Jim and tanya relationship test quizzes

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jim and tanya relationship test quizzes

Turn your relationship around with a two or three day Smalley Marriage Intensive. Free online assessment of the Smalley Animal Personality Test; Classic videos from Dr. Gary Smalley on personality; In-depth lesson Dr. Gary Chapman, author of The 5 Love Languages It's like Jim Gaffigan meets Bob Newhart! You' ll. Self Tests. Are you outgoing or introverted? Do you have a high traditional IQ or emotional IQ? Do you have Relationship Satisfaction - Couples Without Kids. Dwight Schrute and Jim Halpert may appear to hate each other, but in However, this couple chooses to keep their relationship top secret.

He spends a majority of his time at work, planning these pranks out, rather than doing actual, work. One of those pranks, involved hiding all of Dwight's desk supplies somewhere.

This location, forced Dwight to repurchase all of this supplies. He had no money, but Jim had a giant bag of nickels that he gave to Dwight.

This task of buying his supplies back, took an extensive amount of time using just nickels. Question 16 What does Andy like to call Jim? Some of these include Josh, Andy, and Karen. Andy has a sort of erratic personality, and gives nicknames to most of the people around him.

When him and Jim met, Jim quickly found out that he would be unable to pull any pranks on Andy, because of his rage issues. But, this doesn't stop the two from becoming friends, and definitely doesn't stop Andy from giving Jim a nickname! Question 17 How much did Jim pay to dress up like Dwight? It gave us the quote, "Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica," and was inspired by Jim seeing almost identical glasses to Dwight's at the drugstore.

After noticing that the glasses were only a few dollars, he decided to have some fun with them, by purchasing the rest of an outfit that we typically see Dwight wearing. Dwight, was upset by this mimicry, and we later see him try to dress up as Jim. Jim, is not a huge fan of Halloween, and would rather not dress up at all. He does participate though, by being pretty creative with his lazy costumes.

We do however see a shift in his Halloween personality, when he is married to Pam, and has Cece. He fights it at first, but is willing to dress up in their matching costumes! Question 19 Which computer game is Jim extremely bad at?

Josh has a totally different management style than Michael, and the other employees are different as well. Many of them in Stamford are younger, and they take frequent breaks to play a computer game. The branch goes together as a team, and tries to win the game. Jim, the newbie to the game, immediately finds out how bad he is at it, and is shamed for it by his co-workers. Question 20 How much did Jim pay each employee to call Dwight 'Dwayne' for a day?

One Dollar Ten Dollars Nothing, they did it for free During the episode, Conflict Resolution, Michael is attempting to resolve the complaints employees have made about each other. Dwight is extremely frustrated with Jim and his constant pranks, and finds his box of complaints that are supposed to go to corporate, from Toby. Michael goes through all of the complaints, and Dwight stares angrily at Jim, who is nonchalant about it all. One of the pranks, involved everyone in The Office calling Dwight, Dwayne, for the day.

During the interview, Jim revealed how much he paid everyone to do this. Question 21 Why didn't Jim propose to Pam during Toby's farewell party? He forgot the ring Andy proposes to Angela first Pam didn't want to get married He chickened out Michael planned an extravagant party for everyone in The Office for Toby's last day.

Toby, planned to more to Costa Rica, and get away from life here.

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This was Michael's happiest day, ever. Because the party was insane, including fireworks, food, and all of their friends, Jim thought it would be the perfect time to propose to Pam! He planned a whole thing out, sitting in lawn chairs together with a blanket, under fireworks, it was going to be perfect. Until, something happened that caused the proposal to be postponed. Question 22 Where did Jim propose to Pam? We didn't get to hear a thing, but we could guess everything that was felt.

Jim proposed while Pam was in New York for art school, and he felt that the timing was just right. None of it was planned out, it was a total spontaneous move on his part! She said yes, and the two embraced each other, excited for the next chapter!

Question 23 Where do Jim and Pam get married? Pam, does not want to have another extended engagement like she had with Roy. They plan out a beautiful wedding, that they take some time to escape from. Their families are stressing them out, and they just needed space! When the two come back, ready to wed, they are blindsided by a 'prank' Michael had planned out. It involved everyone in the wedding party, and The Office, dancing down the aisle, to a song that Pam absolutely hates!

Question 24 Who cried during Jim's rehearsal dinner speech? Michael Andy Oscar "Four years ago, I was just a guy who had a crush on a girl who had a boyfriend. And I had to do the hardest thing I've ever had to do, which was just to wait. For a really long time that's all I had.

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I just had little moments with a girl who saw me as a friend. And a lot of people told me I was crazy to wait this long for a date with a girl who I worked with, but I think even then I knew that I was waiting for my wife.

He did this because he thought it was a great deal, and because he thought she would love it. As the episode goes on, he becomes less excited, and starts thinking it might not have been a great plan. He does show Pam anyway. While he is showing Pam this surprise, she is totally speechless, which makes Jim nervous.

She does reveal however, that she is more than excited! Question 26 What is Jim's daughter's name? When it came time to put his plan in motion, Dwight never hesitated to unleash his wrath. Do you know how he spread fire awareness? He punched him in the face. He pepper sprayed him.

He kicked him in the shin. Jim has had feelings for Pam from the get go, however, he couldn't act on them because Pam was engaged to Roy. Despite knowing that his feelings were misplaced, Jim couldn't help the way he felt, so instead of staying away from Pam, he tried to win her over. All this led to Jim and Pam sharing a kiss. While this kiss was kept secret for a long time, it eventually came out and Roy reacted quite strongly to the news. Question 24 Why does Dwight love whipping open doors?

