How did chandler and janice meet

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how did chandler and janice meet

Ross, and Phoebe, meet poster boy Joey for the first time as Chandler's new The episode begins with the friends sitting in the coffeehouse talking to Janice. Ross thinks that this is because Carol does not have any other friends, but he. Chandler and Janice broke up and got back together several times during the Why does chandler looks weak prior to his marriage with Monica in FRIENDS? Its never established when Chandler first met Janice but he's known Monica. Joey tells him to face his fear and, in doing so, Chandler meets with Janice and suggest him to follow Janice and act aloof, which he does at her superstore.

how did chandler and janice meet

Of course lover boy Joey Tribbiani has a beautiful date, and his date wants a double date, so he takes Chandler along with him. It turns out his date is none other than someone he is already acquainted with!

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But was it Monica or was it Janice? At first he was uncomfortable and annoyed at the set up, but when Joey leaves his credit card with them they end up having fun. Question 7 Who does he immediately call after the death of Mr. Monica Janice Remember Mr. He also leaves his possessions to Monica and Rachel, and Chandler chances upon his diary.

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He learns that Mr. Heckles, just like him, has a fear of commitment and has now died alone. In a panic, he calls her after he learns of Mr. Question 8 Who assured him that he won't die alone after the death of Mr.

Monica Janice So we already talked about how Mr. Heckles, their old neighbor who died and left his possessions to Rachel and Monica, was afraid of being attached and committed too, and ended up living and dying alone. Chandler, upon reading his journal, realizes that he is in the same state as Heckles was in the journal, and became afraid of ending up the same way.

Question 9 Was it Monica or Janice whom he met online as an unhappily married woman? Even if he is a little bit okay, a hell of a lot afraid of commitment. So he goes and makes a profile on a dating website, and immediately clicks with this girl described as an unhappily married woman.

Phoebe suggests they should meet and Chandler, heeding her advice, prepares for the meetup the following day. Was it Monica or Janice?

how did chandler and janice meet

Question 10 Who was he in a committed relationship with in season 3? Monica Janice Chandler rekindled his relationship with her in season 3, and they spent a lot of time trying to integrate into the gang as a couple. When Chandler accidentally calls her fat, he asks help from Ross and Rachel too. He tries to ask her to move in with him, and as things go further along in their relationship, he starts getting the jitters because of the possibility of further commitment!

Question 11 Who comforted him after his break up with Kathy? In a fit of bravery, he asks her out, only to find out that she was waiting for a date - who turned out to be Joey!

This development drives a wedge between the relationship with Joey, as Chandler really likes her and she likes him back. When the two kiss, this angers Joey when he finds out. But in the end, he ends up getting the girl over Joey Depressed, someone either Monica or Janice comforts him.

Question 13 Who was his girlfriend before season 1? Monica Janice So we all know that Chandler already knew Janice before the show started; at the same time, he also was already acquainted with Monica. The question is, which among these two girls did he have an unseen obviously dating history with before the start of the show Friends?

He had a relationship with her beforehand but wanted to break up with her; only, every time he tried, she would burst into tears and he would have to resume their relationship because of guilt! Question 14 Who did he have the most romantic night of his life with?

Monica Janice So he ends up sleeping with her in London as a one time thing, but though they agreed that what they did should stay a one time thing and was stupid, they could not help but meeting each other again later. They agree that what happened should stay in London, they ended up having a relationship as they go back to New York! Upon confession of what happened in London, Chandler realizes that that night was the most romantic night he has experienced in his life.

Question 15 Which relationship was a secret from the rest of the group? Chandler and Monica Chandler and Janice We all know that Chandler and Monica are like, the closest of buddies, even among the friends groups.

how did chandler and janice meet

We also have an inkling of how much Janice sometimes annoys Chandler, or irks him, even extending to his friends like Joey and Rachel and the rest of the gang. So it would have been a little weird, I guess, if he started a relationship with either one of their friends, or a woman they were annoyed with. So which relationship tried to hide it from the group of friends? But the gang eventually find it hard to conform with their agreement, and end up breaking it along the way.

