Hiroki and nowaki relationship

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hiroki and nowaki relationship

i love the egoist couple cause theyre so cute hiroki is so shy to show his As already stated, Hiroki and Nowaki's relationship comes across as. Read Nowaki x Hiroki from the story Same-sex Marriage Legalized by Keitii-chan with reads. junjouterrist, hatorixchiaki, yukinaxkisa. "Same Sex Marriage. Hiroki Kamijou (上條弘樹, Kamijou Hiroki) is a main character in the Junjou Romantica series. He is in a relationship with Nowaki Kusama and their relationship.

He saw the look of disbelief plastered on Akihiko's face, which was directed to the ring on his left hand. Seeing this, Hiroki blushed madly once more before prying his hand away from Akihiko's hold.

Hiroki glared at Akihiko after this, wanting to yell at him but he couldn't find words to say. After a few seconds of silence, Akihiko leaned back with a grin. I never knew you were this dedicated in your relationship. What had Kusama done to you? He's caused you to turn soft," Akihiko chuckled, pressing more to annoy Hiroki more.

Hiroki never replied, instead, he turned and trudged toward his desk, mumbling unintelligible words. He took a seat on his chair, feigning ignorance as he looked at the screen on his monitor. I couldn't hear you. But I'm going to tell you now. You saw the ring already. You can't get married in Japan.

hiroki and nowaki relationship

Gay marriage is illegal here. Or wait…" Akihiko paled. Hiroki, what the hell? He's a Kamijou now… and yes, my parents know.

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If they didn't, then we wouldn't have gone to America and wed. Sighing deeply, Hiroki started from the beginning, "I introduced Nowaki to my parents months ago.

They left me with no choice because they've been badgering me about meeting the person I was seeing.

hiroki and nowaki relationship

At that time, they didn't know that it was a man that I was dating… so they were surprised when I took Nowaki to my childhood residence.

He had felt so emotional to the point he cried when his parents had told him they were okay with his relationship with a man. In the end, they loved Nowaki as they did with Hiroki. When we said it was impossible, he proposed we go to America. And with both Nowaki and I's approval, he fixed our papers and got a hold of someone in America that arranged same-sex marriages. That's why I was gone for two weeks.

What's next in your journey? Are you two going to adopt a kid? He didn't respond, but muttered words Akihiko couldn't understand. Status Seme Nowaki is the seme of the Egoist couple. He was orphaned as an infant, having been left on the door steps of an orphanage during a heavy rainstorm.

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As a result, he was named "Nowaki" "typhoon" in Japanese by the couple who owned and ran the orphanage. However, the elders seem to refer to him as "Wacchan".

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He is a gentle, mild tempered, very caring and kind young man. Nowaki's life always seems to center around helping other people and has a long-term goal of helping children in need like he had been. This is demonstrated in his determination to become an excellent doctor, where he is seen to be completely adored by the hopsital's children patients, in order to tend to children in medical need. He comes across Hiroki when playing with a group of children in the park while also spending time with the elders, where Hiroki was crying over his heart being broken by Akihiko.

hiroki and nowaki relationship

Despite being strangers, Nowaki feels compelled to help him based on his visibly broken state, eventually mending Hiroki's broken heart altogether. As a result of spending time together, the two fall deeply and passionately in love.

Despite a deep rough patch and various misunderstandings, they eventually move in together and continue to grow as a couple. Contents [ show ] History Nowaki had been abandoned as a baby, having been left on the doorsteps of an orphanage by who are presumed to be his parents or mother. Despite having been abandoned and raised in an orphanage, Nowaki has a very caring and friendly personality, rarely getting angry.

He is grateful to the people who ran the orphanage for raising him and had even planned to take over the orphanage as an adult but instead switched to becoming an emergency doctor for children in critical medical condition.

Once he had become of legal working age, he began working in order to donate money to the orphanage and did so on a regular basis, surprising the elders given how financially little he himself has.

In a particularly special chapter of the manga, his deep childhood troubles due to being an abandoned child are revealed. He grew up in an orphanage with various other children, which was run a by a man and woman.

Nowaki had always convinced himself that he was their biological child, not wanting to believe that he was abandoned by his parents. Due to being raised by a couple who loved him and treated him kindly, he found the courage to try to be a better person and help those around him. However, he "always endured it" due to knowing there were kids in the world who had it worse than he did who didn't have anyone to love them.

Hence, he never tried to complain about his life. Despite his genuine efforts, he finally snapped when a classmate declared Nowaki an abandoned child while in school, bringing him get into a fight and begin beating the boy. He said it was then that he found out the truth about his life situation when his parents were called in and, consequently, ran away from home in distress.

However, his bike became damaged and needed fixing.

hiroki and nowaki relationship

He considered going to a repairman, but had no money. Knowing he cannot go to a patrolman without revealing what he's doing, he began to panic. He went to a park and sat on a swing set as it began getting dark.

It was here that he met a young boy who scolded him for being out so late all alone despite ironically doing the same thing himself. As they talked, the boy began ranting about his life to Nowaki, who began to speculate that this boy had a lot of anger and pressure bottled up inside.

He then gave Nowaki a piece of candy to cheer him up and said how every child will have to face hardships in life at one point or another, but all you can do is put on a brave face, toughen up and get through it. A patrolman then rode by and the boy immediately reported how Nowaki was a run away, this allowing his parents to finding him, who had alerted the police to search for him.

