Isfp and infj relationship

[ISFP] ISFP and INFJ relationship?

isfp and infj relationship

I was talking to this INFJ girl once and she gave me some good compliments, The INFJ gets into a relationship because they see ISFP as. The ISFP will live life quietly to the full, savouring the present moment, and enjoying the Values are at the heart of the INFJ and they will take relationships as. That being said, do y'all see how an ISFP and INFJ could be a really at the relationship and there's periods where we take long breaks from.

She is inherently very sensitive and warm, so my feelings don't get hurt. We don't like confrontation, so we never fight or blow up.

isfp and infj relationship

With differences she is assertive, just very diplomatic in how she expresses things, and patient until we come to the right decision together. She is a special education teacher which satisfies her need to live in the moment and help others. I'm a medical student who wants to go into child psychiatry, so we compliment one another and have many topics we like to talk about, and appreciate each others' perspective.

She loves and can accept and listen to my abstract perspectives because of her relationship with her father growing up.

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We have similar sex drives and not overly restrictive boundaries, so we can express things freely with each other without having issues. We also feel emotionally like we're part of the same person, which doesn't cease to amaze us both at times. I think she gains from me what most ISFPs want. Likes humor, things that make her think about things. There's a whole list of ISFP tendancies of someone wrote on another forum to give a general sense of what they need. Its by no means exhaustive or specific to us, but is a start.

They are considered good politicians, and I love her ability to negotiate social structures with ease. She makes friends instinctively in new settings, I'm amazed at how she does it. So I take this one with a grain of salt. I think they mean abstract patterns. Making use of her talents. They feel very strongly about things, and often feel their words are inadequate at expressing them.

For this reason, I think it makes them better at not "making you an offender for a word" unless they have borderline or are crazy. I, on the other hand, have extroverted feeling, so she loves my eloquence at expressing things.

Dresses modestly, doesn't pile makeup on. ISFPs don't judge or criticize, and want the same in return. In fact she finds it cute when I'm clumsy about some things and makes mistakes. Dont make her think that you attacking her instead of problem. Listen to all her problems. Answer with all possible solutions. Let her choose the best. This is hard for an INFJ but necessary.

Dont make her feel stupid. That they'd rather demonstrate then say their emotions. Their cute way of being so modest, and yet they are always a million times over more talented then they must realize.

They are such artistic peopleyet have an air of simplicity about them that is so refreshing to me. They exuberantly express so much kindness to others, and when they reveal their pent up inner-most emotions, it's just an amazing side of them to see. I love their love for freedom and small instances of spontaneity If they both see each other positively, they can come to realize just how similar they really are in so many forms.

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I like to express my feeling with actions as much as I do words when I feel the time is right and are not beautiful words an action of love in a sense? I'm sure they'd have a great part in adding some themselves when they are confident in the other's feelings for them. Are you positive you have an INFJ on your hands? Going along with the type of person I am, we're not usually ones to brag. I don't usually talk about myself with others at all unless I feel a very special and strong connection to them which is extremely rare to occur Even then, I have a tendency to feel highly uncomfortable if I feel I may have revealed a part of myself too soon.

There's only ever been one person in my life whom I felt completely comfortable in expressing parts of myself I usually heavily guard, and that was the ISFP I'm currently in love with. I could only see an INFJ exhibiting some of those characteristics if he were to see you as the love of his life But INFJ's are complex and probably would only express such a feeling if they saw it in you, and their personal convictions agreed with this feeling whole-heartedly.

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If he's so poetic and willing to compliment you, I'm a tad surprised as an INFJ that he hasn't realize your discomfort. We're usually very intuitive about such things, and extremely aware of other's emotions and perceptions. But that is a rare occasion to happen, and if so then that would then make sense to me how he could be an INFJ and be so open to talking to you about your 'futures'.

But that is more of something I won't get into, because if that's true then it should be him to reveal that side of himself to you But even then, I'd imagine he'd still be more careful of what he says to you I'm a bit doubtful this person is an INFJ.

isfp and infj relationship