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"Probably one of the best 'soul-bond' Harry Potter fics I've ever read. . "I don't read fanfiction too often, but this one is a story even those who don't . Author Summary: "Sirius Black remained the Secret Keeper and everything he . The Marriage Stone by Josephine Darcy is one of my absolute favorites. Hermione draco secretly dating fanfiction - Is the number one destination for online dating with more relationships than any other dating or personals site. But you know she knew harry potter pairings: fiction m. malfoy greatest stories fanfiction by __ronweasley__ with him during the secret relationship could tear them. When Hermione and Draco's secret romance is revealed, will Hermione be " And, erm" Harry cleared his throat, visibly shocked that Hermione and . we all do by putting ourselves and our writing out here on this website.

When Harry and Hermione have to sneak back to the common room way past curfew, they come up against more obstacles than they might've counted for. K - English - Romance - Chapters: Who do you think might be kind enough to help him?

In chapter seven, Harry finally begins to understand his confusing, female best friend. She finds him in the common room. What was supposed to be a joyful meeting quickly turns into a scene straight from a horror flick.

Hermione and Harry secretly love each other. Songfic with Misty's Song. Ron is not taking the news well at all, but feels torn between his duty to Harry in the time of chaos, and his unresolved feelings for Hermione. How will they cope?

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T - English - Romance - Chapters: This is basically going to be a moderate Harry and Hermione Ship fic. Harry PotterChrono Cross X-over. Harry's life begins to intwine more indepthly with those around him than ever before, his fate, almost, is out of his hands. Read and Review please Harry Potter - Rated: A game, played every year by every member of every 7th year in every House.

Now its the trio's turn to play Hermione and the Snow Day by Lady Darkshine reviews Hermione gets pulled away from her studies to watch the Gryfindor boys battle in a snow ball fight, but she ends up doing something very different. A break from the usual HH fic!

harry and hermione secret relationship fanfiction websites

As the pair practice spellwork in The Room of Requirement, a smooth mellody inturupts them and maddness insues! No, I'm not going to tell you more than that.


The first chapter is only three pages in word. When Hermione goes to one of his concerts, both their lives get turned upside down.

Minor - well maybe major Ginny, Ron and Dumbledore Bashing. Harry Potter and the Gift of Merlin by CordeliaHalliwell reviews A thousand years ago a child was born, forseen by Merlin to be the light in the darkness in the war against Voldemort. She is Merlin's gift. Can't Have It Both Ways by robst reviews If you are forced to participate in a competition that's reserved for adults only, doesn't that mean you should be considered an adult?

Harry gets some much needed help and advice before having some fun by allowing his marauder heritage out to play. Being an oblivious boy often means you know even less. During the Second War and its aftermath, Harry and Ron discover there is more to Hermione than just books and cleverness. The Dress by ellainferno reviews Hermione's Friday Formal dress was her dream come true. Little did she know, it would be the start of too many problems.

15 Harry Potter Fanfics For The Grown-Up Newbie

A Veela Oh No by soccer-vampire-girl reviews Hermione and Draco are starting their 6th year at Hogwarts as the Heads, they will be sharring a common room!

What kind of trouble can they get into when ones a Veela and has a mate? Read to find out! Only a Matter of Time by oxtenshixo reviews Sometimes we don't like to admit that not everyone is meant to be together. Ginny goes through this with her feelings for Harry. She talks about how she felt as Harry and Hermione realize they have feelings for one another.

harry and hermione secret relationship fanfiction websites

It was only a matter of time. K - English - Romance - Chapters: His family and friends watch with humorous dispositions as they watch a grown man try to outsmart the feline family members. Or what if he had taken Ginny to the Ball? What if he had done both? And what else in the story might have changed as a result?

A family legeng or the biggest secret of the wizarding world?

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A miracle or the truth revealed? And how will Hermione face Riddle in his own times? All alone, with no friends or allies. Is she in danger or deadly? Sonata by solemnkinoblossom reviews Hermione was transported into the world of Tom Marvolo Riddle by chance, and made the Head Girl by Dumbledore.

One thing was certain- her seventh year would definitely be interesting. It is neither a substance…nor a pressure. It could not be controlled. And it could not force anything on you physically. Yet time is a force to reckon with should you meddle with it.

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