In islam husband and wife relationship advice

10 Habits of Happy Muslim Couples -

in islam husband and wife relationship advice

The top 10 habits of happy Muslim couples - who've found tranquility and happiness in their marriage. Going into a marriage with eyes wide open is the first action toward the future Masjid of Al Islam, who counsels Muslim couples in need of marital advice, says, . The relationship of husband and wife in Islam is a sacred bond. Here are 10 tips from Islam that would keep the spark of love alive!.

Marriages begin to go headlong into constant unhappiness when one or both spouses forget this fundamental fact: Allah has created each of us to contribute in so many ways during our life on this earth and has blessed us with the potential to be all that He wants us to be.

Be that amazing person who motivates, encourages and helps your spouse discover and use their God-given potential and traits to bloom and be a source of joy and mercy to the world.

Happy Muslim couples are partners in growth and productivity: They acknowledge that their spouse is a slave of Allah alone and marriage does not change that. They make time for each other — no matter what!

And the only person you will be left with is that spouse read: Your relationship needs exclusive attention every single day. Now is it really that hard to give half an hour of your time everyday to the person who deserves it most? They fight the real enemies: Ego is the defense mechanism of the lower self, and ego in marriage sounds like: This is because the lower self is a covert enemy lurking within each and every one of us.

Why ego is the biggest threat to a marriage is because it is an enemy from within.

in islam husband and wife relationship advice

Ego is like a deceptive double agent that distorts reality and makes us deny and justify the wrongs that our lower selves commit towards our spouses, convincing us that we are right; while we are oppressing our own selves and our spouses and actually walking a path of humiliating self-destruction.

When he sees a fault in it, he should correct it. As a natural consequence, spouses stand the highest chance of facing our ego: But allowing your lower self to prevail in your marriage instead of seeing your marriage as a means to purify yourself is your own disastrous choice.

Allah says in Surat Ash-Shams: And inspired it [with discernment of] its wickedness and its righteousness. He has succeeded who purifies it, and he has failed who instills it [with corruption]. Chapter 91, Verse ] Our spouses actually personify the mercy of Allah when they mirror our flaws to us so we can rise above our lower selves. They make us discern our innermost weaknesses that we could not have seen for ourselves, and Allah has blessed us with them for our own spiritual purification and salvation.

The next time your spouse is desperately trying to get something about yourself across to you: Listen carefully and objectively, especially if they have been repeating it for a very long time. Control the urge to defend yourself: Realize how merciful Allah is being to you through your spouse.

in islam husband and wife relationship advice

Try this 4-step exercise the next time you face conflict in your marriage. Muslim couples today are actually serving their marriages on exquisitely decorated social media platters for the evil eye to devour: Not only is it unnecessary, it is highly insensitive. Happy Muslim couples do share their marital happiness, but sensibly.

Before sharing anything about your marital life with the public, ask yourself: Will it make any of them long to be in my position? Is it better off being private? Not putting your marriage in the way of the evil eye is the first way of protecting it from its harm. Reading the morning and evening adhkarthe duas prescribed for protection against the evil eye as well as constantly thanking Allah for your marriage and your spouse fortifies this protection immensely. One of them comes and says: I did so and so.

Mahasin advises, "A woman should try to communicate to her husband how she wants to be treated. If he doesn't get it, she has to keep saying what she wants from the relationship. Couples may be disappointed when months go by, and then years, and they are still learning to accommodate each other without losing their own identities. Patience is the key. Ann recalls that on many issues, her husband "became more cooperative as the years went by.

Husband and Wife in Islam - 10 Tips to Spice Up the Bond

In resolving these inevitable differences between marital partners, Iman points out, "Before either one makes a move, both must ask themselves, 'Is this pleasing to Allah? How does Allah view this?

Mahasin says, "We've always been able to use the Qur'an as a basis for any disagreements that we may have. We don't necessarily have to go and open it up every time we disagree, but our knowledge of Qur'an just flows as we communicate.

10 Tips to Spice up the Husband and Wife Relationship in Islam

Somehow you have to talk about difficult issues. Marriage has to be nurtured. When one or the other dominates strongly, intimacy is replaced by fear of displeasing. She says, "Expecting that a man will make you happy is unrealistic. He told his companions to move forward and they did. He then told me: I raced him on foot and I beat him. But, on another journey, when I became bulky, he asked me to race him.

I raced him and he beat me. He started laughing and said: When it comes to love and marriage, there really is no greater gift that you can give your spouse than taking some time to be present to them and their needs. It is easy to get caught up in daily living. Pressures of the modern day often mean that not just husbands but also wives are now part of the workforce. This means that time for nurturing the marriage is often at a premium.

Yes, it may be challenging, but it is of vital importance to set aside time, not just for the normal daily activities and children, but with each other as man and wife.

It is this primary bond that will build the foundation of the family, so it has to be nurtured. Take drives, go out on walks, and even sit back at the end of the evening with a cup of tea or coffee to have a meaningful conversation. In this there is evidence of the truth for the people who carefully think. Love and mercy should be the hallmarks of any solid marriage and relationship.

10 Habits of Happy Muslim Couples

We see that it is stipulated within the scriptures. But is this truly what is practised in modern daily life? You can also express your gratitude through acts of consideration, doing something thoughtful or using your own perception to do something meaningful for your partner.

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I do not want to take all of my rights from her so that she will not take all of her rights from me because Allah, the Exalted, stated the following: Marriage can be a complex situation at times, but there are still basic principles of a man and woman and attraction at play in a husband and wife relationship in Islam and an effort made in this department can help strengthen the marital bond.

A good scent, a clean body, good dress, and some makeup and accessories for the ladies all communicate to your spouse that you have a positive attitude about yourself and that you respect your marriage enough to make the effort.

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Men must also make the effort to be well-groomed to the best of their ability. However, this does not mean that fun within the marriage context should not be had. As much as marriage can fall into a routine, it is important that as a couple you two retain the identity of man and wife. Play games, eat out at your favourite restaurants, and get the heart rate up with some fun adrenaline -filled sport.

Create a buzz that you will remember and talk about for years to come. You have rights over your women and your women also have rights over you. Their rights over you are that you provide food and clothing for them in good faith. Your rights over them are that they do not allow and nor do they give permission, for people to trespass into your house whose presence you dislike.