In fact, it was Chandler who first broke their pact, even if he was the one who instigated the no-date New Year. But who did invite for his New Year kiss? Was it Janice, his on and off girlfriend? Or was it Monica, his best friend and part of the Friends gang? Anyway, he ends up having a great time with her, not even foreseeing that they would end up sleeping together! Was this a Janice and Chandler or Monica and Chandler episode? Question 18 Who goes on a romantic trip to Vegas? Chandler and Monica Chandler and Janice For their anniversary, his girlfriend books them for a romantic trip to none other than Las Vegas!

Question 19 Who does he not like cuddling with? Every time they cuddled in bed at night, he could not sleep comfortably as he would have liked. Chandler tries this out with his girlfriend, but ends up pushing her accidentally off the bed! Was this a Chandler and Janice or Chandler and Monica fiasco? Question 20 Whose ex shows up, ruining Chandler's plans?

Monica Janice So Chandler is feeling ready to cross that scary river to commitment and realizes he is ready to propose to her. He plans a nice, romantic dinner out to her favorite restaurant. All would go well.

Her ex-shows up, which is even more awkward as he is seated across the table. Also, Chandler believes his plan was ruined when they later got home still not engaged, but he thinks she already knows what he was planning. Was this a Chandler-Monica moment? Or could it have been with Janice? Question 21 Chandler and Monica Chandler and Janice While they were together, they end up getting a crazy idea to get married, but upon seeing Rachel and Ross just hitched, the two start to contemplate their readiness to really tie the knot.

Question 22 Whom does he give a drawer to? Monica Janice Chandler tries, he really does. He starts to get commitment issues when he senses that his relationship with her was moving steadily and quickly forward. While she thinks this was sweet, he overdoes it and suggests they move in. This scares her off for a while, and we think it definitely scared him off too!

So was it a Chandler and Monica or Janice moment? Who did he give the drawer to? Question 23 For whom does he buy an engagement ring with the help of Phoebe? Later that season, Chandler invites her to a New Year's party in a desperate attempt to have someone to kiss, but can't stand being around her and breaks up with her again before midnight, leaving him so cranky that Joey ends up kissing him.

Later in the first season, Chandler and Janice hook up again after Joey unknowingly sets Chandler up with her on a double-date.

how did chandler and janice meet

He sleeps with her and then dumps her again the next day, which happens to be Valentine's Day. In the beginning of Season 2a lonely Chandler who is afraid of becoming like Mr Heckles decides to call Janice, but she reveals herself at Central Perk, married and pregnant.

Only in the last episode of Season 2 does Chandler hook up with her again, after flirting with her on the Internet although he does not know her identity during the conversations, he does discover that she's married.

This starts his longest relationship with Janice during the course of the show, which ends in The One With The Giant Poking Devicewhen Chandler finds out she's cheating on him with her soon-to-be ex-husband and tells her to try and re-construct her family.

In the middle of Season 4Janice and Chandler meet at a nails studio. Although she is crazy about Chandler, it is clear that he does not reciprocate her feelings anymore. At this point, Janice declares that she does not intend to leave him again, and such is his disappointment that he tells her that he's flying to Yemen for work.

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His fake plans, however, get realized pretty quickly, as Janice doesn't leave the airport until she sees him take off on the plane Chandler ends up asking an old native woman if he can stay with her in Yemen. Ross, who is currently divorced twice, evicted and unemployed, has just learned that his second ex-wife Emily is getting married again, and in despair he goes out and stays out all night, running into Janice and hooking up with her.

However, she finds this version of Ross so whiny that she ends it up with him, making him realize the degree of mediocrity he has sunken into and restoring his self-esteem.

Season 6 is the only season in which Janice does not appear on-screen. She is a voice-over on Chandler's mixed tape in The One With Unagiwhich he gives to Monica claiming he recorded romantic songs for her after they both forget their Valetine's Day gifts. On hearing Janice's nasal squeaks, Monica realizes Chandler has been misleading her, allowing her to feel guilty about forgetting when he did the same.

Such is her confidence with Chandler and Monica that she invites herself to their wedding and tries to stay at their apartment so that they appreciate her as family. Monica can only send her away by telling her that Chandler still has strong feelings for her, which would make her presence a problem. Janice leaves, wishing Monica "a lifetime of happiness", and telling Chandler to call her "when this [marriage] goes in the pooper".