Husband and wife relationship during pregnancy

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husband and wife relationship during pregnancy

From sex toy safety to relationship problems, we've got everything you need to know about sex and Is it safe to masturbate or use sex toys during pregnancy?. How do you tell your pregnant wife you want more sex? How to Have Good Sex During Pregnancy: A Dad's Relationship Advice Sex is also a stress reliever; the time a husband spends having sex with his wife is an escape from reality. Read up on the most common pregnancy fights couples have and how to “The most important factor in setting up a happy relationship after baby's born is the quality of your relationship while . Q&A: Husband Doesn't Like Pregnancy Belly ?.

We are avoiding sexual contact; but I do feel the urge for sex. What do we do? This is one of the most common questions posed by couples expecting their first child. Their lack of knowledge regarding the correct method, timing and frequency cause varied misconceptions and at times, a total withdrawal from sex.

husband and wife relationship during pregnancy

This often backfires, as the womanowing to her psychological state and emotional needs, fails to understand the behavioural changes in her partner. She becomes emotional and sometimes oversensitive. The way her needs are acknowledged or dismissed affects her mental state and thereby the foetus as well.

husband and wife relationship during pregnancy

If she feels that her husband is not adequately responsive, she may get irritable, and suffer from insomnia,loss of appetite or over-stimulated hunger. Most men are unaware that their behaviour often causes these emotional upheavals. Many take the easy way out and take their wife to the doctor, without realising that she simply needs her husband to understand her moods, feelings and anxieties.

Discrepancy in sex drives The changes taking place in the mother-to-be are part of her biological make-up. Aside from a couple of congratulatory back slaps or a handful or cigars tossed his way, most of the excitement about the pregnancy revolves around you.

And since he can't exactly help you grow that thing, he might not feel so connected to it -- or to you, at times. Encouraging him to bond with the bump will help him feel more integral to the pregnancy.

Be sure to set aside non-baby time, too. Making his favorite meal or surprising him with a movie date after work will help your partner feel like he's still your number one guy.

husband and wife relationship during pregnancy

The intimacy will intensify Getting used to your bodily functions during pregnancy is going to be interesting, and sharing them with your partner could be a new thing for you two. There will be moments when the two of you might be in awe of the life you're creating, you'll bask in love's glow and feel extremely close emotionally -- and then, you might fart.

Love and Pregnancy: 5 Ways Pregnancy Will Change Your Relationship

Be ready to laugh about it with your man. All the burpinggas, and nausea might seem a little embarrassing at first, but it will make you two more connected than ever. As it progresses the bump will make it difficult to indulge in intercourse.

During this time best option is to talk about it with your partner and have an understanding. Incorporate changes in your routine: Pregnancy is a period filled with changes and it understandably requires changes in your schedule and routine.

It is very important for husband and wife to spend time with each other and bridge any sort of differences between them. All major decisions during this period have to be taken mutually. Life is not full of rainbows and butterflies but it is full of compromises.

Love and Pregnancy: 5 Ways Pregnancy Will Change Your Relationship

There are a fair bit of compromises necessary from both the ends. Compromises arrive from understanding the needs and requirements of each other.

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Expecting mother pays a lot of attention to pregnancy. They often forget about their husband and his needs. It is of utmost importance to honour the husband-wife relationship and fix all the insecurities.

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