Upon being reunited again, his parens hit him for running away before hugging him in relief. They then bought him candy, due to him often being left out so the other children could get some, and wished to carry him home in their arms. But it'll only take a short while, wedding photos are important. We'll be finished soon enough The wedding photographer was an American man, so Hiroki couldn't understand what he was saying until Nowaki repeated in Japanese for him.

They posed a few times before taking a few photos with Hiroki's parents — his mother standing on his side and father on Nowaki's side — followed by photos with Akihiko and Senpai; the best men. Naturally, Hiroki grew very bored of this very quickly.

Eventually, they were all taken to a pair of black vehicles and driven to the after party hall. He didn't want to complain too much though, since Hiroki didn't usually cling to him as much as he was then; though technically it couldn't be called clinging since all he was doing was sitting closer and hugging him now the door had closed and they were driving off. There were a few moments silence before Nowaki pulled Hiroki closer again.

I was nervous you had cold feet Of course I was nervous You're the only one for me, and you are good enough Their noses pressed together softly as Nowaki breathed 'there is no one who could be better for me than Hiro-san. Everyone was seated inside the hall next to an empty dance floor where Akihiko stood by a microphone stand.

Although, if you'll excuse me, I'm not repeating the while speech again in English so I'll mostly stick to Japanese since the bride over there can't speak English for shit But as long as I've known him, I think he appears happiest with Nowaki-kun. I would never have picked that they'd date at all, Nowaki must have the patience of a saint, choosing the most difficult guy he could but I'm glad he did because they make a good match.

So, I'm not going to bore you anymore and unfortunately I already promised not to tell any of Hiroki's childhood stories like the times he'd run away from home and hide out in a clearing away from school-' Hiroki threw something else, making Akihiko laugh before continuing 'So, all the best for a long and happy marriage! Keep making one another happy, and good luck dealing with Hiroki's temper tantrums! Hiroki glared at him 'shut up!

Nowaki, on the other hand, I know much better. I've been his Senpai at the paediatric hospital and have never before come across such a hard working, kind guy. The kids just adore him!

He's a pleasure to work with and I'm glad that he got what he really wanted in the end because I know Hiroki-chan makes him incredibly happy I wish you both the best for a happy lifetime together as husbands Nowaki took Hiroki's hand and stood up 'May I?

Hiroki glanced up, blushing darker by the second and stood up to walk with him. They stood facing one another in the middle of the floor; Nowaki placed his hands on Hiroki's hips while Hiroki wrapped his arms around Nowaki's neck, leaning their faces close enough to touch the top of Hiro's head to Nowaki's forehead.

Naturally, being the Seme of the pair, Nowaki led the dance as they slowly swayed side to side and stepped about until the song finished and other couples joined them. Hiroki's blush calmed as less eyes watched him and he felt able to pull Nowaki a little closer. His partner giggled quietly at this action and slid his hands around Hiroki's back, trailing one up his spine to cup the base of his head like that on an infant, or something precious and fragile.

Hiroki nodded a little, before feeling brave and replying in a louder voice 'I love you, Nowaki Student at my university. It's good they came together. For the staff room at the hospital, we want to pin something up for you.

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Hiroki closed his eyes and nodded as Nowaki cradled him and pressed their lips together in a gentle kiss for the photo. There were a few muffled cheers in the background before Nowaki lifted his head and smiled at the girl 'How was that? Kamijou-san, it is lovely to finally meet you after hearing so much about you. I will admit you aren't what I imagined though, but Morinaga-san, she is very sweet.

I love you more than anything, and I'm proud of it I want to show you off to everyone, so they can see how happy I am to have married the most wonderful, cute man who I found and made mine. He felt a surge of pride rush through his chest, warming the base of his heart and prickling his skin as Nowaki's hands ran down to squeeze his backside cheekily. With a gentle smile, Hiroki broke the kiss and hid his face again. He gave a short bow before sitting back behind Akihiko, who instantly placed on hand on the younger male's thigh.

He turned back to Nowaki and traced his smaller fingers over Nowaki's wider hands before their food arrived. The group made small talk as they ate, and Hiroki and Nowaki smiled and spoke politely to the guests who came to greet them. Instead of wedding gifts, Nowaki had suggested that the guests simply put a sum of money to the Kusama orphanage jeez, Hiroki had thought at the time, this guy really is a Saint!

Hiroki gritted his teeth as his Aunts, Uncles and cousins who were too close not to invite gushed over him and Nowaki. Though this isn't a very traditional Japanese wedding Hours past and Hiroki began to grow tired. He sipped quietly at his glass of wine while leaning against Nowaki. Funny though, he usually talks more when he's drunk I mean, you never know what to expect with people like Hiroki who keep their emotions so closely guarded that when they do let it out, it often hurts them, but the way how he acts around you He deserves someone to chase after him and break down all those useless shields he builds around himself.

I'm glad he gave in and accepted me, he's so wonderful There was another camera flash and he groaned and cursed. I think Baka means "idiot" or something like that Hiroki lifted his head 'gimme a proper kiss After a long while of drunken kissing, Hiroki finally looked like he was about to fall asleep. Some people had already gone back to their hotels, while others were drunk, dancing, or sitting around at their tables.

Nowaki's Senpai had left to his hotel, wishing them both a happy honey moon — Nowaki had the next two weeks off work so they could spend a week on vacation before returning to rest at home — before leaving them at the table with a composed Akihiko and tired looking Misaki. Nowaki held Hiroki on his lap for a few more photos before feeling tired himself. He wished everyone a good night and scooped up Hiroki once again, before carrying him back to their rental car. Hiroki stirred and sat upright on his own a little 'You're so comfy But that just means that I can take care of you.