled by something.

A few episodes later she is kidnapped by Klueze, who becomes like a new father-figure to her, and she is forced to be in constant company of the people she hated - coordinators. Over the course of her time with ZAFT, she comes to realize she was wrong and is later given a Neutron Jammer Canceller by Klueze and sent away in an escape pod. Kira tries to rescue her but fails, and she ends up in the Dominion, where she confesses to Natarle that she knows she was wrong.