Jennifer lopez and puff daddy relationship with former bad

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jennifer lopez and puff daddy relationship with former bad

Mar 1, Jennifer Lopez and Sean "Puffy" Combs arrive for the MTV Video months of speculation over demise of the superstars'' relationship. Dec 28, Jennifer Lopez will be hoping she has better luck dating a rapper star hit it off with bad boy rapper/producer P Diddy (Sean Combs). Although sadly, it looks like the budding romance may have upset Drake's ex Rihanna. On the back porch of his East Hampton house, Sean Combs beams as he tells me his news: It's a place of peace and quiet for the year-old record producer (of such huge . Evil is not right. . Oprah: Were you in love with Jennifer Lopez? But I could never go forward and finish the relationship with Jennifer because I .

Their relationship became tabloid fodder, since he was not only considerably less famous than Lopez, but also a bit younger.

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Unfortunately, their union lasted less than a year. Lopez later told Us Weekly that she and Judd struggled to maintain their privacy, and that put too much strain on their relationship. From the moment Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez announced their romance, the two A-listers became the subject of intense media scrutiny. Their high-profile engagement sent the tabloids into a frenzy inespecially after Affleck called their wedding off just days before the ceremony.

They eventually broke up for good in But in true J-Lo form, she proved us all wrong — because shortly after, she fell in love with Marc Anthony.

Jennifer Lopez Gushes Over Ex Diddy

The match seemed, in many ways, to be perfect. They were both superstars in their own right, and seemed committed to starting and raising a family. After marrying in Junethe couple had twins in So, fans were surprised when Lopez and Anthony separated in Inshe offered a glowing tribute when presenting him with a Person of the Year award, and the two even shared a kiss during the Latin Grammy Awards.

And she proved that in spades when she began dating her much-younger backup dancer, Casper Smart, in Though some fans raised eyebrows at the age difference and assumed it was a fling, the couple stayed together, on and off, until The relationship allegedly ended after Lopez caught Smart cheating. But despite his missteps, they appear to have remained cordial. Famed choreographer reclaims 'fiery passion' in Lifetime series Most businessmen will tell you that behind every success is a slew of failures.

Sean Combs is no different. In a sense, it was in his genes.

jennifer lopez and puff daddy relationship with former bad

His father, Melvin, did the same hustle and was killed in a drug deal gone wrong when Combs was a toddler. Not only did he re-establish the East Coast as the center of hip-hop, Combs took the music and the lifestyle into mainstream culture.

He reveled in a glitzy, showy, almost Trumplike image — gilded cars and Champagne bottle service — that made him the unofficial King of New York in the s and early s. As explored in the documentary opened last Friday in theaters in New York, and is available on Apple Music on Sundaythe label racked up hundred of millions in sales while Combs and the Bad Boy Family lived an unapologetically lavish lifestyle.

But the stellar lineup proved too much of a draw: Some 5, fans tried to cram into a gym meant to hold no more than 2, People in the lobby tried to force open the doors into the gymnasium, which only opened outward.

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The rush was too much and the stampede started. While no criminal charges were filed, Combs and Heavy D had to face several civil suits, and reportedly paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements.

Meanwhile, within Uptown headquarters, Combs was getting a reputation as a hothead and an eccentric — prone to roaming the offices with his shirt off or lounging on conference room tables at meetings. People wanted to be around him. Puffy, however, had the ultimate revenge in mind: He would found a label that would be bigger than Uptown.

jennifer lopez and puff daddy relationship with former bad

Having charmed Arista Records head Clive Davis, Combs secured a key partnership with that label that would almost guarantee his success. The animosity was heightened by the Notorious B. As Dyson recalls in the film, just being around Combs and Biggie was dangerous.