Iu and eunhyuk relationship quotes

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iu and eunhyuk relationship quotes

First of all, I DO believe Eunhyuk and Donghae are in a relationship, so call me delusional if you want to but it's not like there weren't any. 2 days ago Rumor dating eunhyuk iu quotes Goa online dating Eunhyuk dating quotes rumor iu Dating private relationship Yahoo dating personals More than six months after she posted a photo of herself with a shirtless Eunhyuk of Super Junior to Twitter, K-pop solo singer IU apologized to.

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iu and eunhyuk relationship quotes

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Iu eunhyuk still dating

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iu and eunhyuk relationship quotes

She later confronts Wadeasking if that was what he really thought of her. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu. There's no secret about that. Maybe they wanted to make fans believe that there was some kind of thing going on between both of them, or maybe the TVShows used the excuse of them being close friends to make their relationship looking like more than friends and to create rumors MCs love rumors. And it was posted in November Anyone who uses twitter knows that there is quite a way to go to select, choose, and upload the photo.

Plus, it was from August, she surely took other photos between that time and november. So our question is: How the hell did she manage to upload this photo by accident? It's quite impossible, I mean you must have sausages instead of fingers to be able to do that So for us, the "accidental upload" is a very LOL excuse xD -And we suppose that for the most, you're girls or attracted to guys cause it's about EunHae here x Anyway you must know that when you take a pic with your boyfriend or lover, what is the use of taking him with a such face.

I mean EunHyuk looks clearly not good on this photo. So what is the use of keeping it?

iu and eunhyuk relationship quotes

Plus as you can see, the photo is centered on Hyuk's face to recognize him. Seriously a good friend or girlfriend or even boyfriend wouldn't do that to the guy. So our conclusion, and it maybe looks harsh but we think it might be some kind of premeditated act by IU without EunHyuk knowing. Why would she do that, it makes no sense! Well we would like to tell you about this: At the time IU was considered as the little daughter of the country, she was cute, nice, adorable, innocent but as she grew up she had nothing to make her look as a fully grown young women, compared to all the other girl idols of her age.

So she needed something, and what else than a "sex scandal" with an other famous idol to make her image change.