Irie and kotoko relationship quotes

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irie and kotoko relationship quotes

Kotoko Naoki - Itazura na Kiss A só quem assistiu sabe como foi um surpresa. . If I didn't love Tomoe and Nanamis relationship so much then I would so ship. Philip Chesterfield quote at Itakiss drama #Irie Naoki Chesterfield, Itazura Na Kiss, Kissing . Kotoko: "Me pediste que te devolviera a Naoki, pero no puedo. #iriekun #irienaoki #iriekotoko #aihara #aiharakotoko #iriefamily #marriage # wife. Kotoko and her father start living in Irie's house until they find the Although it seemed like the relationship between Kotoko and Naoki has.

With her, there is no calculated agenda. Whatever she does, she does with all her heart, regardless of whether she has a chance of succeeding or not.

In this one though, while she is in love with him, she is not so far gone that she lets her feelings define who she is. Because of the way she expresses her feelings for Naoki, Kotoko is often seen as someone without a mind of her own. On the contrary, I think she is incredibly spirited and made of far sterner stuff than she lets on. We get a glimpse of this in episode 2 when she decides to get her name on the final year exam scoreboard.

This is actually my favourite episode in the drama and what I love about it is that it shows Kotoko picking herself up after having a good cry and carrying on with her life. The way I see it, Kotoko is someone who loves unconditionally, and when it comes to Naoki, all she wants is to be with him.

She has a very innocent and low maintenance view of love. And this is why I think they chose Miki for the role. Not every year-old can do this. Cast the wrong person and Kotoko comes across as a retard. My heart breaks just looking at her happy little face.

Naoki, you will never find another girl like this in a million years if you let her go. I dream about what I want to be in the future. But there is a problem with those dreams. Depending on what the person I love wants to do, my goals keep changing. I would never have said this about the other adaptations but with this one, you do feel that Naoki should consider himself lucky that Kotoko loves him.

Naoki is a very stubborn person and the more you insist that he does something, the less he wants to do it. For someone who claims to know her son as well as she does, I do think she is quite clueless about how to handle Naoki. Instead of asking him how he feels about her, what she keeps telling him is this: This girl is perfect. I want you to marry her. Do you think Matsumoto would have this much patience to humour him?

Naoki Irie

Which brings me to Sahoko. I am forever going to be frustrated about the way this drama resolved the omiai arc. Apart from manufacturing a megaton of angst, what exactly did those two-and-a-half episodes accomplish? I can accept Naoki seriously considering Sahoko as a potential marriage partner but what this drama should have shown us is why she is no longer the ideal match for him.

But he has changed. This is what a pre-schooler or elementary school student would tell you. But what about the intangibles? Like someone who can make you laugh?

irie and kotoko relationship quotes

Someone who inspires you to take chances and truly live? You got it wrong, Show! I wanted to see, in his interactions with Sahoko, his growing realisation that he no longer cares for all these ideals. This is what I wanted to see, Show. I personally think this is the best version of all. Now, without further ado, let's jump to the story! She's got rejected immediately. After three years of secretly crushing on this guy, Kotoko's first love flipped by just like that.

Kotoko learned Naoki's true character: Kotoko regrets that she wasted her high school life crushing on someone like Naoki. From this onwards, the unexpected fate and incidents start to happen in Kotoko's life. Kotoko and her father must find a new place to stay. The family who offered help to The Aiharas happened to be The Irie family.

Kotoko and her father start living in Irie's house until they find the new home. Kotoko couldn't help but felt a little excitement because she still likes Naoki after all, but Naoki made it clear to her that he hates stupid woman.

They Make Each Other a Better Person Naoki who never faced any challenges or hardships found Kotoko as her first trial who ruined his peaceful life. He never gets so many troubles as much as when he is with Kotoko. Naoki started becoming more human and shows emotions and feelings.

Naoki was annoyed with this change, but at the same time, he felt a weird excitement that he never felt before. After helping Kotoko studied and see how hardworking she is, Naoki's perspective about her changed little by little, although he never showed it, but he has faith that Kotoko will be able to reach her goal because of her perseverance.

Kotoko, who's always been living so carefree and has no goal other than getting Naoki's love, has also started thinking about her dreams and do something for her life. Although she is not as smart as other people and her cooking skill sucks, she learned to be better at studying and as the time passed, she is more responsible for things which entrusted to her. Even her cooking skills improved. They are completing each other. The Growing Relationship Although it seemed like the relationship between Kotoko and Naoki has gotten better, there's always something that makes Naoki back to his annoying behavior.

But he has gotten more protective about her in the way that Kotoko didn't understand, because Kotoko is quite slow at understanding things, she's still thinking that nothing has changed between her and Naoki although compared to their first meeting, Naoki sure doesn't think of Kotoko as nuisance anymore and has become a very important person to Naoki.

irie and kotoko relationship quotes

Naoki learns to appreciate Kotoko more I like how Naoki, little by little, changes to be a better and nicer person because of his encounter with Kotoko. They come to understand each other and Naoki learned about the meaning of hard work. And that's the reality. At times you're sad about what's going on with your life.

Just remember one permanent fact: I've been causing troubles for the people around me, and it leaves me wonders why they still want me in their lives.

I'm happy I can still make them smile. And make Naoki love me. You can close your eyes from the things you don't want to see… but you can never close your heart from the things you don't want to feel. I've denied Kotoko a lot of times ever since she had new friends that surrounded her.

I feel irritated especially when I see her with that Keita guy. I didn't know what these feelings are for, but I finally knew when I had a chat with Kinnosuke. Because I've let things go out of hand, I would truly lose my wife. I had a gut feeling that this new guy would take my wife away from me. And I don't want that to happen.

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I will never let go of Kotoko no matter what happens. A simple thought, but ironically true: If someone is pushing you away, that's when that person needs you the most! I know I'm stupid at times, but I definitely know that I'm not insensitive. As his wife, I will support Naoki all the way.

He pushes me for a reason so I should give him more space to think things through, right? Never start your day with a frowning face… because you never know who's falling in love with your smile… Such words melt my heart….

Never tell yourself, 'I am tired! Life is a matter of perspective, either you complain because roses have thorns, or you rejoice because thorns have roses. It all depends on how you look at it.

No matter how plain and simple you are, there's someone who will surely look at you as if you're the most perfect intentional creature ever existed. It's when you find someone who didn't meet any of your standards… and yet you say 'I've found the right one! Basing from the criteria I've mentioned to Yuuko last time, Kotoko really didn't meet any of those standards.

However, the only thing that I can say is that love changes a lot of things. If you're losing someone that you really love, never be afraid; because if that person does love you a lot, he would take the risk to find you again. I know I'm troublesome.