Jesus and god relationship addiction

Trade Addictive Relationships for True Love

jesus and god relationship addiction

Addiction. The Lord came "To open eyes that are blind, to free captives from If you would like to begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, click here. Addiction maintains a secret life marked by fear and control. Genuine His relationship with us required nothing less than the sacrifice of his Son, Jesus Christ. No matter what addiction we face, God offers us a way out. As Jesus said to the woman caught in the act of adultery, “Go and sin no more. time, health and relationships, robbing you of your family, vocation, and destiny.

But character and depth are wrought in a relationship when love requires the surrender of preference and privilege.

jesus and god relationship addiction

Nothing strengthens a relationship like sacrifice. Indeed, it often seems that the greater the sacrifice, the more thorough the death to self, the greater the potential for the relationship.

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Our relationship with God requires sacrifice. His relationship with us required nothing less than the sacrifice of his Son, Jesus Christ.

Building a relationship — or restoring one that has been ravaged by the effects of addiction — depends on the willingness of both parties to sacrifice for each other, without demanding anything in return.

Forgiveness is a miraculous gift between two people. A relationship flourishes when we are willing to forgive past hurts and disappointments. Refusing to forgive is like carrying around a garbage bag full of hurts of the past.

Trade Addictive Relationships for True Love

Every time someone makes a mistake, we toss it into the bag and carry it with us forever. There are no garbage bags in healthy relationships. Out of love, the partners take the hurt and disappointment of the past and burn it up in the flames of forgiveness.

What greater gift can we give someone than to set them free from the weight of their mistakes? When we unlock others from a past they cannot correct, we free them to become all they can become, and we free our relationships to become all they can becomes as well. Security is a rare commodity in our world.

Often people come from such insecure childhoods they can only hope that their adult life will include a relationship that allows them to rest in the arms of someone who really cares. So much of life is lived on the edge of risk, we feel an overwhelming need for at least one relationship to make us feel safe.

When we shift from trying to use others to satisfy our security needs to trying to meet the security needs of others, we find ourselves in a new dimension. We are focusing on their needs, not ours. We are filling their doubts and fears with the reassurance of our consistent behavior.

Love Addiction And The Christian | Help For God's Hurting People

We calm their fears by being reliable. We become, in a word, loving: That is the kind of love that drives out fear and provides genuine security. In a secure environment, a person is free to open up and be vulnerable. It is wonderful to be vulnerable, to do an emotional free fall and have someone there to catch you. That delightful taste of vulnerability enables you to open up even more, discover more about who you are, appreciate all the good that God has created in you.

In a relationship characterized by fear, just the opposite happens. There is a need to build up a wall of defensiveness. If you do not protect yourself, after all, you will be violated, robbed of your identity, controlled, or smothered. The dynamics of defensiveness lead to death rather than to life and growth.

jesus and god relationship addiction

There is no way to build a lasting, healthy relationship on a foundation of dishonesty. Honesty must be at the core of a relationship; there is no substitute for it.

jesus and god relationship addiction

It is fashionable in our day to paper over unpleasant truth. We deceive those we love, rationalizing that keeping secrets is really for their good. The Bible says, "Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

Pray saying, "Jesus I need your help right now.

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Satan, I command you by the blood of Jesus Christ to cease and desist. When they come into your mind immediately divert your attention. You will need support from a local church. Most churches with large congregations will provide free counseling to help deliver you from addictions.

jesus and god relationship addiction

Jesus can set you free from your addictions. You may still have times of temptation and will need to find a strong support team to give you strength when you feel like taking drugs. There are several ways you might go about finding a support group.

One source of help in most areas is the Yellow pages of your local telephone book. If you look under Drug Addiction and Treatment you should be able to find treatment centers and support groups.

jesus and god relationship addiction

Another source of help will be churches in your community. Christian Recovery International provides information on finding support groups through Internet sources. Overcomers Outreach Network will help you find meetings in your area.

Freed from Addictions, Enjoying Relationship with God Like No Other | Joseph Prince Ministries

Find a mentor or someone to whom you can be accountable. Anytime you are struggling this is the person you will call and get prayer support. A true friend will be someone you can call any time for help and who will listen to you. Breaking addictions is not an easy over-night task. God is mighty to deliver you but you have established bad habits which will take time to be broken. Satan does not want you to be free. The good news is that God is sovereign and mighty.

He will deliver you. Contact us and we will pray for you. We care about you! If you would like to begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, click here.

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