To catch objects moving. To catch people in the act. To make an entrance. To make people feel afraid. It isn't everyday that Dwight tells the audience how he really feels, so when he comes clean, it's important for us to listen.

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Sometimes, however, his confessions can be quite strange, which is why he's prone to shocking his audience. Do you remember when Dwight confessed his love for whipping open doors?

If so, you probably remember his reasoning behind this act. If you know Dwight as well as you say you do, why don't you choose the appropriate answer.

Question 25 True or false: Dwight absorbed his twin in the womb. True False Once again, you're faced with a strange but absolutely appropriate question, and it's up to you to guess it right. As we've mentioned before, Dwight had a particularly strange upbringing, hence why he's prone to speaking of strange and absurd topics.

If Dwight is proud of one thing, it's his ability to be the alpha dog in any situation. If you know everything there is to know about Dwight K.

jim and tanya relationship test quizzes

Schrute, then tell us if he really did absorb his twin in the womb. When this occurs, most of the staff is terrified, as Dwight isn't the most logical boss on the market.

Do you remember when Dwight invented his own currency in order to create a reward system for the salesmen? If so, you should have little to no issue telling us what this currency is called. So, go ahead and pick the right answer!

Question 27 How does Dwight make extra money during the Christmas holidays? He buys out the most popular toys and sells them at 4 times the price to parents He goes door to door and tries to sell beet baskets.

He makes beet pies and sells them at the office. He catches stray dogs and cats and sells them to families. If Dwight is one thing, it's practical, which is why he always seems to have his hand in the cookie jar. In order to make some extra cash during the holidays, Dwight upholds a master plan, year after year.

If there's one thing that's for sure, however, it's that Dwight is on Santa's naughty list. So, how does he make extra cash? Believe it or not, but Dwight is quite popular with the ladies. This has been proven, time after time, as he always manages to land one of the hottest girls in the room. During Jim and Pam's wedding, Dwight is introduced to a lady who is in the wedding party, and she quickly falls for his farm boy charm. However, he doesn't seem to be entirely interested in her, as his heart still belongs to Angela.

So, can you name this woman? Dwight's sister No one. If there's one episode that will shock you to the core, it's the one where Michael and Jan host a dinner party. This awkward and intense episode is one of the hardest things to watch, as Jan and Michael's emotions are off the charts. While Dwight desperately wants to be invited to this supper, he isn't in a couple so he gets excluded.

However, halfway through the supper Dwight and an unexpected date arrive. Can you tell us who his date was? Question 30 What does Dwight ask himself before doing a major life decision? Is this the right thing to do? Would an idiot do that? How will I benefit from this? What would a beet do in this situation? It's safe to say that Dwight isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but that's never stopped him from running his beet farm and being one of the top salesman at Dunder Mifflin.

Despite his lack of common sense and people skills, Dwight never crumbles when in the presence of a challenge. No, instead he'll ask himself one simple question. If you know Dwight more than Jim does, you'll be able to tell us about this strange question. So, which one is it? Took the screws out of his chair Changed his voicemail message Puts his stapler in jello Filled his desk with meatballs Jim and Dwight have a complicated relationship by the end of the show.

It's clear that they aren't anything resembling friends, but probably much more than that.

jim and tanya relationship test quizzes

Dwight is more of a clandestine helper to Dwight and Pam whenever they're in need and Jim does all he can to help Dwight more than once, including trying to save his job when they're in Florida and supporting Dwight's business venture when he decides to start an inn.

Black Knight Bridget Jones: European Gigolo From the very beginning, it was obvious Jim never quite felt the same way about Karen that he once felt and would again feel about Pam. That said, the two did have plenty in common, including a biting and sarcastic sense of humor that made the two seem like a perfect match on paper.

No one moment captured their similarities better than the one Christmas they shared together, when both bought the other the exact same gift: Question 15 What sport do Jim and Pam invent during the office Olympics?


That said, when Michael is away, it becomes shockingly simple for Jim to wrap up the entire office into his silly plans, like when he and Pam organized their own version of the Olympics. He lets Dwight handle the female stripper hired for the men, but questionably leaves Jim in charge of finding a male stripper for the women, naturally leading to shenanigans. Of course, the alternative Jim comes up with was plenty wacky, as well.

Question 17 What inspires Pam to finally tell Jim how she feels about him? Question 18 Who else in the office has a crush on Pam? It might even be fair to say all the men in the office have some romantic interest in Pam, although many of them could get borderline creepy and offensive when detailing the specifics.

Instead, he ran away to Costa Rica immediately after he thought she noticed. Question 19 Which couple do Jim and Pam feud with over ping pong skills? However, the power couple also interacts with just about every other romantic pairing on the show in one way or another, both positively and negatively.

In one instance, the couple gets into a heated ping pong based feud with another duo, the men doing their best to master paddle work while the women show off their trash talk skills. Question 21 What sport does Jim play for hours to land his biggest client?

In trying to land his biggest client, Jim takes Kevin and Andy along on a meeting that soon turns into a never ending game of a certain sport.

Question 22 Where does Pam move to study art at the end of season four? Most important was her profession as a secretary, something she felt was beneath her capabilities and talents. Above all, Pam wanted to be an artist, possibly moving in to graphic design depending on how things go during her art classes.

The only downside is that she has to move away from Jim for a couple months just after their relationship started in order to study. Question 23 Where does Jim propose to Pam?